Future of Robots in Logistics: Unmanned Guided Vehicles and Drones

You Will Discover:

This webinar will highlight new opportunities for mobile robots and automation across the major applications as they start to gain commercial momentum. This briefing on mobile robots in the logistics front will explore various trends and highlight the potential benefits of incorporating such mobile technologies.

Attend this webcast to discover:

  • How robotics are likely to play a critical role in the future logistics supply chain
  • The next "best thing" in robotics in the warehouse
  • The mobile robotics segment of unmanned vehicles, such as unmanned ground vehicles and commercial drones, and their implications on creating new logistic services
  • How automated guided vehicles create tremendous value and paybacks to shareholders, incorporating them as part of the warehouse management solutions
  • How mobile robots will play a key role in the fourth industrial revolution, leading to the genesis of smart factories
  • What firms typically see from an ROI perspective and how that trend is changing
  • How to manage or improve the skill level of the workforce to deploy robotic solutions
  • How to market the robotic landscape and the usage of futuristic technology in the marketplace


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