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Indian telecom (1)
FTTH (2)
Customer Base Expansion (1)
South America (1)
Daimler (1)
Alexa (1)
Outsourcing Business (1)
Telcos (1)
Predictive Computing (1)
ICT (1)
Surface Mount Technology (1)
Primary Care (1)
Industrial Application (1)
Government accelerator (1)
Condition Monitoring Market (1)
Philippines (1)
Trump’s Impact (1)
Shared Services (1)
AMI Infrastructure (1)
nondestructive testing (2)
test equipment market (1)
advanced transmission technologies (ATT) (1)
Logistics (2)
Emirate (1)
ROBO 3D (1)
UHF (1)
dedicated short range communications (1)
global microgrids (1)
Bond Depts (1)
Measurement and control show 2015 (1)
Electrification (ACE) (1)
Shield (1)
Indian Foreign Trade Regulator (1)
Powin Energy (1)
financial markets (1)
Baggage Handling (1)
Industrial software (1)
economy (2)
sustainable transportation summit (1)
Global Iris Recognition Market (1)
China (1)
Analytical Instrumentation Market (1)
Whole Foods Market (1)
CNC Sytems (1)
EPS (1)
ambulatory EHR (1)
Virtual Workplace (1)
Autonomous Device Networks (1)
Global (2)
Innovating Healthcare (1)
Hitachi's Approach (1)
Puerto Rico (1)
Manufacturing (5)
intelligence algorithms (2)
Nepal (1)
voice over Wi-Fi (1)
Women Customers (1)
infrastructure market (1)
Affordable Care Act (1)
PAM-4 (1)
Control technology (1)
Next Generation Squencing (1)
Gigabit Ethernet Technologies (1)
Potential Implementation (1)
Retail (1)
Digital Oilfields (1)
Conventional Energy Sources (1)
Mobility Services (1)
integrated hospitals (1)
Mechanical infrastructure (1)
Public Sector Grou (1)
Nondestructive Testing Industry (1)
Changing Global Dynamics (1)
biometric modality (1)
SaaS (1)
Automotives (1)
Quality of Service (1)
Sensors (4)
Digital (1)
Surgeons and Patients (1)
Oil (2)
APT (1)
Emerging Technology (1)
Chilean Economy (1)
Broadcast Industry (1)
Zero Emission Mobility (1)
Metrology Market (1)
Car Modules (1)
global economic dynamics (1)
internet of things (9)
Wi-Fi (1)
Hybrid ORs (1)
Connected Vehicle Innovations (1)
Uber (1)
Plastic Bottles (1)
Point-of-Care Solutions (1)
cost recovery (1)
Real-Time Location Solution (1)
Johann Jungwirth (1)
Real-time Locating Solution (1)
Finance (1)
North America (1)
New Zealand (1)
facilities management services market (1)
Consumer Engagement (1)
Economic Development (1)
Edible Water (1)
low testosterone (1)
Healthcare Expenditure (1)
Futuristic (1)
Donald Trump (4)
2D Optical (1)
NHS (1)
Wast Management (1)
infant nutrition (1)
Diesel Gate (1)
Off the Grid Generation (1)
Navistar International Corporation (1)
medtronic (1)
DMS (1)
ACA Repeal (1)
Edgeware (1)
Changing Business Models (1)
Biological Drugs (1)
Complex Numerical Control Systems (1)
Debit Cards (1)
Manifest level watermark (1)
Mining Hub (1)
Independent Aftermarket (IAM) Relationship (2)
Market Dynamics (1)
Biopharmaceuticals (1)
Connected TV viewing (1)
RTLS (2)
GST (1)
Commoditization (1)
Grid Hardening (1)
European Water Utility Services (1)
Digital Manufacturing (1)
Driving Emissions (1)
dairy (1)
Innovations (1)
Water (1)
Asset-Tracking (1)
Process Near-Infrared (1)
Sensor technology (2)
Asia (1)
Analysis (1)
robotics (3)
mHealth Services (1)
Smart Urban Infrastructure (1)
Intel (1)
Automotive Dealer (1)
US Manufacturing (1)
south korea (1)
ADAS/L2 Automated Driving Features (1)
Cloud-based Encoding (1)
renewable microgrid (1)
southeast asia (2)
Watermarking Solutions (1)
client side watermark (1)
Patient Centric Approaches (1)
Jay Hansen (1)
Prosthetics (1)
Service-based Business Models (1)
Industrial IoT (3)
trucking industry (2)
Coronary Artery Disease (1)
One Belt Road (1)
Penetration, Mobile Robots (1)
Resistive RAM (1)
Qualcomm (1)
content protection (1)
Cinemas (1)
Additives Business (1)
mobility drive (1)
Process Industries (1)
pins (1)
DPG (1)
Emerging Technologies (2)
dual voltage power net (1)
Test & Measurement (1)
Vinod Kumar (1)
passenger vehicle market (1)
industrial manufacturing in future (1)
Digitized World (1)
