The Picture Perfect Future of the US Medical Imaging Industry

Jan 23rd 2018

Emerging Opportunities in a Rapidly Evolving Ecosystem

The US medical imaging industry is transforming to cope with the challenges of the present and the demands of the future. The current care provision landscape is highly fragmented, and a coherent strategy is required to enhance interoperability among stakeholders across the imaging ecosystem. Stakeholders across the industry must also come together to eliminate redundancies and duplications, and streamline the imaging process, to improve the patient experience.

Expert Insights You Will Not Want to Miss:

  • Understand the unmet needs in the industry and how OEMs and other imaging forms are working with care providers to address these needs
  • Sensational future opportunity areas in imaging, which go beyond big data analytics and population health management, and focus more on using data to bring about standardization of the imagery and image interpretation process, improving the patient experience
  • The evolving role of the radiologist challenges faced, and how the industry is helping the radiologist play a more direct role in the patient outcomes process


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