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Generator (1)
industry convergence (1)
neutraceuticals (1)
Smart Homes (2)
Hitachi's Approach (1)
Better Fuel Economy (1)
Capital Expenditures (1)
electronic test & measurment ecosystem (1)
Infotainment (1)
Digital technology (1)
Cybersecurity (1)
GST (1)
Emerging Technology (1)
Transformative Technologies (1)
Sara Kissing (1)
LeCroy's Need (1)
Net metering (1)
Post Holdings Inc. (1)
Driver Behavior (1)
NAIC (1)
Goals & Expectations (1)
Repair Services (2)
ROBO 3D (1)
Preventive Health (1)
2016 (1)
ambulatory EHR (1)
Lifeline (1)
インドにおける (1)
Predictive Computing (1)
Oncology Drug Delivery Market (1)
energy-efficiant (1)
Dubai Tourism Industry (1)
Jay Hansen (1)
eBay (1)
Rajesh Maurya (1)
Asia (1)
Indian telecom (1)
diagnostic innovations (1)
Mobility Services (1)
One Belt Road (1)
Donald J Trump’s (1)
biofuel feedstock (1)
Consumer Electronics (1)
Strengthening Healthcare (1)
Volkswagen (2)
4G LTE Mobile (1)
Autonomous, Connectivit (1)
Electronic Health Records (1)
Trellis (1)
Analytical Instrumentation (1)
advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) (1)
t&m (1)
Mexico (1)
Shaping Digitalization (1)
Measurement Instrumentation (1)
Europe Elections (1)
Weathering Sluggish (2)
Raghuram Rajan (1)
CDN edge (1)
Outsourcing (1)
Facilities Management (1)
Autonomous Machines (1)
AEC (1)
cost recovery (1)
Radio Frequency (1)
Service-Sector (1)
care delivery (1)
Pay TV (1)
Oil Prices (2)
raw materials (1)
additives (1)
Micro-LED (1)
Signal Analyzers Market (1)
Vehicle Sharing (1)
low testosterone (1)
Wi-Fi (1)
Nigeria (1)
digital marketing strategy (1)
On-grid distributed development (1)
Silk Road (1)
Detroit (1)
Mozambique (1)
Healthcare Expenditure (1)
Market Dynamics (1)
Global Industrial Robotics Market (1)
Roadmap (1)
Surface Mount Technology (1)
lytx (1)
Evolution (1)
intelligent mobility 2015 (1)
On Making Our Cities Smart (1)
Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) (1)
Debit Cards (1)
financial markets (1)
Analytics Services (1)
Fab (1)
Intel (1)
Liquid Resins (1)
Philips (1)
IoT system integrator (1)
TeleStroke (1)
Patient Engagement (2)
Ford (1)
public-private-partnership (1)
T & M Industry (1)
AI (2)
demand response, distribution grid management (DGM) (1)
vehicle sales (1)
guaranteed tax holidays (1)
Vinod Kumar (1)
Condition Monitoring Market (1)
Digital Pathology (1)
Imaging (1)
Potential Implementation (1)
vehicle manufacturers (1)
MEMS Sensors (1)
Price Slump (1)
Virtual Crash Testing (1)
Vehicle Electrification (1)
Enbala (1)
CAGR (2)
Economic Development (1)
emerging economies (2)
co2 emission (1)
Infrared Based Solar (1)
Escalators Industry (1)
chemical compounds (1)
Climate Change (1)
Emerson (1)
Automotive Industry (5)
virtual power plants (1)
mobile devices (1)
test and measurement industry (1)
SXSW (1)
SIs (1)
Toyota (1)
south korea (1)
m2m (1)
Portable Analytical Instruments (1)
ViZn (1)
FTTH (2)
Pollutants (1)
Pulse Amplitude Modulation (1)
Healthcare Experience (2)
Original Equipment Manufacturers (1)
Global Clinical Trials (1)
emission (1)
Trumponomics (1)
filter industry (1)
Telcos (1)
automotive market (2)
Trends and Innovations (1)
globe (1)
Monetizing Stranded Gas (1)
renewable energy (1)
Benjamin Mull (1)
2030 (1)
Global Environment (1)
Network Quipment Manufacturers (1)