Healthcare Digitization (1)
Near-Infrared Spectrometer (1)
European Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Devices (1)
Sumit Nagpal (1)
EU (1)
Rakesh Agrawal (1)
Emerging Markets (1)
Malaysia (2)
Transit Market (1)
Order Right (1)
Philips (1)
aerial inspection (1)
Life Sciences (1)
Digital Health Portals (1)
food safety (1)
public-private-partnership (1)
energy (5)
lytx (1)
Price Slump (1)
Future (2)
NAIC (1)
passwords (1)
Smart Homes (2)
LED PMA Policy (1)
Advanced Meter Infrastructure (1)
australia (2)
platform-centric business model (1)
Fleet Management Systems (1)
CAD (1)
Opportunities (3)
Technology (1)
Long-Range Electric Vehicles (1)
Sumantra (1)
2D Barcodes (1)
Growing ecosystem (1)
NGS (1)
Transform (1)
Servato (1)
instrumentation market (1)
Active Aerodynamics Systems (1)
Trellis (1)
4G LTE Mobile (1)
Commercial Vehicles (CV) (1)
OEMs (1)
Polymerase chain reaction (1)
JLM Energy (1)
investment (1)
On-grid distributed development (1)
Modularity (2)
Cyber Crime (1)
Biometric (1)
Manufacturing Excellence (1)
telematics (1)
Amazon (1)
Automated Driving Technologies (1)
Tires (1)
Trumpcare (1)
CT Scan (1)
Franck Leveque (1)
Digitising Freight (1)
Transforming Manufacturing (1)
United States (1)
Security (2)
National Health Services (1)
UK-EU Separation Process (1)
Transformational Shifts (1)
Water Market (1)
Motorcycle (1)
Virtual Crash Testing (1)
bottled water (1)
Carbon Footprint (1)
Clinical Trials (1)
VoWIFI (3)
Sensor Applications (1)
Towercos (1)
LTC (1)
Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) (1)
Oil Prices (2)
Jim Burns (1)
fluid power (1)
Farid Dibachi (1)
Fiber Characterization (1)
Commercial Vehicles Market (1)
Measurement Instrumentation (1)
upstream oil production (1)
Disrupting Shift (1)
British Petroleum (1)
Data (1)
Biometrics (2)
sentient tools (1)
Fuel Market Growth (1)
vpp (1)
chips (1)
Valuable Information (1)
Signal Analyzers Market (1)
automotive market (2)
Connected Health (1)
single-cell genomics (1)
EVs (1)
Trucking Solutions (1)
Test and Measurement (1)
Industrial Internet of Things (3)
Growth Opportunities (2)
Market (1)
SPS IPC Drives 2016 (1)
turkey (1)
ANZ (1)
Escalators Industry (1)
2030 (1)
Stem Cell Therapy (1)
Test & Measurement Equipment Industry (1)
MCM (1)
Telecommunications Industry (1)
NEM (1)
Medical Devices (1)
SIs (1)
Delta Products Corp. (1)
Generator (1)
Cyber Security (4)
Smart User (1)
Australian Power Sector (1)
Nigeria (1)
PCR (1)
Saudi Arabia (1)
Detroit (1)
water risk (1)
Clean Water (1)
hypogonadism (1)
Autonomous (1)
Natural and Synthetic (1)
Infrared Based Solar (1)
Piracy (1)
india (10)
Display Technology (1)
Non-Core Processes (1)
brazil (1)
Asia Pacific (2)
American Healthcare Act (1)
Healthcare IT Market (1)
Emerson (1)
Shaping Digitalization (1)
Global Economic Instability (1)
GbE (1)
macro cells (1)
5 (1)
Digital technology (1)
Fortinet Inc. (1)
Frugal Innovations (1)
Transformation (2)
wind energy market (1)
H-ORs (1)
Smart Utility Network (1)
Wireless Networks (1)
Repair Services (2)
AT&T Analyst Summit (1)
Autonomous Vehicles (1)
Election (1)
Sarwant Singh (1)
Citizen (1)
Anne-Fleur Andrle (1)
Gas (1)
heavy oil (1)
Acquisitions (1)
On Making Our Cities Smart (1)
Yamaha (1)
Informatics (1)
HTTP Streaming (1)
Export Growth (1)
Bankruptcy Protection (1)
Manufacturer’s Succes (1)
Southeast (1)
Ansell (1)
Pentair’s Valves (1)
biopharmaceauticals (1)
Outsourcing (1)
Calibration (2)
Suzuki (1)
Big Data (3)
Cybersecurity Complexities (1)
UK (2)
Phillipines (1)
Centrifugal Pumps (1)
CES 2017 (2)
bandwidth frequency (1)
The Trans-Pacific (1)
Vehicle Electrification (1)
Military (1)
sweeteners (1)
Sensor (1)
Building Industries (1)
Towers Market (1)
Singapore (2)
Microwave Test (1)
multi channel marketing (1)
Hot Spot (1)
power generation industry (1)
RFID Market (1)
Economic Growth (1)
fingerprint sensors (1)
Raghuram Rajan (1)
Automotive Industry (5)
Dubai Tourism Industry (1)
New Applications (1)
Evolving Business Models (1)
