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Welcome To The GIL Journey

Mark Dougan, Country Head ANZ, Frost & Sullivan


GIL Exclusive:

Digital Transformation - A New Strategic Imperative

Andrew Milroy, Senior Vice President, Digital Transformation, Frost & Sullivan


New Lighting Technologies Transforming Lives, Buildings And Urban Spaces

Michael Kardasis, Sales Manager for the End User Professional Lighting Sales team, Philips Australia

Michael will share insights into how lighting innovations can change the way we shop, sleep, work and plan our future cities.


Industry Case Study

Simon Burke, Chief Technology Scout, ScoutTECH

Simon will explain the origins of Blockchain, the reasons for the hype, why banks have invested billions, interpret the scandals and bring to life actual use cases from a variety of industries. He’ll describe the pros, cons, risks and implications of Blockchain to enable attendees to be conversant in how this emerging technology will (or not) impact the workplace.


Data and The Future of Everything

Glen Rabie, CEO and co-founder of Yellowfin

How data through decision automation and mass personalisation is reshaping organisations and society.

Networking Break

Implications of Digital Disruption: The Future of Healthcare

Rhenu Bhuller, Partner & Senior Vice President Healthcare, Frost & Sullivan


Interactive Think Tank:

Implications of Digital Disruption

Mark Dougan, Country Head ANZ, Frost & Sullivan

  • Australia’s next economic challenge
  • What will drive future growth of Australia?

The Failure Of IoT - Hype Vs Reality

Ian Aitken, Chief Technical Officer, Samsung Australia

Has IoT been overplayed? Is the promise over hyped? Is there a real need for IoT in the consumer market and beyond? Ian will discuss the various trends and activities that have taken place within the world of IoT and SmartHome and introduces a number of key changes taking place to the industry that must be successful for IoT to succeed.


Networking Cum GIL Bytes Lunch


GIL Bytes: Rapid Fire Presentations Showcasing Our Latest Research

  1. Future of Business Models
    Rhenu Bhuller, Partner & Senior Vice President Healthcare, Frost & Sullivan

  2. Research As A Service (RAAS)
    Ivan Fernandez, Director, Frost & Sullivan

  3. Innovation Scanner – Track Disruptive Ideas
    Audrey William, Head of Research, Frost & Sullivan

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GIL 2016: ANZ Concludes

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