Attending a Webinar

Our 60-minute complimentary Webinars are strategically developed to deliver cutting-edge business strategies and solutions to Frost & Sullivan’s executive clients leveraging the immediacy of the Web from the confines of your very own computer.

Frost & Sullivan, alongside our principal analysts, identifies and collaborates with organizations that we have identified as pioneers and industry experts within their respective fields to produce and deliver content-driven programs that contain time-sensitive and critical industry trends, benchmarks and developments. These are “must knows” in order to effectively grow your business and maintain your competitive advantage.

What do Webinar participants gain?


Share and Exchange

The ability to share and exchange your own personal experiences and viewpoints with our panel of experts during live question-and-answer sessions


Direct Access

Direct access to primary research, market trends, and significant industry developments presented by Frost & Sullivan Principal Analysts


Complimentary access

Complimentary access to primary channels for tools, resources, education, and training for you, your staff, colleagues, and management team


Open Forum

An open forum where you’ll interact and engage with key players within your industry, sharing and exchanging best practices and effective strategies that you too can leverage within your own organization

"I found this Webinar to be of significant value. It introduced me to solutions for problems I have observed but had not formulated questions to."

"Very good...hoping I'll be able to save and replay this for our other execs..."

"The instant polls were good - it's good to see some audience feedback during the presentation.

"Very useful in our product planning efforts. The presentation was less commercial than I expected, and that's a good thing."

"I was very interested in the topic, and what I heard was interesting. I'll definitely watch the archived broadcast so I can schedule at a time that is better suited for my schedule."

"The topic was very pertinent, as our company as a whole is currently in the midst of trying to define how best to 'enable' innovative thinking."

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COVID-19 Growth Pipeline Diagnostic™

In less than 15 minutes, you will be provided insight to more accurately assess your company.

This Covid-19 Growth Pipeline Diagnostic™ will provide you with a benchmark on how well your company is prepared to grow in the future. The ten questions are based on best practices of the top 10% of companies that consistently achieve their growth potential.