Gas Trends (1)
Ultra Wide Band (2)
AT&T (1)
Water Treatment (1)
Aviation Policy (1)
Real Time Location Solution (1)
Renewables (1)
Braydon (1)
personally configured workspace (1)
T&M Industry (1)
Network Quipment Manufacturers (1)
Laboratory Inspection (1)
Shale Gas (1)
Automotive Aftermarket (1)
Infrastructure Development (1)
Fab (1)
Inline Inspection (1)
Long Term Care (1)
apac (3)
IT-enabled care (1)
boston scientific approach (1)
Weathering Sluggish (2)
United Kingdom (2)
IT in APAC (1)
Trucking (1)
CO2 Emissions (1)
Volkswagon (1)
AEC (1)
ppp (1)
Volkswagen (2)
Environmental Concerns (1)
Virtualization (1)
Controls Division (1)
Memory Market (1)
Trade Promotion (1)
After-Market Costs (1)
Marc Guren (1)
MDT (1)
AMI (1)
T & M Industry (1)
Autonomous, Connectivit (1)
Automation (1)
fiber inspection probes (1)
Apollo tyres (1)
thyssenkrupp Steel (1)
Honda (1)
femtech (1)
Way Forward (1)
Global Clinical Trials (1)
Attune Technologies (1)
colombian economy (1)
Demonetization (1)
Content Owner (1)
Gulf Corporation Council (2)
Algae (1)
Key Global Developments (1)
Japanese OEM (1)
Benjamin Mull (1)
Wireless Technology (1)
Medical Imaging Informatics (1)
Malaysian Aviation (1)
Industrial Measurement Process (1)
UWB (2)
single use pumps (1)
co2 emission (1)
Partnership (1)
Digitalization (3)
care delivery (1)
automatic transmissions (1)
Lifeline (1)
Enviornmental Consulting Services (1)
Oil Market (1)
CDN (1)
Truck (1)
Biotech Pharmaceuticals (1)
Convenience (1)
48 v (1)
European Union (1)
EHR (1)
SUV Sales (1)
Hybrid TV (1)
2016 (1)
Diesel Engine Filters (1)
Consumer Electronics (1)
GDPR (1)
low oil price (1)
Product Innovation (1)
pro-rural agenda (1)
digital watermark (1)
GCC (2)
Portable Analytical Instruments (1)
Automotive OEM (1)
SVC9B0C (1)
Dimensional Metrology Market (1)
Medical Tourism (1)
automotive world (1)
Telehealth (1)
Mexico (1)
FMs (1)
Service-Sector (1)
Smart Home (1)
Silk Road (1)
Tata Steel Europe (1)
biometric authentication (1)
electric mobility (1)
smart phone (1)
CT Equipment (1)
tax (1)
Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (1)
Smart Grid Market (1)
Cashless Society (1)
Hype versus Substance (1)
Remittance Growth (1)
Mass Spectrometers (1)
steel industry (1)
Digital Health (4)
OTDR (1)
Tenergy Corp. (1)
Future Growth (1)
Food Industry (1)
Original Equipment Manufacturers (1)
Auto Insurance (1)
Natural Resources (1)
enterprise (1)
Recycling (1)
digital marketing strategy (1)
Pre-Election (1)
ViZn (1)
Algal Wastewater Treatment (1)
growth (2)
Gulf Cooperation Council (1)
Net metering (1)
Health Care (1)
Packaged Water (1)
Instrumentation Drive Growth (1)
Process Control (1)
Cybercrime (1)
Material Testing Market (1)
Pulse Amplitude Modulation (1)
Industrial Robots (1)
Evolution (1)
industry convergence (1)
Analyzers Market (1)
infrastructure attract (1)
fuel cells (1)
Digital Platform (1)
radiology (1)
Water Meter Market (2)
water supply sector (1)
crude oil (1)
インドにおける (1)
Telemental Health (1)
Aftermarket (1)
technology market (2)
High Penetration Potential (1)
Tele-ICU (1)
Legacy, (1)
Patient Engagement (2)
America (1)
VoLTE (4)
CAGR (2)
Autonomous Machines (1)
Global Environment (1)
disruptive technologies (2)
Dubai Trading Industry (1)
Germany (1)
Disposable Plastics (1)
Preferred Destination (1)
Industrie 4.0 (1)
mHealth (1)
African Economic Growth (1)
Blockchain (2)
Top Technologies (1)
Napier Healthcare (1)
therapy (1)
department of energy (1)
TeleStroke (1)
carbon emission reduction (1)
Radio Access Networks (1)
DERs (1)
Monetizing Stranded Gas (1)
industry 4.0 (1)
industrial sector (1)
Sensor Innovation (1)
MG (1)
Carlos Ghosn (1)
Movers & Shakers (12)
virtual power plants (1)
HetNets (1)
Energy Management (1)
法人向け自動車リース市場 (1)
E-Retailing (1)
Moore's Law (1)
Defense (1)
test and measurement industry (1)
fiber optic test equipment (1)
river restoration (1)
Bariatric Equipment (1)
video telematics (1)
US Presidential (1)
small cell deployment (1)
Radiology Society of North America (1)
