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personally configured workspace (1)
Analytics Services (1)
Conventional Energy Sources (1)
Analysis (1)
Opportunities (3)
Real-Time Analysis (1)
Virtual Crash Testing (1)
Power Industry (1)
AMI (1)
Analytical Instrumentation Market (1)
advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) (1)
Healthcare IT Market (1)
Emerging Markets (1)
Value Truck (1)
MGMA (1)
Public Transportation (1)
FMs (1)
System Maintenance (1)
Race (1)
crude oil (1)
transformational healthcare (1)
Business-friendly environment (1)
Sensors (4)
Industrie 4.0 (1)
Diesel Engine Filters (1)
smart cities (1)
Demonetization (1)
Debate (1)
Highlighting Electric (1)
Testing as a Service (TaaS) (1)
Digital Health Portals (1)
Renewables (1)
efficiency (1)
Digital technology (1)
Servato (1)
ROBO 3D (1)
GCC (2)
Remote Functionalities (1)
LED PMA Policy (1)
mobile devices (1)
Car Salesmen (1)
Cloud-based Encoding (1)
Medical Imaging Informatics (1)
Facility Managers (2)
Biomedical Adhesives (1)
Advanced Meter Infrastructure (1)
Mobile Technologies (1)
Pollutants (1)
Human-machine-interface devices (1)
Global Iris Recognition Market (1)
Smart Homes (2)
Trends Affecting (1)
Centrifugal Pumps (1)
Algal Wastewater Treatment (1)
European economic (1)
passwords (1)
GDP (1)
Malaysian Aviation (1)
Global Microscopes Market (1)
intelligence algorithms (2)
Commercial Vehicles (CV) (1)
Aftermarket (1)
Future Growth (1)
South Africa (3)
Artificial Lifts (1)
Hot Spot (1)
strategic partnerships (1)
Gulf Corporation Council (2)
Oil and Gas Industry (1)
Johann Jungwirth (1)
Generator (1)
intelligent mobility 2015 (1)
Automotive Aftermarket (1)
LTE-U (1)
Transformation (2)
Complex Numerical Control Systems (1)
Vehicle Electrification (1)
globe (1)
colombian economy (1)
Pentair’s Valves (1)
Test & Measurement Equipment Industry (1)
Cybersecurity (1)
Asset-Tracking (1)
Auto Insurance (1)
Digital Oilfields (1)
public-private-partnership (1)
Autonomous Vehicle Penetration (1)
Automotive Industry (5)
AMI Infrastructure (1)
Signal Generators Market (1)
Precognize (1)
Piracy (1)
economy (2)
Escalators Industry (1)
Healthcare Digitization (1)
Daimler (1)
Enbala (1)
Potential Implementation (1)
Connected Vehicle Innovations (1)
Growing ecosystem (1)
Palm Oil PCL (1)
OTDR (1)
China (1)
Fintech (1)
Resistive RAM (1)
Fiber Characterization (1)
UHF Passive RFID (1)
3D Printing (2)
Data (1)
Marc Guren (1)
Calibration (2)
wind turbines (1)
Qualcomm (1)
Surgeons and Patients (1)
Saudi Arabia (1)
Real-Time Location Solution (1)
Radio Access Networks (1)
IoT system integrator (1)
Service-based Business Models (1)
test and measurement industry (1)
Fortinet Inc. (1)
Potential (1)
Electronic Health Records (1)
Moore's Law (1)
Regulations (1)
CAGR (2)
Quality of Service (1)
Natural Resources (1)
Attune Technologies (1)
DPG (1)
IT in APAC (1)
Trumponomics (1)
ANZ (1)
Non-Core Processes (1)
American Healthcare Act (1)
Edge Computing (1)
America (1)
Intel (1)
Mining Hub (1)
women's health (1)
Affordable Care Act (1)
Bariatric Equipment (1)
Manifest level watermark (1)
Key Medical Imaging (1)
Recycling (1)
2D Barcodes (1)
Gulf Cooperation Council (1)
aerial inspection (1)
Real-time Locating Solution (1)
Detroit (1)
lytx (1)
Bud Vos (1)
Transform (1)
Convenience (1)