法人向け自動車リース市場 (1)
Connected Vehicle Innovations (1)
Broadcast Industry (1)
biopharmaceauticals (1)
smart solutions (1)
Indian Foreign Trade (1)
Additives Business (1)
Transformational Shifts (1)
passenger vehicle market (1)
Plastic Bottles (1)
passwords (1)
Test & Measurement (1)
Trucking (1)
Asset-Tracking (1)
Facility Managers (2)
Commercial Vehicles (CV) (1)
Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (1)
Mergers (1)
Germany (1)
Edgeware (1)
Gas Detectors Market (1)
Laboratory Inspection (1)
boston scientific approach (1)
Vulnerability Management (1)
apac (3)
2017 North American International Auto Show (1)
CT Equipment (1)
Car Modules (1)
ReRAM (1)
Business-friendly environment (1)
Hospital Sterilisation (1)
RFID (5)
Minimal (1)
RFID Market (1)
Analysis (1)
Health Care (1)
Outsourcing Business (1)
Debate (1)
Resistive RAM (1)
transformational healthcare (1)
consumer health (1)
Wireless Test Equipment (1)
Growing ecosystem (1)
Sarwant Singh (1)
Content Owner (1)
Peru Government (1)
smart cities (1)
AMI Infrastructure (1)
CNC Sytems (1)
Hot Spot (1)
automation control solutions (1)
renewable microgrid (1)
Graham Smith (1)
ADAS/L2 Automated Driving Features (1)
Membrane Filtration Technology (1)
Changing Business Models (1)
Autonomous Vehicle Penetration (1)
Security Identification (1)
Clinical Trials (1)
Inline Inspection (1)
HetNets (1)
fingerprint biometrics (1)
Powering Smart Cities (1)
Tele-ICU (1)
Test & Measurement Equipment Industry (1)
IT in APAC (1)
single-cell genomics (1)
Smart Water (1)
global coiled tubing market (1)
Edible Water (1)
Smart Grid Market (1)
health data protection (1)
bandwidth frequency (1)
AMI (1)
Trade Promotion (1)
Digitized World (1)
Auto Insurance (1)
DSRC (1)
Simple Matters (1)
Tata Steel Europe (1)
DERs (1)
colombian economy (1)
Chronological (1)
Telecommunications Industry (1)
radiology (1)
fiber optic (1)
Bus's (1)
Wireless (1)
Newell Rubbermaid (1)
Saudi Arabia (1)
therapy (1)
european healthcare (1)
H-ORs (1)
EPS (1)
Workplace (1)
US Manufacturing (1)
Automotives (1)
Power Industry (1)
Baggage Handling (1)
EVs (1)
Global (2)
hypogonadism (1)
Navistar International Corporation (1)
facilities management services market (1)
trucking industry (2)
South by Soutwest (1)
Citizen (1)
CO2 Emissions (1)
OLED Market (1)
Human-machine-interface devices (1)
power generation industry (1)
powertrain (2)
Intelligence (1)
Global Corrosion (1)
OTDR (1)
nondestructive testing (2)
Emerging Technologies (2)
Autonomous (1)
Commercial Vehicles Market (1)
Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS (1)
Fiber Characterization (1)
SUV Sales (1)
Delta Products Corp. (1)
Hybrid ORs (1)
Telehealth (1)
Towercos (1)
Malaysia (2)
Virgil Beaston (1)
Operating Rooms (1)
Digital Utility (1)
Alexa (1)
Way Out (1)
ppp (1)
UWB (2)
natural gas (3)
Cylinder Deactivation (1)
Growing Water Footprint (1)
Siemens 2016 (1)
Piracy (1)
ANZ (1)
Way Forward (1)
Quality of Service (1)
Moore's Law (1)
Asia-Pacific (4)
UK (2)
Automated Driving Technologies (1)
African Automotive Industry (1)
Multi-Vendor Services (1)
department of energy (1)
Industrial Robotics (1)
Smart Grid (1)
Water Pollution (1)
Grid Hardening (1)
Driver Monitoring Systems (1)
disruptive technologies (2)
Sensor (1)
Phillipines (1)
Connected TV viewing (1)
Wireless Networks (1)
Retail (1)