Preventive Health (1)
Paris Agreement (2)
bit stream based watermark (1)
powertrain development (1)
Gas Market (1)
IT Purchasing (1)
Virgil Beaston (1)
Minimal (1)
2017 (1)
Test & Measurement Services (1)
Globalization (1)
Business Email compromise (1)
Europe Elections (1)
Renault-Nissan Alliance (1)
Kenya’s Electricity Generation (1)
Driver Behavior (1)
Mobile Technologies (1)
Asia-Pacific (4)
Testing as a Service (TaaS) (1)
raw materials (1)
Virtual Event (1)
Trumponomics (1)
National Health Service (NHS) (1)
Mozambique (1)
Simple Matters (1)
US Healthcare (2)
System Maintenance (1)
Radio frequency identification (3)
mobile devices (1)
Better Fuel Economy (1)
Goat Milk Powder (1)
Education (1)
Issue Based (1)
Digital Pathology Services (1)
Transforming Healthcare (1)
Oncology Drug Delivery Market (1)
telecommunications (1)
Coal Power (1)
Testing Market (1)
Services 2.0 (1)
The Sleeping Tiger (1)
Post Holdings Inc. (1)
Toyota (1)
Digital Pathology (1)
Precognize (1)
Smart Water (1)
Biomedical Adhesives (1)
South by Soutwest (1)
Tata Communications (1)
RAN (1)
fingerprint biometrics (1)
Operating Rooms (1)
Applications, (2)
Real-Time Analysis (1)
Transformative Technologies (1)
Driver Monitoring Systems (1)
Voice over LTE (1)
Microscopes (1)
Powering Smart Cities (1)
XXL Equipment (1)
Concept by US Corporation (1)
television (1)
Peru Government (1)
remote patient monitoring (1)
Analytics (1)
Artificial Lifts (1)
Sustainable Manufacturing (1)
Healthcare Bill (1)
SU (1)
Autonomous Mobility (1)
MENA (1)
Wireless Test Equipment (1)
Highlighting Electric (1)
Digital Utility (1)
The Key (1)
specialty chemicals industry (1)
Key Medical Imaging (1)
smart building technology (1)
Monetary Policy (1)
Bud Vos (1)
Patient Identifier (1)
Roadmap (1)
OLED Market (1)
demand response, distribution grid management (DGM) (1)
Emission Regulation Violation (1)
legacy technologies (1)
Healthcare Experience (2)
Electronic Health Records (1)
Debate (1)
health data protection (1)
India’s Demonetization (1)
banking (2)
Enbala (1)
river management (1)
Oil and Gas Industry (1)
Sleepless Nation (1)
Environment (1)
fibre investments (1)
Chris Mangum (1)
neutraceuticals (1)
Way Out (1)
Holistic Traffic Management (1)
Remote Functionalities (1)
Sara Kissing (1)
water crises (1)
Artificial Intelligence (1)
Global Microscopes Market (1)
Fraudulent Transactions (1)
Regulations (1)
biofuel feedstock (1)
Voice over Long Term Evolution (1)
Teledyne (1)
tap water (1)
IoT (12)
West versus East (1)
Analytical Instrumentation (1)
intelligent mobility 2015 (1)
DSRC (1)
ReRAM (1)
Ottawa (1)
IoT system integrator (1)
Podcast (1)
Appliances (1)
filter industry (1)
electronic test & measurment ecosystem (1)
videoconferencing (1)
Telemedicine (1)
Telogis (1)
Fleetboard Store (1)
Facility Managers (2)
India Biotech Industry (1)
Donald J Trump’s (1)
UHF Passive RFID (1)
T&M Market (2)
Telehealth Platform (1)
Race (1)
OEM (2)
Biosensors Transforms (1)
Smart Technologies (1)
Spectrometer (1)
Rajesh Maurya (1)
Autonomous Vehicle Penetration (1)
Growing Water Footprint (1)
Equipment Industry (1)
Global Implications (1)
Obesity (1)
virtual Keys (1)
OTT (1)
Value Truck (1)
Facilities Management (1)
Analytical Instruments (1)
women's health (1)
Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS (1)
Across Industries (1)
Global Semiconductor (1)
Applications (2)
2017 North American International Auto Show (1)
Human-machine-interface devices (1)
Demand Response Ready (1)
Increasing Safety Concerns (1)
Water Pollution (1)
Trends and Innovations (1)
Training (1)
electricity (1)
Digital Supply Chain (1)
transformational healthcare (1)
data exchange alliance (1)
Video Telemedicine (1)
Middle East (2)
Thoughts, Feedback (1)
Business-friendly environment (1)
integration (1)
Global Industrial Robotics Market (1)
Worth of Opportunities for Electronic (1)
Pollutants (1)
Vehicle Sharing (1)
towards transformational growth (1)
Indian Foreign Trade (1)
Scooter (1)
Health Service (1)
vehicle sales (1)
