Changing Business Environment and Emerging Opportunities in Nigeria and Kenya

Nov 19th 2015

Short Description:

Aroop Zutshi, global president and managing partner, and Craig Parker, senior economic consultant, led a discussion on emerging growth opportunities in Nigeria and Kenya. Our experts covered key points that affect various industries, followed by a live question-and-answer session.

Aroop web.jpg

Aroop Zutshi
Global President and Managing Partner
Frost & Sullivan


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Craig Parker
Senior Economic Consultant
Frost & Sullivan


You Will Discover:

Africa’s growth story is likely to be shaped by a growing middle class, rising urbanization, and rapid digitization over the next few years. With commentary from our senior economist, we will explore the impact of local content policies on various industries. While Nigeria’s population has been advantageous to consumer demand, widespread corruption has been detrimental. With a focus on policy changes, we are likely to explore the changing landscape of Nigeria’s core sectors, such as energy. Kenya appears to be emerging as a hub for infrastructure and digitization. This briefing will engage our senior economist based in Cape Town, who will help identify growth prospects across these two fast-growing economies.

Why You Should Attend:

  • Understand pertinent Mega Trends impacting Africa’s growth and be prepared to leverage growth opportunities
  • Leverage the opportunity to gain macroeconomic insights on the fast-growing, go-to markets of Nigeria and Kenya
  • Recognize the evolving reality of local content policies in Nigeria and Kenya, and understand its implications on your investment decisions


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