Outlook and Predictions for the Healthcare Industry in 2016

Dec 10th 2015

Short Description:

Frost & Sullivan's Transformational Health team hosted a panel discussion on the 2016 Outlook and Predictions for the Healthcare industry. The team of experts includes Reenita Das, partner and vice president of Transformational Health; Venkat Rajan, global director of Visionary Healthcare; and  Siddharth Shah, industry analyst. Our healthcare team led a discussion on key findings, followed by a live Q&A session.

Reenita Das.pngReenita Das
Partner and Vice President of Transformational Health
Frost & Sullivan


venkat.jpgVenkat Rajan
Global Director of Visionary Healthcare
Frost & Sullivan


Siddharth Shah.pngSiddharth Shah
Industry Analyst
Frost & Sullivan


You Will Discover:

Frost & Sullivan’s experts are predicting another year of big disruptions, transformations and innovations as the healthcare industry continues to overhaul outmoded business models. This annual forecast aims to help stakeholders understand key issues affecting the healthcare industry. In 2016, advances in areas ranging from wearables to blood testing as well as artificial intelligence, expect to help shape the industry.

The webinar will identify market risks and opportunities for stakeholders developing solutions connected to the pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical technologies, diagnostics and healthcare IT sectors that can impact industry participants.  

Attend this webinar to:

  • Gain insightful predictions and probative analysis of the global healthcare industry in 2016
  • Discover key strategies and initiatives executed by companies to capture opportunities for solutions in health, wellness and prevention
  • Track the progress of key macro level industry trends and their projected milestones for 2016
  • Participate in an interactive Q&A session with Frost & Sullivan’s senior industry thought leaders


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