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Global Smart Cities Mature by Building on Foundational Areas of Excellence
Global Visionary Innovation Group

Gain an overview of the pursuits cities are undertaking to ensure the sustainability, cohesiveness, and comprehensiveness of their Smart City strategies. City governments and policy stakeholders will benefit from the holistic examination of foundational areas for Smart City development. Vendors and solution providers will acquire an understanding of the range of initiatives cities are undertaking, as well as gain a well-rounded view of Smart City facets.

Expert Insight on the Future of Healthcare
Global Transformational Health Team

Frost & Sullivan's experts are predicting another year of big disruptions, transformations and innovations as the healthcare industry continues to overhaul outmoded business models. This annual forecast aims to help stakeholders understand key issues affecting the healthcare industry globally. Advances in areas ranging from cancer immunotherapy products to blood testing, as well as the convergence of cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, will help shape the healthcare industry into a much-anticipated, value-based care paradigm. The webinar will identify market risks and opportunities for stakeholders developing solutions connected to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical technologies, diagnostics and healthcare IT sectors that can impact industry participants.

Innovation, Technology Integration, and New Customer Segments to Drive Growth
Global Transformational Health Team

The industry is being disrupted by integration of the multi-disciplinary capabilities in biology, chemistry and computational power that companies can leverage to develop new solutions to diagnose, treat and manage chronic disease conditions, such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. There is immense pressure on companies to build competencies in product development, manufacturing and distribution of new technology platforms such as point-of-care molecular diagnostics to capture new growth opportunities in the precision medicine market—a paradigm shift that will transform clinical practice and treatment outcomes.

High-end Secured Payment Services in Demand
Global Digital Transformation Team

Digital transformation has already disrupted the traditional payment ecosystem. Now a new subcategory, paytech, is dominating the Fintech revolution. Most innovative services are included in the paytech ecosystem, such as instant, cross-border, mobile, invisible, peer-to-peer or cryptocurrency payments. Furthermore, banks and financial institutions had to digitalize their existing services, creating a new channel with the digital platform. The recent emergence of Neobanks has particularly influenced the historical players by providing innovative approaches leveraging technologies and social media. However, payment services success is based on the perceived confidence future customers will have in the different payment platforms. Trust in the payment service is directly linked to the associated security.

Gain Expert Insight on Materials Poised to Revolutionize Diverse Industries
Global Tech Vision Team

Intelligence gathered on self-healing materials is driving the transition from using external agents for repair of damaged materials to internal healing processes using ultra-smart polymers and materials. This evolution is expected to bring critical advances and innovations in healthcare, buildings, electronics, automotive, and textiles, yielding the opportunity to combine efficiency and functionality. Next-gen materials can potentially replace conventional materials in both structural and non-structural applications, or even utilized alongside traditional materials for value-added features and benefits.

Digital Transformation Slowly Impacting the Buildings and Construction Sector
Global Energy & Environment Team

The building and construction industry is trailing other industries due to slow digital transformation. The need to boost productivity and minimize project overruns, and the reliance on unskilled labor, are top drivers for IT adoption. This analysis on the building and construction industry’s journey to digital transformation shows the fundamental issues in the industry and identifies strong growth opportunities.

Growth Shaped by Strong Economic Fundamentals and Transition to High Value-added Activities
Emerging Innovation Group

The Czech Republic stands amongst the leaders in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region in regards to FDI attraction, with investors benefiting from incentives such as access to the EU Single Market and an educated workforce for a reasonable cost. Moreover, investors can also be assured of the country's economic stability, as evidenced by factors such as robust GDP growth, a sound fiscal position, and a low unemployment rate.Today, the country is striving to increasingly transition to high value-added activities and support greater digitization across the economy with initiatives such as Digital Czech Republic v. 2.0, National Plan for the Development of Next Generation Networks and Industry 4.0. As a result, more advanced technology-related investments can be expected in coming years.

Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is a severe eye disease and major cause of vision loss in elderly. AMD inhibits the ability to see objects directly ahead and causes irreversible, progressive decline in an individual’s independence and ability to perform daily activities. Across the EU, 17.1 million people are living with AMD, of which 2.5 million cases are the costlier late stage AMD. The total cost of managing the consequences is expected to be € 89.46 billion per year. New research found that savings of € 6.20 billion a year could be generated through the daily consumption of lutein and zeaxanthin.

How People will Think, Behave, Experience, and Perform in the Future
Global Visionary Innovation Group

Are you curious to know how biological augmentation will drive developments in anti-aging solutions and the reduction or elimination of infectious diseases? Are you interested in understanding what technologies will drive human thought evolution? Are you covering the innovation in implants and wearable’s that could have what may seem to be superhuman capabilities? Are you anxious to better understand new growth opportunities from industry experts on the future of humanity and what our world could look like in the next 30 years?

Instant Payments Provide New Growth Opportunities for Your Organization
Global Digital Transformation Team

Instant payments are the answer to new consumer requirements for B2B, B2C and P2P payments. Having services available 24/7/365 will optimize digital payments by providing a real added value. A future global solution will create a standard format (ISO20022) for payments and an interoperable system. However, real-time payments will have to be coupled with a more secure platform and strengthened by artificial intelligence and machine learning features. In this webinar, we will share industry insights and strategies to help your organization tackle these challenges and seize the growth opportunities provided by today’s fast-moving market.

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