Top 50 Destructive Technologies & Innovations You Need to Know About

Apr 18th 2018

Multi-billion Dollar Technologies Transforming Our World & Creating New Growth Opportunities

Emerging technologies are enabling powerful innovations by converging with other advanced innovative solutions to generate multi-billion dollar markets and new growth opportunities across the globe.

At the core, technology convergence involves overlaying two or more emerging or existing technologies to create unique value propositions that could be commercialized. While each emerging technology on its own represents an area of intensified R&D, heightened investments, increased IP activity, and tremendous market potential, the possible convergence of several technologies opens up unprecedented opportunities for new revenue models and the next generation of innovative products and solutions.

Key takeaways:

  • Identify the hottest technologies that will change the direction and landscape of multiple industries over the next five years and beyond
  • Learn best practices for convincing internal stakeholders to pursue technology convergence strategies
  • Receive action steps to leverage the ecosystem of technology partners to enable convergence

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