Living Secure in the Connected Home

Jul 08th 2015

Short Description:

Energy & Environment Principal Consultant Konkana Khaund led a panel discussion on Cybersecurity within the Connected Home. Our panel of experts from Schneider Electric, Apical Ltd, U.K. a Consumer Privacy advocate and CABA (Continental Automated Building Association) discussed key points that affect the industry, followed by a live question-and-answer session.


Michael Pyle.png

Michael Pyle, VP of Cybersecurity, Partner Business, Schneider Electric

Paul Strzelecki.png

Paul Strzelecki, Advisor, Apical Limited

Michelle Chibba.png

Michelle Chibba, Consumer Privacy Expert

You Will Discover:

Connected homes are prime examples of innovative applications of technology meant to enable enriched lifestyle experiences for consumers. However, allowing third parties an open access to home networks to deliver these experiences exposes both the consumer and service providers to the potential vulnerabilities of cyberspace. It is critical to understand that cyber threats require collective responsibility and accountability sharing from all stakeholders involved.

This briefing will deliberate upon the issue of cybersecurity as it pertains to the connected home environment. An expert panel comprising members of Frost & Sullivan, connected home technology leaders, and a consumer privacy advocate will provide advice and opinions with regard to addressing this disruptive trend. Industry participants will learn how to address the issue of cyber breach and maintain continued interest in living the connected experience.


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