Radiological Society of North America (1)
Increasing Safety Concerns (1)
Gas (1)
Preferred Destination (1)
Big Data (3)
Transit Market (1)
Bitumen (1)
Cyber Crime (1)
integration (1)
pro-rural agenda (1)
Industrial Internet of Things (3)
wound healing (1)
Cashless Society (1)
Controls Division (1)
NDT (1)
Memory Market (1)
Microscopes (1)
Microwave Test (1)
Real-Time Location Solution (1)
48 v (1)
eHealth (1)
Chris Mangum (1)
The Sleeping Tiger (1)
Aviation Policy (1)
Sumantra (1)
growth (2)
Wireless Technology (1)
Economic Growth (1)
GCC (2)
Broadpeak (1)
Volkswagon (1)
mHealth Services (1)
Spectrometer (1)
Remittance Growth (1)
Health Wellness Monitoring (1)
personally configured workspace (1)
MDT (1)
Napier Healthcare (1)
CES 2017 (2)
Gulf Corporation Council (2)
Edge Computing (1)
West versus East (1)
Algae (1)
fiber optic test equipment (1)
Transformation (2)
Convenience (1)
After-Market Costs (1)
voice over Wi-Fi (1)
Coronary Artery Disease (1)
internet of things (9)
Digitising Freight (1)
Podcast (1)
platform-centric business model (1)
Malaysia Survey (1)
fluid power (1)
Control technology (1)
sweeteners (1)
Artificial Intelligence (1)
india (10)
Renewables (1)
PCR (1)
Demand Response Ready (1)
Biosensors Transforms (1)
Motorcycle (1)
Women Customers (1)
Amazon (1)
Blockchain (2)
Cyber Security (4)
robotics (3)
Export Growth (1)
Fintech (1)
ACA Repeal (1)
British Petroleum (1)
Top Technologies (1)
The Trans-Pacific (1)
Sensors (4)
Tires (1)
Daimler (1)
Value Truck (1)
digital watermark (1)
DPG (1)
Narendra Modi Govt (1)
Anne-Fleur Andrle (1)
Dimensional Metrology Market (1)
United Kingdom (2)
VoWi-Fi (2)
Digital Supply Chain (1)
XXL Equipment (1)
Marc Guren (1)
Changing Global Dynamics (1)
automotive (2)
Emission Regulation Violation (1)
Globalization (1)
Manifest level watermark (1)
Semiconductor Manufacturer (2)
Healthcare IT Market (1)
Malaysian Aviation (1)
single use pumps (1)
Growth Opportunities (2)
Paris Agreement (2)
Consumer Engagement (1)
IoT (12)
Security (2)
Centrifugal Pumps (1)
small cell deployment (1)
Rakesh Agrawal (1)
NGS (1)
Manufacturer’s Succes (1)
Industrial CT Systems (1)
Automation (1)
DAQ (1)
Sydney (1)
australia (2)
Signal Generators Market (1)
Clean Water (1)
thyssenkrupp Steel (1)
Chilean Economy (1)
Logistics (2)
Biological Drugs (1)
QoS (1)
turkey (1)
telematics (1)
Ansell (1)
NEM (1)
Penetration, Mobile Robots (1)
Diesel Gate (1)
macro cells (1)
Farid Dibachi (1)
MG (1)
Advanced Meter Infrastructure (1)
Drives (1)
Patient Centric Approaches (1)
Training (1)
multi channel marketing (1)
infrastructure market (1)
Process Equipment Manufacturers (1)
Advanced Persistent Threat (1)
Shared Services (1)
Transforming Healthcare (1)
Fleetboard Store (1)
banking (2)
Medical Imaging (1)
mobility drive (1)
Virtual Workplace (1)
Middle East (2)
Africa (9)
Network Security (1)
Jim Burns (1)
Concept by US Corporation (1)
content protection (1)
Suzuki (1)
GDPR (1)
Telehealth Platform (1)
SPS IPC Drives 2016 (1)
automotive world (1)
southeast asia (2)
industry 4.0 (1)
Innovation (1)
5 (1)
Analytical Instruments (1)
Gulf Cooperation Council (1)
Customer Care (1)
India Biotech Industry (1)
Primary Care (1)
powertrain development (1)
Bariatric Equipment (1)
Applications (2)
VoLTE (4)
industrial manufacturing in future (1)
Patient Identifier (1)
DMS (1)
