Biomarkers Poised to Transform Disease Management


Technologies Driving Cancer, Diabetes and Obesity Management

Both predictive and prognostic biomarkers constitute a central element in all targeted drug discovery and development strategies. Rapid technological advances facilitating accurate and sensitive detection of disease biomarkers have enabled enhanced management of several disorders, including cancer and diabetes. Biomarker advancements are likely to pave the way for personalized and precision medicine strategies in the future. Furthermore, there is a substantial unmet need for noninvasive or minimally invasive screening technologies. Hence, liquid biopsy methods that leverage molecular biomarkers to enable the early detection of oncological indications using biofluids samples will witness rapid adoption. Biomarkers will also be relevant in the detection and monitoring of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and obesity. Apart from early screening and treatment profiling, biomarker-based research may even open novel paradigms for drug discovery and development across these indications.

Expert Insight You Will Not Want to Miss:

  • Discover novel liquid biopsy platforms enabling enhanced cancer management
  • Explore biomarker opportunities for diabetes management
  • Learn about minimally invasive cancer screening technologies
  • Understand the impact of biomarker studies in enabling precision medicine


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