NDT (1)
Health Systems (1)
Palm Oil PCL (1)
Graham Smith (1)
Real Winner (2)
Voice Over WIFI (1)
Life Science Instrumentation Market (1)
South Africa (3)
Semiconductor Manufacturer (2)
Imaging (1)
eHealth (1)
GDP (1)
Industrial Measurement Industry (2)
Fintech (1)
fiber optic (1)
Industrial Robotics (1)
powertrain (2)
City Administrators (1)
Boosts Market (1)
Strategic Imperative (1)
Hospital Sterilisation (1)
Edge Computing (1)
Global Corrosion (1)
Financial Transactions (1)
Test Data Management (1)
ABM (1)
Greener China (1)
Brexit (3)
Liquid Resins (1)
Weetabix (1)
Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) (1)
Ford (1)
Stifling Innovation (1)
digital transformation (3)
Cybersecurity (1)
AI (2)
Live Streaming (1)
european healthcare (1)
Diamonds (1)
Signal Generators Market (1)
advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) (1)
incentives coupled (1)
emerging economies (2)
Pay TV (1)
KSB (1)
Analytics Promise (1)
consumer health (1)
wound healing (1)
energy-efficiant (1)
Metrology Equipment Market (1)
m2m (1)
digital channels (1)
Capital Expenditures (1)
Good and Services Tax (1)
Healthcare (14)
Account Based Marketing (1)
MIMO (1)
Trends Affecting (1)
smart cities (1)
Analytics Services (1)
Independent Aftermarket (IAM) (1)
QoS (1)
Innovation (1)
Wireless (1)
Narendra Modi Government (1)
RSNA (2)
chemical compounds (1)
global coiled tubing market (1)
Narendra Modi Govt (1)
strategic partnerships (1)
Guide (1)
Application Security Testing (1)
Goals & Expectations (1)
Social Innovation (1)
LTE-U (1)
Improved Security (1)
Infotainment (1)
Monitoring (1)
Connected Pumps and Pumping Solutions in Water (1)
American Society of Nuclear Cardiology (1)
pumps market (3)
smart solutions (1)
Data Centers (1)
VoWi-Fi (2)
Chronological (1)
automotive (2)
Strengthening Healthcare (1)
Process Equipment Manufacturers (1)
European economic (1)
Measurement & Instrumentation (1)
luxury goods tax (1)
emission (1)
3D Printing (2)
eBay (1)
Ambitious (1)
globe (1)
efficiency (1)
Industry Transformation (1)
Smart Grid (1)
Potential (1)
Explosion Leads (1)
Power Industry (1)
Managing Director (1)
Health Wellness Monitoring (1)
SXSW (1)
Sydney (1)
Measurement Equipment (1)
Climate Change (1)
5G (2)
Membrane Filtration Technology (1)
advanced wound care market (1)
DAQ (1)
LeCroy's Need (1)
Britain (1)
japan (1)
Cylinder Deactivation (1)
Waste Management (1)
Intelligence (1)
Industrial cloud market (1)
Factories (1)
Medical Device Industry (2)
Multi-Vendor Services (1)
BEC (1)
automation control solutions (1)
Car Salesmen (1)
Security Identification (1)
Workplace (1)
RFID (5)
additives (1)
Centric Smart (1)
cloud computing (1)
Adoption of Biometrics (1)
Siemens 2016 (1)
MEMS Sensors (1)
intelligent tools (1)
Advanced Persistent Threat (1)
natural gas (3)
Oil Price Decline (1)
Strategy (1)
Vulnerability Management (1)
Drives (1)
Traditional Business Models (1)
USA (1)
t&m (1)
MGMA (1)
Electronics OEMs (1)
IIot (13)
Infrastructure (1)
Associated Emerging Opportunities (1)
Malaysia Survey (1)
diagnostic innovations (1)
Medical Imaging (1)
Movers & Shakers Interview with Vinod Kumar (1)
IT vendors (1)
unisyn (1)
Dr. Frank J. Rybicki (1)
vehicle manufacturers (1)
HVAC (1)
Network Security (1)
Mike Grunow (1)
healthcare delivery (1)
Newell Rubbermaid (1)
Bitumen (1)
Rental and Leasing Services (1)
Open Energy (1)
GTL (1)
Mergers (1)
Modulation Bandwidth (1)
Broadpeak (1)
water technologies (1)
Public Transportation (1)
Customer Care (1)
guaranteed tax holidays (1)
Bus's (1)
indonesia (3)
Samsung (1)
Peruvian Automotive Market (1)
wind turbines (1)
Radiological Society of North America (1)
Micro-LED (1)
Initiatives (1)
PLC (1)
Radio Frequency (1)
Africa (9)
Indian economy (3)
Gas Detectors Market (1)
African Automotive Industry (1)
Anti-piracy (1)
Elevators (1)
renewable energy (1)
CDN edge (1)
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Frost & Sullivan's Oil & Gas Innovation Council to Reveal the Future of Drilling Systems