Frugal Innovations (1)
cloud computing (1)
The Key (1)
Worth of Opportunities for Electronic (1)
Acquisitions (1)
ICT (1)
Managing Director (1)
Long Term Care (1)
Carbon Footprint (1)
sentient tools (1)
unisyn (1)
Trump’s Impact (1)
Cinemas (1)
Environmental Concerns (1)
Government accelerator (1)
5G (2)
2D Barcodes (1)
Medical Device Industry (2)
Diamonds (1)
fibre investments (1)
NHS (1)
Surgeons and Patients (1)
Scooter (1)
Valuable Information (1)
Emerging Markets (1)
Pre-Election (1)
2D Optical (1)
Fleet Management Systems (1)
OEM (2)
steel industry (1)
Services 2.0 (1)
river management (1)
remote patient monitoring (1)
luxury goods tax (1)
Mechanical infrastructure (1)
City Administrators (1)
Radio Access Networks (1)
economy (2)
towards transformational growth (1)
virtual Keys (1)
Test Data Management (1)
videoconferencing (1)
OTT (1)
Trucking Solutions (1)
Yamaha (1)
Material Testing Market (1)
Medical Imaging Informatics (1)
Complex Numerical Control Systems (1)
Independent Aftermarket (IAM) (1)
Live Streaming (1)
intelligence algorithms (2)
EHR (1)
Telemedicine (1)
femtech (1)
Real Time Location Solution (1)
Regulations (1)
Biometric (1)
Shale Gas (1)
Infrastructure (1)
Sensor technology (2)
Smart Home (1)
Industrial Robots (1)
Health Systems (1)
Movers & Shakers Interview with Vinod Kumar (1)
Biometrics (2)
Shield (1)
Servato (1)
High Penetration Potential (1)
Samsung (1)
automatic transmissions (1)
Manufacturing (5)
Global Economic Instability (1)
advanced transmission technologies (ATT) (1)
MIMO (1)
biometric authentication (1)
Issue Based (1)
Driving Emissions (1)
Ambitious (1)
electric mobility (1)
Demonetization (1)
efficiency (1)
legacy technologies (1)
Sleepless Nation (1)
Innovations (1)
Display Technology (1)
dual voltage power net (1)
Analytical Instrumentation Market (1)
biometric modality (1)
RAN (1)
Smart Utility Network (1)
digital transformation (3)
Autonomous Mobility (1)
Healthcare Bill (1)
Remote Functionalities (1)
japan (1)
Voice over LTE (1)
African Economic Growth (1)
American Society of Nuclear Cardiology (1)
Thoughts, Feedback (1)
Stifling Innovation (1)
bit stream based watermark (1)
Virtualization (1)
Zero Emission Mobility (1)
United States (1)
Recycling (1)
Process Near-Infrared (1)
System Maintenance (1)
Modulation Bandwidth (1)
Affordable Care Act (1)
Test and Measurement (1)
Pentair’s Valves (1)
Renault-Nissan Alliance (1)
Monitoring (1)
Calibration (2)
UHF Passive RFID (1)
Industrial Measurement Industry (2)
US Presidential (1)
Uber (1)
Life Sciences (1)
LTC (1)
Opportunities (3)
Independent Aftermarket (IAM) Relationship (2)
advanced wound care market (1)
Mining Hub (1)
KSB (1)
3D Printing (2)
Narendra Modi Government (1)
Singapore (2)
LED PMA Policy (1)
Stem Cell Therapy (1)
Voice over Long Term Evolution (1)
Fuel Market Growth (1)
Enviornmental Consulting Services (1)
technology market (2)
video telematics (1)
Sensor Applications (1)
Bud Vos (1)
Autonomous Device Networks (1)
OEMs (1)
North America (1)
water supply sector (1)
healthcare delivery (1)
fuel cells (1)
Dubai Trading Industry (1)
Tenergy Corp. (1)
Key Global Developments (1)
Infrastructure Development (1)
European Union (1)
Food Industry (1)
Application Security Testing (1)
Teledyne (1)
Long-Range Electric Vehicles (1)
Open Energy (1)
Precognize (1)
Telemental Health (1)
