Mobile Technology Enabling Digital Disruption in Trucking Industry

Jul 11th 2017

Mobile Apps for Trucking Have Potential to Become $35.4 Billion Market by 2025

Why You Must Attend:

  • With the launch of Uber Freight, the competition in the trucking app space is heating up. Can the incumbents compete?
  • Only about 30 of the more than 100 apps currently available are expected to survive by 2020. Which are they?
  • What are the revenue potentials for the three app segments, namely freight matching, fleet optimization, and driver utility apps? Which segment presents the biggest opportunity?
  • What is the future of mobile apps? How are consolidation/partnerships happening?
  • Who else is expected to enter the market? Are the likely backers going to be blue-chip companies, truck OEMs, traditional brokers, or 3PLs?


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