Smart Cities of India: Lopsided Development or Inclusive Growth?

Jan 28th 2016

Short Description:

Frost & Sullivan's Visionary Innovation team will host a panel discussion on the Smart Cities of India. The team of experts includes Archana Vidyasekar, team leader, Ayush Kachru, associate consultant and Lux Rao, country leader - HPE Future Cities & CTO - Technology Services, Hewlett Packard Enterprise. The panelist will lead a discussion on key findings, followed by a live Q&A session.

Archana Vidyasekar_80x75.jpg Archana Vidyasekar
Team Leader
Frost & Sullivan

Ayush Kachru.png Ayush Kachru
Associate Consultant
Frost & Sullivan

 Lux-Rao.pngLux Rao
Country Leader - HPE Future Cities & CTO - Technology Services
Hewlett Packard Enterprise


You Will Discover:

It is projected that urban India will contribute about 75% of the national GDP in the next 15 years. With the rapid rate of urbanization and depleting resources, it is essential for India to rethink its strategy to see how it can best optimize the capabilities of its physical infrastructure.

By leveraging global best practices in smart city development and ICT (Information and Communication Technology), India is in a unique position to leapfrog a few stages of growth to become a global superpower.

In 2015, the Indian government announced an ambitious plan to develop 100 smart cities, with a commitment of spending $7.27 billion over the next five years. The infrastructure overhaul would include creating intelligent transport systems, smart grids, smart waste management, and smart water grids/solutions.

In this presentation, we will look at the roadmap for Indian smart cities, along with the anticipated challenge of meeting capex requirements and the dire need for devising innovative business models to make “Smart Cities in India” a success story.

Tune in for insights on the following:

  • Learn about the Indian government's $7.3 billion smart city mission aimed at applying smart solutions to improve infrastructure and service delivery in Indian cities.
  • Discover the key challenges with respect to regulation, funding and private/public partnerships.
  • Understand how the Internet of Things (IoT) is disrupting industries and causing convergence to create smart energy, smart transportation, smart infrastructure and smart buildings, smart security, smart or connected homes, and smart healthcare solutions.
  • Gain an insight into commonly observed business models and their applicability to India.
  • Analyze India’s area-based development strategy and the socio-economic divide.
  • Explore the various financial flexibility opportunities that are available for India.
  • Deduce the potential impact of the 100 smart cities on the future of the Indian economy.


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