Visionary Science

IE_CMF_245x191.jpgInterpreting downstream trends (e.g.,a growing need for lighter weight materials; an increasing focus on health, wellness, and well being) is paramount for companies in the Visionary Science industry. Frost & Sullivan’s consultants and analysts help clients identify breakthrough technologies, address current trends and challenges, and maximize growth opportunities.

Industry coverage includes chemicals and materials used in transportation, construction, and utility applications; the food, drugs, and cosmetics industry; and the personal protective equipment market. Our globally dispersed industry experts also help clients understand how Mega Trends and region-specific activities affect the Visionary Science industry, thus offering a 360°, cross-industry perspective vital to accelerating growth.

  Key Topics of Expertise

  • Chemicals, materials, and ingredients used in:
    •  Electric vehicles and vehicle lightweighting
    •  Energy security and renewable energy
    •  Food, beverage, and animal feed additives
    •  Food safety and sustainability
    •  Fuel consumption and emissions reduction
    •  Functional foods and dietary supplements
    •  Home and personal care products
    •  Municipal water and wastewater treatment
    •  Packaging and agriculture
    •  Pharmaceuticals and medical devices
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
    •  Above-the-neck PPE
    •  Protective gloves, clothing, and footwear
    •  Respiratory protective equipment
  • Convergence areas
    •  Cosmeceuticals
    •  Nutraceuticals
    •  Nutricosmetics

Industry Coverage