Britain (1)
SVC9B0C (1)
Asia Pacific (2)
Virtual Event (1)
Biomedical Adhesives (1)
Industry Transformation (1)
telecommunications (1)
Fortinet Inc. (1)
Braydon (1)
Equipment Industry (1)
Cybersecurity Complexities (1)
Market (1)
Oil Price Decline (1)
Peruvian Automotive Market (1)
Mike Grunow (1)
Emirate (1)
Testing Market (1)
Public Transportation (1)
Healthcare Digitization (1)
Strategic Imperative (1)
Digital Manufacturing (1)
Sensor Innovation (1)
Digital Health Portals (1)
Cloud-based Encoding (1)
Data Centers (1)
Guide (1)
Process Industries (1)
Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) (1)
Centric Smart (1)
Donald Trump (4)
T&M Market (2)
Johann Jungwirth (1)
European economic (1)
CAD (1)
Polymerase chain reaction (1)
SaaS (1)
Digital Pathology Services (1)
South Africa (3)
Metrology Equipment Market (1)
Gigabit Ethernet Technologies (1)
Off the Grid Generation (1)
water technologies (1)
medtronic (1)
Watermarking Solutions (1)
Gas Market (1)
Product Innovation (1)
Industrial software (1)
T&M Industry (1)
Medical Devices (1)
Water (1)
EU (1)
dairy (1)
Transforming Manufacturing (1)
chips (1)
Mobile Technologies (1)
Ultra Wide Band (2)
Smart User (1)
pins (1)
European Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Devices (1)
Biopharmaceuticals (1)
wind energy market (1)
Aftermarket (1)
RSNA (2)
Oil (2)
Partnership (1)
Smart Urban Infrastructure (1)
electricity (1)
GTL (1)
food safety (1)
Global Microscopes Market (1)
Autonomous Vehicles (1)
Bond Depts (1)
Appliances (1)
global microgrids (1)
Water Market (1)
Data (1)
Good and Services Tax (1)
Carlos Ghosn (1)
GbE (1)
Radio frequency identification (3)
tap water (1)
Race (1)
Associated Emerging Opportunities (1)
Weetabix (1)
Puerto Rico (1)
dedicated short range communications (1)
America (1)
strategic partnerships (1)
Order Right (1)
Disrupting Shift (1)
mHealth (1)
Voice Over WIFI (1)
India’s Demonetization (1)
Ottawa (1)
incentives coupled (1)
upstream oil production (1)
bottled water (1)
Across Industries (1)
South America (1)
Commoditization (1)
industrial sector (1)
tax (1)
Fraudulent Transactions (1)
China (1)
Analytics (1)
IIot (13)
Metrology Market (1)
Cybercrime (1)
Car Salesmen (1)
Kenya’s Electricity Generation (1)
IT-enabled care (1)
CT Scan (1)
2017 (1)
Environment (1)
Analytics Promise (1)
National Health Service (NHS) (1)
infrastructure attract (1)
Process Control (1)
Japanese OEM (1)
Military (1)
Innovating Healthcare (1)
Radiology Society of North America (1)
GDP (1)
Digital Platform (1)
AT&T Analyst Summit (1)
Artificial Lifts (1)
Point-of-Care Solutions (1)
Election (1)
instrumentation market (1)
Potential (1)
Franck Leveque (1)
New Applications (1)
Real-Time Analysis (1)
Conventional Energy Sources (1)
Australian Power Sector (1)
carbon emission reduction (1)
Diesel Engine Filters (1)
Oil Market (1)
vpp (1)
Sumit Nagpal (1)
Health Service (1)
Apollo tyres (1)
Factories (1)
Transform (1)
JLM Energy (1)
Service-based Business Models (1)
television (1)
CDN (1)
American Healthcare Act (1)
Obesity (1)
Non-Core Processes (1)
Measurement & Instrumentation (1)
indonesia (3)
Medical Tourism (1)
HTTP Streaming (1)
Natural Resources (1)
sustainable transportation summit (1)
AT&T (1)
Industrial IoT (3)
Connected Pumps and Pumping Solutions in Water (1)
Future (2)
Indian economy (3)
