Collaboration Performance Index

The workplace is changing, and companies need to change their collaboration strategies too.

Melanie Turek
Vice President of Research
Unified Communications & Collaboration

Collaboration is Key to Success, or Failure

Companies that collaborate better perform better. High-performance collaboration means having a culture that supports teamwork. Equipping employees with advanced collaboration tools enhances an organization’s capability to be more effective and efficient in key, revenue-generating business areas.

Empirical research with more than 4,500 enterprises, across seven industries, in 10 countries around the world shows that collaboration is a major driver of company performance. It accounts for more than one-third of the success, or failure, in a company’s performance across several business domains: R&D, Sales, Marketing, Investor Relations, Human Resources and Public Relations.


The Collaboration Performance Index Measures an Organization’s Collaboration Prowess

Frost & Sullivan developed the Collaboration Performance Index, or CPI, to measure an organization’s collaboration capacity and capability. It taps into cultural factors and technology deployment to gauge how collaboration can be used as a competitive advantage, and the return on an organization’s investment in collaboration tools.

The Future of Your Business Success Depends on How You Collaborate

We invite you to download our brief article that explains how good collaboration improves business results. Beginning in early 2016, we are embarking on a bold program to understanding how the latest advances in collaboration technology drives success. Our work also aims to offer detailed guidance around what types of technologies are most valuable for driving and supporting collaboration.

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