What’s Driving the 2018 Global Automotive Industry?

Feb 27th 2018

Join the Discussion Covering Diesel Sales Slowdown, Data Monetization-driven Decisions, and Declining Battery Prices

The automotive landscape changes every year. The convergence of various technologies and industries with the automotive space is creating opportunities in the marketplace that have never existed. It is important for stakeholders in the automotive industry to be aware of the dynamically evolving trends and ways in which they can monetize.

Join Frost & Sullivan's Mobility experts as they provide a strategic outlook for 2018 and explain the predominant challenges that could hinder market growth.

Expert Insight You Don’t Want to Miss:

  • Gain insights on the key events that dominated the market in 2017 
  • Understand the evolving disruptive trends driving the automotive market in 2018
  • Learn how the developments will have an impact on the various automotive ecosystem player\
  • Identify the critical opportunity areas that will emerge in the automotive market in 2018

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