test equipment market (1)
Coal Power (1)
Trumpcare (1)
Global Semiconductor (1)
Highlighting Electric (1)
IT vendors (1)
Anti-piracy (1)
Brexit (3)
Trends Affecting (1)
Active Aerodynamics Systems (1)
Boosts Market (1)
Customer Base Expansion (1)
energy (5)
Evolving Business Models (1)
Key Medical Imaging (1)
Telogis (1)
Monetary Policy (1)
Legacy, (1)
Southeast (1)
Future Growth (1)
Global Implications (1)
Business Email compromise (1)
Finance (1)
Defense (1)
Mass Spectrometers (1)
Algal Wastewater Treatment (1)
Real-time Locating Solution (1)
Life Science Instrumentation Market (1)
Digital Oilfields (1)
Sustainable Manufacturing (1)
Public Sector Grou (1)
Initiatives (1)
Applications, (2)
UK-EU Separation Process (1)
Futuristic (1)
Testing as a Service (TaaS) (1)
Building Industries (1)
Digital (1)
IT Purchasing (1)
MENA (1)
Digitalization (3)
water risk (1)
Education (1)
Wast Management (1)
Natural and Synthetic (1)
Automotive Dealer (1)
heavy oil (1)
ABM (1)
Measurement and control show 2015 (1)
Qualcomm (1)
enterprise (1)
Video Telemedicine (1)
HVAC (1)
crude oil (1)
APT (1)
Packaged Water (1)
women's health (1)
wind turbines (1)
Automotive OEM (1)
PAM-4 (1)
Adoption of Biometrics (1)
infant nutrition (1)
MCM (1)
Elevators (1)
Automotive Aftermarket (1)
Industrial cloud market (1)
data exchange alliance (1)
Modularity (2)
Truck (1)
Measurement Equipment (1)
Nondestructive Testing Industry (1)
Gas Trends (1)
Water Meter Market (2)
Industrial Measurement Process (1)
Technology (1)
Financial Transactions (1)
Waste Management (1)
integrated hospitals (1)
National Health Services (1)
smart building technology (1)
Towers Market (1)
Water Treatment (1)
Traditional Business Models (1)
Next Generation Squencing (1)
VoWIFI (3)
Biotech Pharmaceuticals (1)
Goat Milk Powder (1)
Indian Foreign Trade Regulator (1)
PLC (1)
Oil and Gas Industry (1)
Global Iris Recognition Market (1)
Near-Infrared Spectrometer (1)
UHF (1)
Social Innovation (1)
Hybrid TV (1)
client side watermark (1)
river restoration (1)
Improved Security (1)
Industrial Application (1)
Instrumentation Drive Growth (1)
Honda (1)
Electrification (ACE) (1)
specialty chemicals industry (1)
Nepal (1)
BEC (1)
Manufacturing Excellence (1)
pumps market (3)
Analyzers Market (1)
Healthcare (14)
RTLS (2)
Whole Foods Market (1)
Hype versus Substance (1)
Industrie 4.0 (1)
E-Retailing (1)
Attune Technologies (1)
Electronics OEMs (1)
New Zealand (1)
Test & Measurement Services (1)
LTE-U (1)
brazil (1)
fiber inspection probes (1)
Disposable Plastics (1)
water crises (1)
Tata Communications (1)
Real Winner (2)
smart phone (1)
Explosion Leads (1)
investment (1)
intelligent tools (1)
Palm Oil PCL (1)
Connected Health (1)
Dr. Frank J. Rybicki (1)
Energy Management (1)
Movers & Shakers (12)
SU (1)
Powin Energy (1)
digital channels (1)
fingerprint sensors (1)
Greener China (1)
Holistic Traffic Management (1)
Informatics (1)
Prosthetics (1)
global economic dynamics (1)
Rental and Leasing Services (1)
Strategy (1)
Philippines (1)
US Healthcare (2)
Digital Health (4)
European Water Utility Services (1)
low oil price (1)
MGMA (1)
USA (1)
FMs (1)
Smart Technologies (1)
Account Based Marketing (1)
Bankruptcy Protection (1)
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In the Spotlight: e-Pharmacy in India An Exponential Growth Opportunity

