Ivano Iannelli

Ivano Ianelli.jpgIvano Iannelli
Dubai Carbon Centre of Excellence

Mr. Ivano is currently managing Dubai Carbon Centre of Excellence, the Dubai-based environmental economics think-tank in partnership with United Nations and World Bank. He has 20 years of experience in development economics of which half in the region. He currently oversees the UAE’s green house gases inventory and strategies for numerous government entities and industries, including private sector companies.

Mr. Ivano has special expertise in :

  • CO2 abatement strategies, management processes, monitoring and reporting
  • Development economics modelling, at micro and macro level
  • Environmental Finance, investment, funds, and funding mechanism
  • UAE specific knowledge of energy and CO2

Mr. Ivano holds an MBA from Coventry (UK), a Master degree in Development Economics from University of Western cape (South Africa). He is also lecturer at various universities in the field of Sustainability and Carbon Emisison Management, as well as a Board Member of the International Project Management Association (IPMA) and in the Green Project Management Association.

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