The Advent of Flying Cars and the Road Ahead


Join the Discussion on Big Disruptions, Transformations and Innovations Predicted for the Future

Governments across the globe are addressing the growing menace of traffic congestion. One way to address this issue in the future is to make use of the underutilized domestic airspace for mobility. The flying car space is hectic, with new players from various industries entering the race to build flying cars.

Funding has also been at high rates of speed, with several companies raising for financial backing or being acquired by established players from the automotive industry.

To help understand the future of transportation and the opportunities being presented, we invite you to join Frost & Sullivan's Mobility Experts along with PAL-V International B.V. in the webinar.

Expert Insights You Will Not Want to Miss:

  • Learn how flying car taxis could transform our world and the commercial applications predicted by 2035.
  • Explore technologic advancements as vertical take-off and landing (VTOL), artificial intelligence, HD mapping and electrification the opportunities they present.
  • Hear real-world use cases on how flying car companies have conducted test flights and the results of those ventures.


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