Launch of the SWAN Forum North American Alliance will Promote Data-enabled Smart Water Future

Nov 01st 2016

North American Water Utilities set to Outpace Global Peers in Adoption of Smart Water Solutions

Short Description:

In the past five years, the North American municipal water industry has laid the foundation to leap frog the rest of the world in the adoption of smart, data-driven technologies. The SWAN North American Alliance is organized to help speed this adoption. This webinar is a joint effort between the SWAN Forum and Frost & Sullivan, and will form the first of an ongoing webinar series to highlight and promote best practices for smart solutions within the water industry.

Why You Must Attend:

  • Identify smart water solutions that brought strong returns to water utilities
  • Understand key successes and pitfalls in deploying smart solutions
  • Learn about utilities’ long-term strategies to optimize their networks


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