Microbiome: Revisiting the Micro and Macro

Oct 11th 2017

Push for Personalized Medicine Creating Growth Opportunities

In an era of personalized medicine, the current trajectory of growth across the microbiome industry parallels the growth that took place across genomics. Some of the milestones that have occurred in the microbiome field include the application of next-generation screening toward identifying and assessing microbial levels within the human gut. Using these microbial biomarkers, scientists are pushing the boundaries by identifying novel drug targets as well as probiotic or prebiotic products that could aid in balancing the microbial ecosystem within the human body.

Questions the webinar will answer:

  • What is novel about microbiome technologies, and why are they important for the future of the pharmaceutical industry?
  • Which are some of the interesting companies/organizations involved in developing Microbiome products?
  • What is the state of the microbiome industry? How many products are available commercially, and how does the pipeline look for continued market growth?


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