Africa is Open for Business: Growth within Reach with Mega Trends


Our panel of experts will discuss key points that affect various industries, followed by a live question-and-answer session.

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Mani James, operations manager – Africa, Frost & Sullivan


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Archana Vidyasekar, team leader, Visionary Innovation Research Group, Frost & Sullivan

You Will Discover:

On June 30, 2015, Africa announced it signed a pact called the Tripartite Free Trade Area (TFTA). The free trade agreement marks a momentous milestone for the continent. This will create a common market for 26 nations, spanning half the continent from Cairo to Cape Town. With this, Africa’s leaders have clearly stated they are “open for business.”

Plagued with falling commodity prices, power gaps, political instability and corruption, the 26 African countries will function as a single continent with population strength of over 625 million people in the common trade bloc. Thus begins Africa’s growth story as the world waits with baited breath for the bread basket to become an industrial hub.

This presentation will weigh in Africa’s future prospects, examining exogenous factors or Mega Trends that Frost & Sullivan believes will drive the region’s growth story over the next 10 years. This presentation provides visionary insights into the impact of digital trends, such as virtual currency on Africa’s banking industry and the growing importance of the mobile economy that is touted to become the second-largest mobile Internet market by 2020 globally.

Tune in for insights on the following:

  • Review of digital development in Africa – prospects, potential and capabilities
  • Understand future direction of a cashless African economy, with 520 million Africans opting for mobile wallets by 2020
  • Trace the African Trade Journey with intra-African trade poised for rapid growth as policy paralysis ends
  • Explore the possibility of cyber currency in bringing in a parallel single currency that could address trade encumbrances
  • Gain insight into future demographic trends and the powerful dividend of the world’s youngest population by 2025
  • Explore the future of education and e-learning in Africa as pressure builds to supply at least one in every four working individuals by 2050
  • Insight into the growing levels of investment with FDI and private equity growing more than general aid
  • Explore new emerging industries, such as online retail, which are growing at an exponential rate
  • Understand the implications arising from more than $230 billion of expected infrastructure spending
  • Spot new business models, such as “Collabo,” as African companies collaborate to foster in-bred innovation to address unique local needs
  • Understand the inter-linkages of these Mega Trends and implications on the country, industries and cities on a micro level
  • Identify the inherent potential market and business opportunities created by these trends in leading industries in every segment of the value chain


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