e-Pharmacies are online platforms where consumers can purchase medicines without having to visit brick-and-mortar pharmacies. These platforms have improved the convenience of consumers and resulted in a rising demand for the model across the world. In add…
e-Pharmacies are online platforms where consumers can purchase medicines without having to visit brick-and-mortar pharmacies. These platforms have improved the convenience of…

Understanding of and Attitudes Towards Tobacco Harm Reduction Products

Tobacco smoking is the single most important preventable cause of ill health and death in Australia,1 and smoking cessation is the only intervention with the potential to reduce tobacco-related morbidity and mortality in the short and medium term.
Insights from the Australian Public and Healthcare Professionals Tobacco smoking is the single most important preventable cause of ill health and death in Australia,1 and…

Healthcare Market Updates

In a scenario where there is increasing focus on technology to promote women’s health, Fitbit has revealed its upcoming female health monitoring app for its Ionic and Versa wearables to specifically track fertility and menstrual cycles; to be launched by …
Click the image to download the full article

Disrupting Technologies in Infectious Disease Point-of-Care Testing

The management of infectious diseases remains a critical challenge for public health professionals who face increasing demand to control the spread of existing and novel diseases. To provide appropriate healthcare assistance, it is imperative to diagnose …
The management of infectious diseases remains a critical challenge for public health professionals who face increasing demand to control the spread of existing and novel diseases.…

Conventional Medical Imaging Modalities Facing Disruption

Ever since Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen discovered the X-rays in 1895, medical imaging has played an increasingly important role in clinical diagnostics helping clinicians screen, diagnose and monitor various health conditions. Beginning from a humble X-ray sys…
Ever since Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen discovered the X-rays in 1895, medical imaging has played an increasingly important role in clinical diagnostics helping clinicians screen,…

Future of Digital Pathology – Is Productization of Digital Pathology Services Way Forward?

Digital pathology as a concept and a technology has been in the market for more than a decade now; yet, still most vendors in this space are found struggling to get a strong customer buy-in. Although the evolution of whole slide scanners, workflow managem…
Digital pathology as a concept and a technology has been in the market for more than a decade now; yet, still most vendors in this space are found struggling to get a strong…

Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing

The global pharmaceutical industry is witnessing a surge in CEO confidence from US tax reforms, turbulent equity markets, and the strengthening global economy.
The power of data and market trends impacting pharmaceutical manufacturing and R&D facilities Introduction The global pharmaceutical industry is witnessing a surge in CEO…

Next-generation Sequencing: Growth, Applications, and the Way Forward

As a part of market insights published in 2016 and 2017, Frost & Sullivan forecast the US and European Next-generation Sequencing (NGS) services markets, that is, solutions for the genomic sequencing and allied activities, to reach $1.2 BN by 2021, wherea…
As a part of market insights published in 2016 and 2017, Frost & Sullivan forecast the US and European Next-generation Sequencing (NGS) services markets, that is, solutions for…

Impact of EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on Healthcare Data Management in a Value-based Care Paradigm

European healthcare systems are moving toward a value-based care model that requires healthcare providers use a process-based approach to ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment.
European healthcare systems are moving toward a value-based care model that requires healthcare providers use a process-based approach to ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment.…

The Cross-border E-commerce (Haitao) Opportunity in China

China is now the world’s largest online shopping market. Driven by rising levels of personal wealth and high Internet connectivity, Chinese consumers are on track to spend over US$1 trillion online in 2018. A notable trend is the strong preference of many…
Understanding the Chinese consumer and strategies for international retailers to succeed in China’s booming online shopping market. ABOUT THIS RESEARCH REPORT China is now the…

