There’s no shortage of places you can turn to stay on top of trends, gain insights and learn strategies to up your game as a leader, marketer and trend-setter in your own world.

We previously shared a list of our team’s top go-to resources—blogs, books and podcasts, but there’s more! You can see our first list here. Here’s where we are turning these days as we reflect back on the year and plan for a strong finish to this year. See what you can add to your list and visit these often!


Buffer: Science of Social Media Podcast
When you just can’t bear to read more on your screen, switch on your favorite podcast player and tune into this great podcast run by the team at Buffer. They share stories, insights, and reviews of experiments, cover the vast and constantly evolving social media landscape.

Zapier Blog
In the land of automation and integrations between apps, platforms and more, zapier is a nifty and mighty tool that is sort of like your marketing genie. If you can wish it, there’s probably a “zap” that can make it happen. Turns out the Zapier Blog is an equally nifty and mighty resource that can help you look at old problems in new ways or solve new problems easily. The articles are quick reads and the contributing writers often have blogs of their own that are worth following.

Harvard Business Review: Sales & Marketing Blog
This blog has a long history and has certainly stayed with the times. Now with deep, investigative reporting on topics like Branding, Marketing & Sales, Strategy & Execution, Technology & Operations, Leadership/Managing People, it’s a great one to keep in your rotation for research insights, perspectives and case studies.


Atomic Habits: Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results Book by James Clear
When you are feeling already maxed out yet still know you want to grow – to tap into your full potential as a professional, a leader and a human being, this book by James Clear will set your sights high and give you the inspiration, motivation and steps to make small changes that result in remarkable results, hence the name. He also maintains an online learning academy and blog on his website, but the book gives quite a lot of great material that can put you on a good path to taking back your day and living your best life.

Let us know what you’re reading and listening to these days, so we can add to our list!