Optimizing the Bottom Line: Financial assurance key for global CSPs

Oct 15th 2014

You Will Discover:

Given the continued global adoption of smartphones and mobile devices, one could envy the financial position of communication service providers (CSPs). However, market saturation in many areas is pushing prices down—reducing revenues—while network and other costs continue to increase to support all these new data-hungry devices. This briefing will focus on the monetization tools suppliers are offering global CSPs in the segment Stratecast refers to as financial assurance.

Key Questions and Benefits:

  • What is Financial Assurance? Revenue assurance, fraud management, and margin assurance.
  • Isn’t revenue assurance old-school? No! Learn why revenue assurance is more important today than ever.
  • Are we still dealing with fraud? Yes, fraud continues unabated and with increasing sophistication, but with the right fraud management tools, CSPs can reduce the cost drain of fraudulent activity.
  • How do we optimize our bottom line? Learn how purpose-built analytics are providing margin assurance—increasing revenues and decreasing costs—in every area of the offer-to-cash lifecycle.



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