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Unlocking Growth Opportunities in Molecular Diagnostics, Precision Medicine and Big-Data Analytics
Global Transformational Health Team

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) has emerged as a key technology to deliver the next level of healthcare solutions. While the $1,000 genome was achieved in 2015, Frost & Sullivan predicts the $100 genome to be possible by 2024. The significant dip in cost of extracting genetic data has led to the creation of massive genomic data volumes that are expected to be some of the largest data sets globally by 2025, exceeding data generated by YouTube and Twitter. To cater to these large data volumes, NGS services and informatics players are building capabilities in areas such as cloud computing and big data analytics to offer seamless genomic solutions at an optimized cost. Clinical application of NGS in life sciences has emerged as a key growth area with opportunities in drug development, precision medicine, clinical diagnostics, multiomics, etc.

Privatizing Water and Wastewater Utilities Expected to Boost Demand for Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis
Global Energy & Environment Team

The Southeast Asia Membrane Technologies Market, comprising of Microfiltration (MF), Ultrafiltration (UF), Nanofiltration (NF) and Reverse Osmosis (RO), is seeing steady double-digit growth rates due to the region-wide focus on cleaner water and wastewater. The nascent membrane technologies market in Southeast Asia is still highly fragmented, but market leaders from Japan and Europe have already begun capitalizing on the largely under-developed SEA membrane market.

Use Cases Across Application Areas Bring Efficiencies and Find New Revenue Streams
Global Digital Transformation Team

The need to embrace digital transformation in all possible scenarios is paramount to bring efficiencies and improve current business processes. The challenges of real-time data processing, high network speeds and latency can be overcome by using ICT technologies, i.e., Mobile Edge Computing/Fog Computing. These computing technologies bring compute and storage capabilities to the edge of the network and enable real-time and context-based business applications. All industry verticals can find relevant application areas that can benefit from computing at the edge of the network.

IT Vendors Play a Critical Role in Enabling Industry Transformation
Global Transformational Health Team

Hospital information technology (Hospital IT) spending in Asia-Pacific (APAC) will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 9.7% between 2016 and 2021 to reach an estimated end-stage market size of more than $15 billion. Key growth opportunities in the region include solutions for Healthcare Data Continuity, Patient Engagement & Experience, Healthcare Cloud, Big Data & Analytics, and Healthcare Cybersecurity. However, the identification of these growth opportunities is only the first step toward succeeding as an ICT vendor in this market. The real demystification lies in understanding very specific target customer needs and then building a value proposition and business model that addresses those needs.

Consumers Seeing New Opportunities for Integrating Distributed Energy Storage Systems
Global Energy & Environment Team

Distributed energy resources and distributed energy storage systems (ESS) are changing the face of power generation and distribution globally. To capture these new market opportunities, consumers need to be properly supported with financing options for ESS installations. A few business models are expected in grid-scale ESS applications, while most consumers are expected to adopt behind-the-meter and community scale ESS installations. There are at least eight emerging models that are grouped under the three broad applications.

Capitalising on the New Reality of International Business
Global Digital Transformation Team

Prior to the era of digital transformation, international expansion was largely the domain of very large organisations that were capable of investing in infrastructure across the world. Today, the vast majority of IT solutions that enable innovation are deployed in the cloud; such solutions are opening up new opportunities for businesses of all sizes. When it comes to international expansion, acting local but delivering consistent and flexible services is essential. Cloud-based solutions allow organisations to internationalise quickly and enable start-ups to be “born global”.

Connected Truck Services Estimated to Generate Revenue Worth $5.4 Billion
Global Intelligent Mobility Team

Fleet management systems providers should gradually transform into a one-stop solution provider, extending their capabilities beyond telematics services by providing freight matching, video safety, tolling, fuel management, weigh-station bypass, truck stops, etc., by adding vendors into their partnership ecosystem. Digital freight brokers need to expand customer reach through OEM and TSP channels by leveraging their expansive customer base. Video safety vendors should develop their portfolio by offering driver fatigue detection and compliance management complemented by telematics services. Connected trucks will play an integral part of future logistics and freight operations.

Mobile Apps for Trucking Have Potential to Become $35.4 Billion Market by 2025
Global Intelligent Mobility Team

Mobile-based freight matching will be the biggest disrupter transforming the North American transportation industry—a $700 billion industry. On-demand freight mobility apps will bring in high asset utilization among smaller fleets, help reduce logistics costs for shippers due to lower brokerage fees, ease capacity crunch, reduce empty return miles that are currently about 20 billion miles, and also help reduce emissions. Mobile-based freight will also disrupt the brokerage industry, currently valued at $50 billion, and is likely to become a $26.4 billion market by 2025. Other notable apps will be the complementary freight optimization and driver utility apps, with a potential to grow into a $9 billion market. Fleet optimization apps will drastically bring down cost barriers to adopt, helping small fleets and owner/operators, who constitute 90% of the market; driver utility apps will benefit drivers.

Gradual Upsurge in Construction Activity and Replacement of Traditional Materials Expected to Drive Growth
Global Visionary Science Team

Strong growth in building and construction activity in North America is expected to drive demand for composites. The poor state of US infrastructure is creating opportunities for composites in highways and bridge applications. In Europe, steady recovery of construction activity, mainly in residential and commercial construction, provides several opportunities for use of fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composites. The highest demand is likely to come from customers seeking alternatives with key properties of anti-corrosion, resistance to chemicals, light weight and longer life spans compared to traditional materials such as steel, concrete and aluminum. This briefing provides a broader understanding of regional growth trends for composites, their use in building and construction, supporting regulations, drivers and challenges. It also demonstrates opportunities wherein fiberglass composites can outperform conventional steel and concrete.

ASEAN Economy Set to Boost Regional Growth and Open New Prospects Across Sectors
Global Visionary Innovation Group

ASEAN as a single entity over 50 years has evolved from resuming regional security and fostering trade integration to achieving a holistic and comprehensive economic community. ASEAN, at the current level of economic growth, is poised to become the fourth-largest market—after EU, US, and China—by 2030, supported by an increased skilled workforce, abundant natural resources, and favorable geographic location for trade and commerce. This briefing examines the potential contributions of this integration to regional growth by analyzing the impact of various Mega Trends, the new growth drivers, and the areas of innovation most likely to be seen in ASEAN by 2025.

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