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Connectivity, Urbanisation and Social changes continue to have a profound impact on the future of personal and freight mobility, and on the car of the future. Our delegates to Intelligent Mobility 3.0, held annually in London since 2008, have witnessed the realisation of mega trends on the future of mobility, with new products & services being launched as a result. From showcasing ultra-low & emission free vehicles, carsharing services, and integrated mobility platforms, to new forms of connected & automated cars, our industry leading workshop is continually aligned to the hot topics uncovered in our research. With the industry leading expert presentations, alongside the onsite exhibitions, it’s consequently a must attend for all mobility related stakeholders.

In the past year, we’ve seen several governments and city authorities invest and prioritise a more connected infrastructure, leveraging new digital technologies to improve their transportation networks. For example, the UK government has earmarked £24bn of transformational investment on the highways from 2015, with technologies exchanging information between the roads and cars. With this in mind, and the continued evolution towards automated mobility business models, this year’s workshop is entitled Intelligent Mobility – new business models in Connected, Automated mobility, to be held on 1st & 2nd July 2015. Our definition of Intelligent mobility includes Automation of vehicles, connected car, sustainability & environment and most importantly new business models which will be a key focus of this year's workshop. The event will kick off with a debate in the UK parliament, where we will debate the role of public policy in supporting future mobility ecosystems, by highlighting forthcoming public policy such as London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone, and the impacts on the industry, such as zero emission Taxis for example.

In 2014 in particular, we’ve seen a rise of Integrated Mobility platforms, such as Moovel and Qixxit, providing pre-trip, in-trip and post-trip information and ticketing, rapidly increasing the visibility and convenience of transportation. This rising technological capability is becoming attractive to several providers. Car companies are increasingly becoming service providers, whether through sharing cars or rides in your own car, to accessing parking or charging services, all delivered through digital solutions; BMW continued their DriveNow carsharing expansion in 2014 launching in London & Vienna for example. Leasing and rental companies are increasingly targeting customers with more flexible solutions, such as Alphabet’s Alphacity corporate carsharing, or LeasePlan’s mobility mix.

However, one consistent target over the past year from these organisations has been the corporate market – specifically offering solutions that facilitate business travel, whether locally, such as company car and public transport solutions, to international solutions to combine hotel and flight bookings with other mobility products like carsharing or taxi services. With the business travel market now worth >$1.2 Trillion (GBTA), there is an increasing trend towards companies using online booking tools and cloud based services to plan, book, and expense/account business trips. 2014 saw the leading provider of these services, Concur, acquired by SAP for $8bn, who also launched a ridesharing service SAPTwoGo, demonstrating the emergence of leading technology providers into the corporate mobility market, and their desire to create new partnerships to achieve this; Concur have partnered with Amadeus, Uber, and Airbnb to increase airline, taxi and accommodation options to their customers for example.

Our 2015 Intelligent Mobility workshop looks to highlight the strategic opportunities and industry outlook resulting from these trends and new business models, and how this will evolve as mobility becomes more automated. With fully autonomous vehicles being continually developed, and requiring a new supporting framework of policy, manufacturing, and retail services to underpin this

We look forward to welcoming you at Intelligent Mobility 2015, and sharing with you our vision for the Future of Mobility.