Smart Electronics for IoT Opportunities & Disruptive Applications Revealed

Jan 17th 2018

Frost & Sullivan Share Top Opportunities for Connected Devices Driven by Printed, Flexible, Stretchable Electronics

In recent years, there have been many innovative products and evolving new technologies for consumer electronics. These disruptions are boosting the semiconductor and electronics manufacturing industries to the next level, especially with the advent of Internet of Things (IoT). A smart electronic system is identified as a broad class of miniature and intelligent devices that are ubiquitously connected and energy efficient. They incorporate functionalities like sensing, actuation, and control. The convergence scenario of smart electronics systems and IoT will enable emerging technologies, such as smart home, smart city, Industry 4.0/smart factories, smart mobility, smart packaging, and smart health and wellness.

This briefing will explore answers to key questions:

  • What are the technology and market dynamics of smart electronics?
  • What are the key enabling technologies for smart electronics?
  • Which companies/organizations are involved in developing smart electronics?


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