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Your customers don't want to talk to you; they want to talk to each other! In an age of extreme expectations, organizations need to re-think their approach to accommodate a new generation of connected customers. Learn how companies can drive customer experience through a culture of community and social support; reducing overhead with self-service support, and inspired ingenuity to ignite topline growth.

Are you struggling to prove the impact of your live events? Infusing technology into your event programs allows you to bridge the gap between offline and online marketing channels.

Strike up a conversation with a group of leading marketers and you'll know instantly Account Based Marketing (ABM) is one of the hottest marketing initiatives of 2017. In this eBroadcast [webinar], the team at Frost & Sullivan's Brand and Demand Solutions practice cuts through the noise to bring you a tactical discussion around starting, implementing and growing an account based marketing program.

The use of video as the de facto mode of communications in the enterprise is exploding. From executive broadcasts, to training, brand engagement or crisis communications, online and streaming video is reshaping the way companies engage employees, customers, and media.

Another content marketing webinar? Think again. We've assembled some of the brightest minds working in content: from curating and penning content, to selecting the best technologies to get the widest and/or most targeted reach, this panel are the queens (and kings) of content. We'll be talking technology tools and tips for content curation and distribution including leveraging influencers in the community you serve.

Vulnerability management is more than the detection and reporting of vulnerabilities. Customers come to expect visibility, benchmarking, internal/external compliance reporting, bidirectional support in the form of integration with, or APIs for, other cyber security tools, and the beginning of remediation.

With a growing volume of digital, online and offline connection channels, helping customers navigate the customer service and support journey is critical to brand reputation. If not handled properly it can quickly impact your organization’s bottom line. Get insights into mapping the ideal customer journey, while delivering a true omni-channel experience. But with contextual data coming in from every channel, it can be overwhelming for companies to personalize each customer’s experience.

Transformando sua empresa com a nova realidade digital: uma mudança radical na produtividade e na experiência do cliente, impactada por novas tecnologias. Nas duas últimas décadas, internet, smartphones, mídias sociais e outras tecnologias transformaram a forma que vivemos, interagimos, investimos e compramos. Consequentemente, o aumento da adoção de dispositivos inteligentes e aplicações de consumo mudaram nossas expectativas para as atividades e experiências do dia-a-dia, como aprendizado, viagens, comunicação e compras. O mesmo nível de experiência de usuário não atingiu os locais de trabalho. Esperamos, no entanto, que a mudança aconteça nos próximos dois a cinco anos, à medida que os negócios implantem novas tecnologias como Inteligência Artificial (AI), mobilidade, Cloud, Big Data Analytics, Internet das Coisas e Social.

Are you still running your business on a patchwork of spreadsheets, point solutions and manual processes? Are your systems leaving data in unconnected silos and preventing real-time visibility? Learn about the advantages and benefits of cloud-based ERP systems from Frost & Sullivan’s Manufacturing Leadership Council and what companies should be looking for in a cloud ERP solution. Find out why Frost & Sullivan has named Kenandy the #1 Cloud ERP for Small & Mid-sized Manufacturing, and learn how Kenandy’s customers have benefited from moving to a cloud ERP solution. If you want to break free from your ERP constraints, join us in this webinar and discover.

Even in our digital world, there is no substitute for live events to accelerate your sales cycle and drive demand. For most companies, event sponsorship continues to generate marketing's greatest return, making your event sponsorship decisions that much more important. With a seemingly unending number of events to sponsor, how can your organization ensure you're choosing the right event to support your organization's unique objectives? Building off our recently published article Choosing the Right Event in Three Simple Steps: Event Sponsorship Handbook, Frost & Sullivan's Brand and Demand Solutions practice has assembled a panel of savvy marketers to share their best kept secrets on how they've been able to consistently drive returns through event sponsorship. Mark your calendar and plan to join us by registering today for invaluable insights and best practices around one of the most important marketing tactics in your marketing portfolio, event sponsorship.

Current CRM systems excel at managing customer engagement and data. However, they weren’t designed to enable customer service teams to help customers proactively. Join Frost & Sullivan and ServiceNow as they discuss new approaches to customer service management that can help you eliminate the reasons why customers call in the first place–including self-service, automation, and the ability to connect customer service to the rest of the enterprise to resolve issues.

As marketers you know that content is king. But how do you position your content to maximize your initial spend? With all the marketing tactics and strategies available today, researching which initiatives are best for your company can be an arduous task. And getting the sales team buy-in creates an even bigger challenge. In the end, everyone is reaching the same goal: greater returns and a larger budget for 2017!

Frost & Sullivan predicts that by 2020, up to 1.55 billion workers will be responsible for work that does not confine them to a desk. The need to provide workspaces for an agile workforce has never been more important than today, as organizations accelerate to digital. Yet, most enterprises are ill-equipped to manage the cyber risks the new workspace introduces.

As hybrid cloud becomes ingrained as an enterprise standard for IT environments, many businesses still struggle with how to best access and integrate a wide variety of infrastructures and services. Businesses of all sizes often still require the privacy of infrastructure that remains under their direct control, but often lack the resources to build and manage such environments on their own premises. At the same time, they need flexibility and scalability to grow their infrastructure quickly and based on business demands to support new services.

Most organizations are looking to get more out of their conferencing and collaboration technology investments. Proactive insight and actionable analytics allow organizations to obtain that additional value. Real-time monitoring and management of your meeting rooms and huddle space devices can drive employee productivity, responsiveness and engagement that ultimately leads to improved business outcomes and agility.

Today’s enterprises have invested in newer operational processes and solutions mapped to meet the communication needs of the army of independent, autonomous self-starters. These digital-savvy customers have become more demanding and want to resolve their business issues whenever and wherever they desire - on the channel of their choice.

Today's customer journeys consist of millions of intent-driven micro-moments of decision-making and preference-shaping that occur in an instant. Such is the reality of an ever-evolving digital landscape across which today’s tech savvy consumer flits at a high rate of speed, utilizing a variety of communication devices and channels to express his or her needs and opinions. Organizations therefore must seek to offer a Customer Experience that is consistent, seamless, and effortless.

Customers don’t play by the rules anymore. In fact, we live in the age of the customer. They choose where they get their information from, what defines a superior experience, and how to exercise their opinions and purchasing power.

When it comes to deploying strategic software applications that enable organizations to differentiate themselves from the competition, having the right application development platform is vital to supporting the business strategy.

As organizations seek to adapt to the ever-evolving digital era and tailor their strategies to the newly empowered customer, they are increasingly looking to their Heads of Customer Care for guidance on how to best navigate these transformations.

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