Global Industries Prepare for the Future of High-Tech Mobile Robots

Dec 17th 2014

You Will Discover:

Breakthroughs in technological capabilities have accelerated the arrival of mobile robots as practical solutions for increased productivity in business and in the home. The future will see widespread adoption of mobile robots in smart factories, unmanned vehicles and connected homes. Frost & Sullivan’s upcoming complimentary webinar titled, “The Future of Mobile Robots: Rise of Intelligent, Autonomous and Collaborative Machines,” will explore various market dynamics and potential benefits of mobile robots in the future.  

Attend this webinar to:

  • Identify how mobile robots are being monetized to create new business opportunities
  • Understand how mobile robotics principles are creating new solutions in various industries
  • Discover how mobile robots will lead to the genesis of smart factories
  • Learn how mobile robots will interact in our personal space in the future
  • Explore how cloud robotics will facilitate better human-machine interaction


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