Monish Kapoor

Monish Kapoor.jpgMonish Kapoor
Vice President - IT & Broadcast
Zee Entertainment Middle East FZ LLC

Current Role:

  1. To enable broadcast of TV channels from Dubai.
  2. Implement the best available technology for delivery of channels in ME or other continents.
  3. Conversion of content from Indian to local dubbed or subtitled at the shortest time.
  4. Manage the local Infrastructures of Zee for smooth library, Media and post sales operations and creating efficient workflows.
  5. Head the technology team for Radio implementation.
  6. Create workflows for Radio playout and transmission under different conditions.
  7. Working with the Digital team by offering best technology solutions.
  8. Managing the local Social Network platforms and online initiatives.
  9. Looking after technology needs for Zee operations in Pakistan and North Africa.
  10. Working with other Zee Group of companies with offering Technology solutions to be implemented by local teams.

Past experience:

  1. Headed the IT operations at Rosemount India for 8 years.
  2. Technical Editor for Chip Magazine in Mumbai, India.
  3. Founded my software company Winsoft Exports in Mumbai/Pune India.
  4. At Winsoft we did only export based online projects and Banking projects related for fund hedging and tools for 9 years.

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