Frost & Sullivan’s Oil & Gas Innovation Council invites those who believe oil & gas drilling is ripe for digital transformation to participate in a discussion on the future of drilling systems at our inaugural Hot Topic Breakfast, Thursday, June 14, 2018,…
Join a panel of energy experts for  a complimentary Hot Topic Breakfast spotlighting innovations and companies that will lead the pack over the next 10 years  FOR IMMEDIATE…

Decentralized R&D Programs for Emerging Markets to Drive Volume Sales for MNCs

Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, Healthcare Innovations in Emerging Economies, finds that medtech markets are among the most competitive in the world and are dominated by large multinational companies (MNCs) offering a wide range of products and soluti…
Wearable technologies and analytics create new growth opportunities and give a huge boost to the adoption of medtech in Asia-Pacific, finds Frost & Sullivan Santa Clara, Calif. –…

BrainCool Commended by Frost & Sullivan for the North American Launch of its IQool™ System, a Next-Generation Patient Cooling Medical Device

Based on its recent analysis of the North American controlled patient-targeted temperature management market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes BrainCool AB (publ) with the 2018 North American New Product Innovation Award for its flagship product, the IQool™ Sy…
BrainCool Commended by Frost & Sullivan for the North American Launch of its IQool™ System, a Next-Generation Patient Cooling Medical Device  IQool™ System advances targeted…

Global Workforce Transformation in the Era of Industry 4.0

The concept of automation and digitization of everything is now a reality. With the rapid adoption of digital technologies, organizations are transforming not only their structures, but also their workforce capabilities.
The concept of automation and digitization of everything is now a reality. With the rapid adoption of digital technologies, organizations are transforming not only their…

The Rise of Digital Enterprise: Growth Strategies for Healthcare Companies

Life Science Companies are Innovation WarriorsGlobal Transformational Health TeamDigital Transformation is powering growth opportunities in Smart R&D, Patient Engagement, and Healthcare eCommerce. The explosion of patient centricity and technological adva…
Life Science Companies are Innovation Warriors Digital Transformation is powering growth opportunities in Smart R&D, Patient Engagement, and Healthcare eCommerce. The explosion…

