Certification Program

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The Frost & Sullivan Certification Program is an objective assessment and certification program in which companies and/or other organizations submit business oriented tools and utilities for review and evaluation. Through the certification process, Frost & Sullivan analyzes and tests the tool’s functionality, intent, integrity, assumptions and approach toward addressing the stated business challenge, and calculating a customer benefit or a scenario based outcome.

Common business or customer utilities certified by Frost & Sullivan include, but are not limited to, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Calculators, Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis Models, Company Valuations, and other business or customer value assessment tools and metrics. Frost & Sullivan not only evaluates and certifies business tools and utilities, but also builds them.

Frost & Sullivan’s rigorous certification methodology begins by convening a team of expert industry analysts and business and financial analysts. These analysts conduct thorough reviews of the tool to validate the inputs, formulas, functionality and consistency of the outputs. This process determines whether the formulas are correct and valid, the calculator’s methodological approach is sound, and the tool’s intent is true to the objective. As an added value, but not as a prerequisite to certification, Frost & Sullivan will also review the tool from the customer’s point of view.

Please note that certifications are based on market information and data provided by the sponsoring vendor at the time of assessment.  Enterprises may find their results vary from the data returned by the tool, depending on their own business situation and dynamic market rates and conditions.

The Frost & Sullivan certification logo, where found, represents the business tool or utility has been analyzed, reviewed, tested and evaluated by Frost & Sullivan, and is in good standing with the criteria stated herein.

For more information about the Frost & Sullivan certification program or any other Frost & Sullivan programs or services, please email, or locate the nearest office by going to Frost & Sullivan Offices

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