Best Practices awards - London 2019-333-L.jpgFrost & Sullivan honored recipients of its Best Practices Awards at a banquet held on Wednesday, March 20th in London at the Royal Garden Hotel.


“Our Awards program has now been in existence for more than eighteen years,” said Jeff Frigstad, Global Sr. Vice President, Best Practices, Frost & Sullivan. “These Awards come from the rigor used by our talented team of 2,000 thought leaders from over 50 global offices working with over 200,000 clients, to locate the best.”

Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards are presented each year to companies that are predicted to encourage significant growth in their industries, have identified emerging trends before they became the standard in the marketplace, and have created advanced technologies that will catalyze and transform industries in the near future.

Awarded companies include the following:

AdaSky—2018 Israeli Infrared Sensors for Autonomous Vehicles Technology Innovation Award 

AlmavivA Contact & Almawave—2019 European Customer Management BPO Enabling Technology Leadership Award 

Arbe Robotics—2018 Global Four-Dimensional Imaging RADAR Technology Innovation Award 

Biamp—2018 Global Installed Audio Conferencing Endpoint Company of the Year Award 

Bosch Service Solutions—2018 European Customer Management BPO Technology Leadership Award 

Cognitec—2019 Global Facial Recognition Customer Value Leadership Award 

Comsys AB—2018 Global Harmonic Filters Customer Value Leadership Award 

Creative Virtual—2019 European AI-enhanced Customer Self-service Product Leadership Award 

CyanConnode—2018 Global Smart Meter Company of the Year Award 

DBT CEV France—2019 European EV Charging Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award 

DOMO Engineering Plastics—2018 European Post-Industrial Feedstock (PIF) Based Polyamides Product Line Strategy Leadership Award 

EcoEnergy Insights—2019 Global BEMS Growth Innovation & Leadership Frost Radar Award 

Europlacer—2019 Global Flexible Surface Mount Technology Pick-and-Place Equipment Company of the Year Award 

Eurotech—2018 Global IoT Platforms Growth Innovation & Leadership Frost Radar Award 

EXFO—2018 Global Data Analytics Solutions for Communications Service Providers Customer Value Leadership Award 

Fox-IT, part of NCC Group—2019 European Managed Security Service Product Line Strategy Leadership Award 

GaN Systems—2019 European Gallium Nitride Power Semiconductors New Product Innovation Award 

GE Inspection Technologies—2019 Global Industrial Computed Tomography Solutions Market Leadership Award 

GenCell—2019 European Fuel Cells Enabling Technology Leadership Award 

GridBeyond—2019 European Demand Response Technology Innovation Award 

Grundfos—2018 Global Water and Wastewater Pumps Company of the Year Award 

Healcerion, Inc. —2018 Global Ultrasound Imaging New Product Innovation Award 

Irdeto—2018 Global Content Protection Customer Value Leadership Award 

IRONSCALES—2018 European AI-powered Email Security Technology Innovation Award 

Kontainers—2019 Global Digital Freight Platform for Ocean Transportation Product Leadership Award 

L7 Defense—2018 Global Anti-DDoS for Critical National Infrastructure New Product Innovation Award 

LivePerson, Inc.—2018 Global Conversational AI in Financial Services Customer Value Leadership Award 

Megger—2018 Global Electronic Test and Measurement Innovation Excellence Frost Radar Award  

Octopus Systems—2018 Global Integrated Command and Control Platforms Customer Value Leadership Award 

OpenIP—2018 French Hosted IP Telephony and UCaaS Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award 

Orange Business Services—2019 European Hosted IP Telephony and UCaaS for Multi-national Corporations Customer Value Leadership Award 

Pcysys—2019 Global Automated Penetration-testing Customer Value Leadership Award 

ReviveMed—2018 North American AI-driven Next-generation Metabolomics Technology Innovation Award  

Scandit—2018 European Retail Automation Technology Innovation Award 

Securens Systems Pvt. Ltd.—2019 Indian Electronic Surveillance Customer Value Leadership Award 

Sepio Systems—2019 European Rogue Device Mitigation Enabling Technology Leadership Award 

Tata Communications—2018 Sub-Saharan African IoT MVNO Visionary Innovation Leadership Award 

Tata Communications—2019 Global Hybrid Cloud Services Product Line Strategy Leadership Award 

TESTIA, an Airbus Company—2018 European Non-destructive Testing Services Customer Value Leadership Award 

Valeo—2018 European CV Aftermarket Supplier Company of the Year Award 

Vallum Corporation—2018 North American Spinal Fusion Device Performance Enhancers New Product Innovation Award 

Visiopharm—2019 Global Digital Pathology Software Solutions Company of the Year Award 

VisualDx—2018 Global Clinical Decision Support Systems Technology Innovation Leadership Award 

Webhelp—2018 European Contact Center Outsourcing Market Leadership Award

WENZEL Group GmbH & Co. KG—2018 Global Coordinate Measurement Machine New Product Innovation Award 

WirelessCar—2018 European Telematics Services Market Leadership Award 

ZTE Corporation—2018 Global 5G Infrastructure Technology Leadership Award 

Zyfra—2018 European AI-based Machine Data Monitoring Solution for Process Industries Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award