Fellowship Program

Frost & Sullivan’s Fellowship Program recognizes exemplary performers from within the company. Every year, the program identifies individuals who have upheld company values and whose contributions have augmented company growth and performance. The Fellowship program nurtures and recognizes loyalty, leadership and performance.

Our employees are our biggest assets. In acknowledgment of their commitment and contribution, and as an extension of gratitude, the Fellowship Program has been initiated as a prestigious platform for recognition.

Levels of Fellowship

Frost & Sullivan’s Fellowship Program is a global, cross-disciplinary collaboration of stellar performers who have been committed to the company for a period of five years or longer. With a strong emphasis on loyalty, commitment and tenure, the program is structured for four levels of Fellowship. Following a graded structure, employees qualify for each level of Fellowship based on their tenure and consistent performance. Ensuring that we encourage excellence and leadership and provide our clients with only the best-in-class, employees are evaluated on their performance and contribution annually after which they can potentially stand to qualify for one of the following levels of fellowship.


Associate Fellowship

(5-10 years tenure)


(10-15 years tenure)

Senior Fellowship

(15-20 years tenure)

Distinguished Fellowship

(20+ years tenure)

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