The Advent of Flying Cars and the Road Ahead


Companies Poised to Launch Flying Cars by 2022, Ushering in Flying Car Taxi Services by 2035

Expert insight you won’t want to miss:

  • Driven by choking traffic congestion, underutilized urban domestic airspace, government interest, increased funding, and rapid technological advancements, flying car taxis will make their appearance through limited commercial applications by 2035.
  • Explore advancements made in technologies such as vertical take-off and landing (VTOL), artificial intelligence, HD mapping and electrification.
  • At least eight flying car companies have conducted their first test flights in the past four years, and several more have scheduled tests before the end of 2018—which is indicative of strong interest from market participants.

Key questions the webinar will answer:

  • Why is there a significant increase in interest in flying cars?
  • When will flying cars achieve commercialization, and what application markets are most promising in the short term?
  • Why are rules and regulations key to the success of flying cars as commercial vehicles?


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