CT Scan (1)
Smart Water (1)
automation control solutions (1)
Simple Matters (1)
Rakesh Agrawal (1)
NAIC (1)
USA (1)
remote patient monitoring (1)
Additives Business (1)
European Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Devices (1)
Narendra Modi Government (1)
Operating Rooms (1)
4G LTE Mobile (1)
Sumit Nagpal (1)
Middle East (2)
power generation industry (1)
Gigabit Ethernet Technologies (1)
National Health Service (NHS) (1)
Monetizing Stranded Gas (1)
Education (1)
india (10)
NDT (1)
Mobility Services (1)
Dubai Tourism Industry (1)
fiber inspection probes (1)
Movers & Shakers (12)
Commoditization (1)
Mike Grunow (1)
Semiconductor Manufacturer (2)
US Healthcare (2)
Wireless (1)
co2 emission (1)
Siemens 2016 (1)
Health Wellness Monitoring (1)
thyssenkrupp Steel (1)
Health Systems (1)
steel industry (1)
Newell Rubbermaid (1)
turkey (1)
fingerprint sensors (1)
emission (1)
Smart Grid Market (1)
Better Fuel Economy (1)
QoS (1)
fuel cells (1)
Paris Agreement (2)
Process Industries (1)
Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) (1)
United States (1)
t&m (1)
T & M Industry (1)
T&M Industry (1)
Medical Device Industry (2)
Appliances (1)
RTLS (2)
television (1)
South by Soutwest (1)
Volkswagen (2)
Test and Measurement (1)
Southeast (1)
Packaged Water (1)
IoT (12)
Multi-Vendor Services (1)
Trucking Solutions (1)
Retail (1)
Telehealth (1)
Associated Emerging Opportunities (1)
technology market (2)
Phillipines (1)
Application Security Testing (1)
Women Customers (1)
Dimensional Metrology Market (1)
Workplace (1)
powertrain development (1)
industrial manufacturing in future (1)
cost recovery (1)
test equipment market (1)
Biotech Pharmaceuticals (1)
DSRC (1)
Ottawa (1)
Driving Emissions (1)
industry 4.0 (1)
Commercial Vehicles Market (1)
Anne-Fleur Andrle (1)
Environment (1)
Water Pollution (1)
bandwidth frequency (1)
Medical Tourism (1)
Surface Mount Technology (1)
Analyzers Market (1)
Repair Services (2)
Informatics (1)
Intelligence (1)
After-Market Costs (1)
Condition Monitoring Market (1)
boston scientific approach (1)
Finance (1)
Big Data (3)
Europe Elections (1)
Explosion Leads (1)
Asia (1)
British Petroleum (1)
On-grid distributed development (1)
Tenergy Corp. (1)
NEM (1)
Smart Urban Infrastructure (1)
Grid Hardening (1)
disruptive technologies (2)
fibre investments (1)
OEMs (1)
Digitalization (3)
Virgil Beaston (1)
Sydney (1)
chips (1)
Digital Platform (1)
Nigeria (1)
Digital Pathology (1)
Digital Manufacturing (1)
telecommunications (1)
Sensor (1)
Jay Hansen (1)
water supply sector (1)
client side watermark (1)
KSB (1)
tax (1)
Mass Spectrometers (1)
Wast Management (1)
Vehicle Sharing (1)
Preferred Destination (1)
Managing Director (1)
Process Equipment Manufacturers (1)
Instrumentation Drive Growth (1)
intelligent tools (1)
India Biotech Industry (1)
Chronological (1)
Autonomous, Connectivit (1)
Virtualization (1)
Oil Prices (2)
Indian telecom (1)
The Sleeping Tiger (1)
Franck Leveque (1)
Smart Technologies (1)
Infrastructure Development (1)
Blockchain (2)
Financial Transactions (1)
Towercos (1)
Strengthening Healthcare (1)
Hospital Sterilisation (1)
Measurement Instrumentation (1)
Malaysia (2)
Towers Market (1)
Industrial IoT (3)
river management (1)
GTL (1)
Frugal Innovations (1)
Growth Opportunities (2)
