Enabling the Next Leap in Wireless Technology: 5G

Feb 18th 2015

You Will Discover:

The next generation of wireless communication, – 5G – will play a vital role in enabling futuristic technologies and actualizing the Internet of Thing. Significant obstacles to 5G wireless network deployments exist, however, numerous research and development initiatives are underway to help expedite the process. Aiming to deploy the first 5G networks by 2020, developers are exploring technologies like massive MIMO, millimeter-wave frequencies and new waveforms to address  needs for higher speed (x100 4G), lower latency (1ms), and higher density in terms of users and devices.

Questions this webinar will answer:

  • When will 5G networks become a reality?
  • What is achievable in terms of data rates, user capacity and latency with 5G networks?
  • What are industry players doing to facilitate development of 5G networks?

Featured Guest Speakers:

James Kimery.tiff
James Kimery

Director of Marketing for RF/Communications and SDR Initiatives
National Instruments

Dr. Harish Viswanathan.jpg
Dr. Harish Viswanathan

CTO partner /CTO
Bell Labs and Alcatel-Lucent

Dr. Sundeep Rangan.jpg
Dr. Sundeep Rangan

Associate Professor
NYU Wireless


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