ECR 2018: Microwave Imaging, a New Modality Crossing into the Commercial Field

When it comes to non-invasively imaging the human body’s internal organs and tissues, we use all kinds of waves and radiations at our disposal. We use X-rays in radiographic or computed tomography (CT) imaging, acoustic waves in ultrasound imaging, magnet…
Electromagnetic Microwaves Bring Much-Needed new Weaponry to the Arsenal of Breast and Stroke Imaging by Nadim Michel Daher, Industry Principal Medical Imaging and Informatics,…

Medical Device Interoperability Solutions to Address Intensivist Crisis in Critical Care

The high-acuity care environment is dynamically changing globally, especially with regard to operating rooms, intensive care units, and their workforce. The growing shortfall of intensive care workforce is challenging the ability of hospitals to care for …
Overcoming the Shortfall of Intensive Care Workforce through Systematic Implementation of Centralized Patient Monitoring and Virtual ICU Solutions Growing Complexity in the…

What Next after EHR Implementation?

For the last few years, healthcare providers globally had been focusing on implementing Electronic Medical/Health Record (EMR/EHR) systems and fine-tuning workflow and functionalities to best suit end-user needs. In many countries, the implementation of E…
Medical Device Interoperability is Picking up Pace Globally For the last few years, healthcare providers globally had been focusing on implementing Electronic Medical/Health…

Transforming Healthcare Through Excellence in Patient Experience

The digital revolution has radically altered the playbook for customer experience and relationship management. The concept references the ubiquitous online connectivity that envelops almost every aspect of modern life, including banking, retail, travel, e…
New Digital Technologies to Educate and Engage Patients By Nancy Fabozzi INTRODUCTION The digital revolution has radically altered the playbook for customer experience…

Role of Blockchain in Precision Medicine

As care for lifestyle-driven chronic diseases expands in scope, prevention and recovery are becoming the new focus areas, apart from diagnosis and treatment. Medical experts agree that most chronic health conditions are largely preventable by employing su…
As care for lifestyle-driven chronic diseases expands in scope, prevention and recovery are becoming the new focus areas, apart from diagnosis and treatment. Medical experts agree…

Role of IOT and Wearables in Healthcare

One of the biggest transformational shifts in healthcare is the rise of the Internet of Medical Things (IOMT). This entails any ecosystem of connected medical technologies supporting targeted health and wellbeing services.
One of the biggest transformational shifts in healthcare is the rise of the Internet of Medical Things (IOMT). This entails any ecosystem of connected medical technologies…

Femtech—Time for a Digital Revolution in the Women’s Health Market

With 50% of the global population as target customers and a market potential of $50 billion by 2025, Femtech is hailed as the next big phenomenon in the women’s health market and the time has come for clinical diagnostics
With 50% of the global population as target customers and a market potential of $50 billion by 2025, Femtech is hailed as the next big phenomenon in the women’s health market and…

Will Technology in Healthcare Make the Rich Healthier and the Poor Sicker?

Does this scenario sound familiar? That could be because this is the plot of the 2011 movie ‘In Time’, starring Justin Timberlake. It portrays a dystopian world where the rich can become immortal by purchasing time, but the poor struggle to live—literally…
The Have-nots, the Haves, and the Have-mores in Healthcare Imagine…It is the future. People have been genetically engineered to stop aging after turning 25. But time is the…


Reenita Das (Partner and Senior Vice President of Transformational Health) points out the key highlights one can expect in the future of healthcare. The effect of a digital revolution on the healthcare industry, key technologies enabling healthcare, top 5…
Reenita Das (Partner and Senior Vice President of Transformational Health) points out the key highlights one can expect in the future of healthcare. The effect of a digital…

Frost & Sullivan’s 10 Healthcare Predictions for 2018

At the start of every year, Frost & Sullivan’s Transformational Health team brainstorms top predictions for the healthcare space. Despite on-going political uncertainties and rising cost pressures, the global healthcare industry will register a stable gro…
At the start of every year, Frost & Sullivan’s Transformational Health team brainstorms top predictions for the healthcare space. Despite on-going political uncertainties and…

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