Industrial software (1)
emerging economies (2)
Real Winner (2)
upstream oil production (1)
City Administrators (1)
south korea (1)
Testing Market (1)
telematics (1)
Radio Frequency (1)
Laboratory Inspection (1)
Economic Development (1)
Issue Based (1)
Global Corrosion (1)
Defense (1)
instrumentation market (1)
Ultra Wide Band (2)
Top Technologies (1)
renewable microgrid (1)
Autonomous Vehicles (1)
DERs (1)
Automotive OEM (1)
Health Service (1)
Fraudulent Transactions (1)
Automated Driving Technologies (1)
advanced wound care market (1)
Infotainment (1)
Ambitious (1)
Consumer Engagement (1)
wind energy market (1)
HTTP Streaming (1)
Coal Power (1)
Measurement & Instrumentation (1)
bottled water (1)
Election (1)
SXSW (1)
Infrared Based Solar (1)
US Manufacturing (1)
Healthcare Expenditure (1)
wound healing (1)
Digital Pathology Services (1)
Account Based Marketing (1)
Near-Infrared Spectrometer (1)
fiber optic (1)
Car Modules (1)
African Automotive Industry (1)
EPS (1)
Emerson (1)
VoWIFI (3)
Digitising Freight (1)
Order Right (1)
Chris Mangum (1)
Indian Foreign Trade (1)
Climate Change (1)
content protection (1)
UWB (2)
IIot (13)
Elevators (1)
Kenya’s Electricity Generation (1)
Connected TV viewing (1)
Oil Market (1)
Emirate (1)
Hitachi's Approach (1)
Service-Sector (1)
Across Industries (1)
Outsourcing Business (1)
Telemedicine (1)
Transit Market (1)
DMS (1)
Global (2)
Traditional Business Models (1)
specialty chemicals industry (1)
incentives coupled (1)
Bankruptcy Protection (1)
Centric Smart (1)
Facilities Management (1)
Weathering Sluggish (2)
EU (1)
Aviation Policy (1)
Manufacturing (5)
Stifling Innovation (1)
Emerging Technologies (2)
Growing Water Footprint (1)
Volkswagon (1)
RFID Market (1)
Transformational Shifts (1)
Telehealth Platform (1)
Export Growth (1)
Movers & Shakers Interview with Vinod Kumar (1)
Toyota (1)
heavy oil (1)
Customer Base Expansion (1)
biometric modality (1)
Active Aerodynamics Systems (1)
Indian Foreign Trade Regulator (1)
Carbon Footprint (1)
FTTH (2)
GST (1)
Podcast (1)
Independent Aftermarket (IAM) (1)
infrastructure market (1)
dual voltage power net (1)
Next Generation Squencing (1)
therapy (1)
Donald Trump (4)
Services 2.0 (1)
Independent Aftermarket (IAM) Relationship (2)
Water (1)
sustainable transportation summit (1)
LeCroy's Need (1)
Sleepless Nation (1)
Industrial Measurement Industry (2)
industrial sector (1)
Building Industries (1)
GbE (1)
Network Security (1)
Security Identification (1)
Holistic Traffic Management (1)
Polymerase chain reaction (1)
UK (2)
Navistar International Corporation (1)
5G (2)
legacy technologies (1)
Vinod Kumar (1)
Shared Services (1)
digital transformation (3)
neutraceuticals (1)
femtech (1)
Teledyne (1)
Mexico (1)
food safety (1)
Digital Supply Chain (1)
Electrification (ACE) (1)
Bitumen (1)
Transforming Manufacturing (1)
virtual Keys (1)
Mergers (1)
Graham Smith (1)
Innovations (1)
Japanese OEM (1)
Health Care (1)
Amazon (1)
Industry Transformation (1)
Measurement Equipment (1)
Peruvian Automotive Market (1)
Control technology (1)
Powin Energy (1)
Patient Centric Approaches (1)
Oncology Drug Delivery Market (1)
CT Equipment (1)
Coronary Artery Disease (1)
Preventive Health (1)
chemical compounds (1)
SUV Sales (1)
Minimal (1)
Monetary Policy (1)
Algae (1)
pumps market (3)