Top 2018 Emerging Market Countries for Investment Opportunities

Data-driven Approach Monitors the Macroeconomic Prospects of Emerging MarketsEmerging Market InnovationThe past two decades have been characterized by tectonic shifts in the global economic and business environment, with emerging markets increasingly tak…
Data-driven Approach Monitors the Macroeconomic Prospects of Emerging Markets The past two decades have been characterized by tectonic shifts in the global economic and business…

Edge Computing: A Disruptive Technology for Industrial Manufacturing

Information technology is changing the world of manufacturing by digitizing fundamentally every aspect of modern manufacturing processes. Digital manufacturing and smart manufacturing are very common terms these days.
Information technology is changing the world of manufacturing by digitizing fundamentally every aspect of modern manufacturing processes. Digital manufacturing and smart…

Frost & Sullivan identifiziert fünf Bereiche für HF-Prüftechnik, die bis 2023 mehr als 30 Milliarden US-Dollar an neuen Umsätzen generieren werden

Eine Studie von Frost & Sullivan mit dem Titel Radio Frequency (RF) Test and Measurement (T&M) Market, Forecast to 2023 zeigt, dass die große Nachfrage aus der Autobranche für vernetzte Fahrzeuge, Fortschritte bei den Standards für drahtlose Kommunikation…
Vernetzte Fahrzeuge und 5G-Technologie lassen Nachfrage steigen Frankfurt am Main, 30. Mai 2018 – Eine Studie von Frost & Sullivan mit dem Titel Radio Frequency (RF) Test and…

Industrial Internet of Things- A vision for industrial manufacturing in future

Manufacturing across the globe has transformed massively over the past decade and is constantly changing at every phase. With innovations sparking consumer demand, global manufacturers have enormous opportunities in terms of solutions and services by evol…
Manufacturing across the globe has transformed massively over the past decade and is constantly changing at every phase. With innovations sparking consumer demand, global…

Connected Trucks Ecosystem to Evolve Beyond Mainstream Technologies and Embrace Non-Traditional Telematics Participants

The subdued tenor of the global connected truck telematics market in 2017 is merely a prelude to a more buoyant environment in 2018, forecasts Frost & Sullivan in its recently published “Global Connected Truck Telematics Outlook, 2018” study. The entry of…
The subdued tenor of the global connected truck telematics market in 2017 is merely a prelude to a more buoyant environment in 2018, forecasts Frost & Sullivan in its recently…

XM Cyber's APT Simulation and Remediation Platform Earns Frost & Sullivan's Technology Innovation Award

Based on its recent analysis of the Europe market for advanced persistent threat (APT) simulation and remediation platform, Frost & Sullivan recognises XM Cyber with the 2018 Europe Technology Innovation Award for its best-in-class automated platform, HaX…
XM Cyber's APT Simulation and Remediation Platform Earns Frost & Sullivan's Technology Innovation Award XM Cyber’s automated platform, HaXM, empowers organisations to monitor…

Intensifying Need for Electric Grid Transformation Fuels Growth Opportunities

Forecast for Key Electric Grid-related InvestmentsGlobal Energy & Environment TeamRegulatory guidelines and budgetary constraints have long shaped grid investments. The primary focus is to ensure that the electric grid is available at all times and is re…
Forecast for Key Electric Grid-related Investments Regulatory guidelines and budgetary constraints have long shaped grid investments. The primary focus is to ensure that the…

US Defense Military Satellite Sector Fueled by Heightened Funding against Escalating Cyber Warfare

The US defense satellite market is experiencing tremendous expansion with intensive cyber warfare driving US Department of Defense (DoD) spend toward hardening its satellite infrastructure through program funding, modernization strategies, and innovative …
Modernization strategies along with counter and offensive space initiatives create significant growth opportunities that could take the market past $30 billion by 2023, finds Frost…

Movers & Shakers Interview with Matthew Barnett (MB), Business Development Director with Highview Power

Matthew joined Highview in 2012 from GE Energy, where he worked as Business Development Manager, focusing on the commercialization and market development of its novel Waste Heat to Power (WH2P) technology in both Europe and the United States.
Matthew joined Highview in 2012 from GE Energy, where he worked as Business Development Manager, focusing on the commercialization and market development of its novel Waste…

Segment der adoptiven T-Zelltherapien erreicht bis 2022 3,9 Milliarden US-Dollar Umsatz im Markt für Immunonkologie

