Ryan Noach

Ryan Noach
Deputy CEO
Discovery Health

Dr Ryan Noach is the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Discovery Health, appointed in October 2014. He was previously the Chief Operating Officer since July 2009. He plays a significant role in leading company strategy and directly oversees operations, clinical services, managed care and claims risk strategy, the digital strategy and also Discovery Health's supplyside services to members. He qualified as a medical practitioner at Wits University in 1997 and pursued a post graduate career in emergency medicine and disaster management, including trauma, critical care, orthopedics and paediatrics. He completed the Diploma in Primary Emergency Care with the College of Medicine (SA). He attended the Executive Development Program at GIBS Business School, University of Pretoria. During his tenure at Discovery Health, Dr Noach has been responsible for many of the companies' major innovations including amongst others HealthID, MedXpress and Discovery's entry into the supply-side of the healthcare system.

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