Smart Home (1)
investment (1)
Automotive Dealer (1)
Environmental Concerns (1)
growth (2)
Whole Foods Market (1)
Trellis (1)
Life Sciences (1)
Anti-piracy (1)
Raghuram Rajan (1)
mobility drive (1)
XXL Equipment (1)
Hybrid ORs (1)
Factories (1)
Process Near-Infrared (1)
single use pumps (1)
LTC (1)
2D Optical (1)
ADAS/L2 Automated Driving Features (1)
healthcare delivery (1)
small cell deployment (1)
Changing Business Models (1)
Electronics OEMs (1)
Tires (1)
Partnership (1)
High Penetration Potential (1)
Cybercrime (1)
Analytical Instrumentation (1)
Fuel Market Growth (1)
AT&T (1)
mHealth Services (1)
Industrial CT Systems (1)
australia (2)
additives (1)
Apollo tyres (1)
GDPR (1)
Healthcare Experience (2)
Watermarking Solutions (1)
Good and Services Tax (1)
Capital Expenditures (1)
Braydon (1)
Innovating Healthcare (1)
Baggage Handling (1)
Gas Market (1)
Remittance Growth (1)
EVs (1)
5 (1)
Trucking (1)
MG (1)
Controls Division (1)
SIs (1)
energy (5)
raw materials (1)
Global Semiconductor (1)
Market (1)
Africa (9)
global economic dynamics (1)
ppp (1)
Vulnerability Management (1)
JLM Energy (1)
Display Technology (1)
ABM (1)
Demand Response Ready (1)
Way Forward (1)
PCR (1)
Open Energy (1)
Emerging Technology (1)
The Trans-Pacific (1)
OEM (2)
Healthcare Bill (1)
Edgeware (1)
Telcos (1)
Industrial Robots (1)
Brexit (3)
Liquid Resins (1)
European Water Utility Services (1)
MIMO (1)
automotive (2)
electronic test & measurment ecosystem (1)
natural gas (3)
Telecommunications Industry (1)
Greener China (1)
Government accelerator (1)
energy-efficiant (1)
digital marketing strategy (1)
Outsourcing (1)
Asia-Pacific (4)
integration (1)
Boosts Market (1)
Wireless Networks (1)
Biological Drugs (1)
New Applications (1)
Edible Water (1)
global coiled tubing market (1)
digital channels (1)
Radio frequency identification (3)
automotive world (1)
Broadcast Industry (1)
european healthcare (1)
South America (1)
Mechanical infrastructure (1)
Diesel Gate (1)
industry convergence (1)
SPS IPC Drives 2016 (1)
RSNA (2)
Biopharmaceuticals (1)
MCM (1)
IT-enabled care (1)
Portable Analytical Instruments (1)
Bus's (1)
Connected Health (1)
banking (2)
Predictive Computing (1)
voice over Wi-Fi (1)
pro-rural agenda (1)
care delivery (1)
indonesia (3)
Australian Power Sector (1)
Citizen (1)
Global Implications (1)
HVAC (1)
ICT (1)
medtronic (1)
smart phone (1)
Market Dynamics (1)
Autonomous Machines (1)
Micro-LED (1)
Analytics (1)
Shield (1)
videoconferencing (1)
Digital (1)
IT vendors (1)
Strategy (1)
Live Streaming (1)
water crises (1)
towards transformational growth (1)
CES 2017 (2)
eBay (1)
European Union (1)
Ansell (1)
Medical Imaging (1)
robotics (3)
Artificial Intelligence (1)
Sarwant Singh (1)
Memory Market (1)
powertrain (2)
Microwave Test (1)
Prosthetics (1)
diagnostic innovations (1)
Voice over LTE (1)
Obesity (1)
Microscopes (1)
japan (1)
MEMS Sensors (1)
2017 North American International Auto Show (1)
demand response, distribution grid management (DGM) (1)
NHS (1)
Britain (1)
CNC Sytems (1)
Indian economy (3)
Delta Products Corp. (1)
Stem Cell Therapy (1)
Initiatives (1)
Business Email compromise (1)
Post Holdings Inc. (1)
multi channel marketing (1)
Fleetboard Store (1)
Strategic Imperative (1)
Inline Inspection (1)
Gas Trends (1)
Industrial cloud market (1)