Eine neue Analyse von Frost & Sullivan mit dem Titel Immuno-oncology Therapeutics Market—Adoptive T-cell Therapies, Forecast to 2022 hat ergeben, dass dieser Markt voraussichtlich bis 2022 Umsätze in Höhe von 3,9 Milliarden US-Dollar generieren wird. Vie…
CAR-T-Therapien eröffnen Wachstumschancen für neue Krebstherapien Frankfurt am Main, 29. Mai 2018 – Eine neue Analyse von Frost & Sullivan mit dem Titel Immuno-oncology…

Moderne Technologien, Digitalisierung und sich verändernde Verbrauchernachfrage befeuern den Fintech-Sektor

Moderne Technologien, Digitalisierung und sich verändernde Verbrauchernachfrage sind der Ausschlag dafür, dass führende Finanzunternehmen einen kundenzentrierten Ansatz verfolgen. Viele Unternehmen haben deshalb bereits innovative Produkte, Dienstleistung…
Banken und Finanzunternehmen lancieren neue innovative Dienstleistungen, um Kundenbedürfnissen zu entsprechen, stellt Frost & Sullivan fest Frankfurt am Main, 29 Mai 2018 —…

Nachfrage nach Industrieautomation und IIoT befeuert Wachstum im weltweiten Markt für Pneumatikventile und Antriebe

Die aktuelle Frost & Sullivan Studie zu Pneumatikventilen und Antriebselementen hat herausgefunden, dass die Adaption des Industrial Internet of Things, (IIoT) voraussichtlich enorm ansteigen wird. Gründe hierfür sind steigende Energiekosten und der Beda…
Steigende Investitionen in Asien-Pazifik und die Verbreitung von intelligenten Lösungen erhöht Wachstumschancen  Frankfurt am Main, 29. Mai 2018 – Die aktuelle Frost & Sullivan…

Industrial IoT Start-ups: Changing the Face of Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 is changing the way manufacturers design and manufacture their products. Digitization is a business priority for every organization today, making the Industrial Internet of Things ubiquitous in the context of industry.
Industry 4.0 is changing the way manufacturers design and manufacture their products. Digitization is a business priority for every organization today, making the Industrial…

프로스트 앤 설리번, 지속 가능성과 정부 이니셔티브에 힘입어 바이오 화학 및 소재 산업 가치가 2024년 259억 달러에 달할 것으로 전망

프로스트 앤 설리번 한국 지사가 최근 발표한 ‘유럽과 북미 바이오 화학 및 소재 산업의 성장기회(Growth Opportunities for Bio-based Chemicals and Materials in Europe and North America)’ 보고서에 따르면, 정부 이니셔티브와 환경 친화 제품 개발을 위한 시장 기업들의 적극적인 노력, 그리고 환경 친화적이고 안전한 제품에 대한 소비자들의 높은 선호도에 힘입어 유럽과 북미지역의 바이오 화학 …
완벽한 밸류체인과 성공적인 성장에 파트너쉽 및 인수 합병이 주요 과제가 될 것으로 보여 2018년 5월 28일, 대한민국 — 프로스트 앤 설리번 한국 지사가 최근 발표한 ‘유럽과 북미 바이오 화학 및 소재 산업의 성장기회(Growth Opportunities for Bio-based Chemicals and…

프로스트 앤 설리번, 텔레매틱스, e-커머스, 3D 프린팅이 글로벌 자동차 애프터마켓의 성장 기회를 이끌어

OEM사들이 모든 애프터 서비스를 단일 디지털 플랫폼으로 통합시키려 하는 것과 더불어 텔레매틱스와 e-커머스, 3D 프린팅이 OEM 애프터 채널 발전에 핵심 기반을 형성할 것이다. 일부 선진 시장에서는 애프터마켓 시장의 침체가 예상되지만, 프로스트 앤 설리번은 2018년 글로벌 자동차 애프터마켓 수요가 4.4% 늘어날 것으로 예측했다. 고객 접근성 개선과 B2B 네트워크 및 제품, 서비스 포트폴리오 확대로 최적화를 가능케 하고, 잠재적 데이터 수익 창출…
모빌리티 관리 플랫폼 통합과 데이터 수익 창출이 미래 성공에 핵심 2018년 5월 28일, 대한민국 – OEM사들이 모든 애프터 서비스를 단일 디지털 플랫폼으로 통합시키려 하는 것과 더불어 텔레매틱스와 e-커머스, 3D 프린팅이 OEM 애프터 채널 발전에 핵심 기반을 형성할 것이다. 일부 선진 시장에서는 애프터마켓…

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