data exchange alliance (1)
Autonomous Device Networks (1)
fingerprint biometrics (1)
fluid power (1)
AT&T Analyst Summit (1)
SaaS (1)
PAM-4 (1)
Philippines (1)
Digital Utility (1)
Network Quipment Manufacturers (1)
Telogis (1)
Clinical Trials (1)
passenger vehicle market (1)
Improved Security (1)
Waste Management (1)
EHR (1)
Test & Measurement (1)
Economic Growth (1)
Oil Price Decline (1)
Cylinder Deactivation (1)
Broadpeak (1)
Industrial Application (1)
AEC (1)
法人向け自動車リース市場 (1)
H-ORs (1)
Tata Steel Europe (1)
Plastic Bottles (1)
Samsung (1)
luxury goods tax (1)
Real Time Location Solution (1)
Industrial Robotics (1)
One Belt Road (1)
UHF (1)
Weetabix (1)
Trumpcare (1)
southeast asia (2)
Monitoring (1)
Concept by US Corporation (1)
automatic transmissions (1)
Globalization (1)
Driver Monitoring Systems (1)
Shale Gas (1)
Energy Management (1)
Jim Burns (1)
Smart Grid (1)
Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) (1)
Modulation Bandwidth (1)
Smart Utility Network (1)
Imaging (1)
CDN edge (1)
infant nutrition (1)
vpp (1)
sentient tools (1)
global microgrids (1)
Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS (1)
RAN (1)
Way Out (1)
Water Meter Market (2)
Cyber Security (4)
Evolution (1)
Roadmap (1)
Global Environment (1)
mHealth (1)
bit stream based watermark (1)
TeleStroke (1)
Modularity (2)
HetNets (1)
Donald J Trump’s (1)
Biosensors Transforms (1)
ACA Repeal (1)
Penetration, Mobile Robots (1)
Membrane Filtration Technology (1)
platform-centric business model (1)
Point-of-Care Solutions (1)
Applications, (2)
pins (1)
Virtual Workplace (1)
Net metering (1)
Primary Care (1)
West versus East (1)
Suzuki (1)
Futuristic (1)
Philips (1)
brazil (1)
Test & Measurement Services (1)
Military (1)
Pre-Election (1)
SU (1)
APT (1)
Goals & Expectations (1)
Trade Promotion (1)
Global Economic Instability (1)
renewable energy (1)
vehicle manufacturers (1)
Pay TV (1)
biometric authentication (1)
Gas Detectors Market (1)
single-cell genomics (1)
Analytical Instruments (1)
ViZn (1)
Shaping Digitalization (1)
Industrial Internet of Things (3)
Manufacturing Excellence (1)
Mozambique (1)
Metrology Equipment Market (1)
Metrology Market (1)
VoLTE (4)
Hybrid TV (1)
Global Industrial Robotics Market (1)
E-Retailing (1)
Cinemas (1)
Rental and Leasing Services (1)
apac (3)
Measurement and control show 2015 (1)
Dubai Trading Industry (1)
guaranteed tax holidays (1)
Innovation (1)
filter industry (1)
Medical Devices (1)
Hype versus Substance (1)
Key Global Developments (1)
internet of things (9)
Motorcycle (1)
Security (2)
Guide (1)
smart solutions (1)
PLC (1)
Trends and Innovations (1)
biopharmaceauticals (1)
Public Sector Grou (1)
RFID (5)
video telematics (1)
Sensor Innovation (1)
vehicle sales (1)
sweeteners (1)
Bond Depts (1)
Cybersecurity Complexities (1)
OLED Market (1)
Original Equipment Manufacturers (1)
Zero Emission Mobility (1)
Voice over Long Term Evolution (1)
Legacy, (1)
Gas (1)
VoWi-Fi (2)
carbon emission reduction (1)
Transforming Healthcare (1)
2017 (1)
Biometric (1)
Goat Milk Powder (1)
New Zealand (1)
MENA (1)
Video Telemedicine (1)
trucking industry (2)
Truck (1)
electric mobility (1)
virtual power plants (1)
Fab (1)
Telemental Health (1)
Farid Dibachi (1)
hypogonadism (1)
Yamaha (1)
US Presidential (1)
Rajesh Maurya (1)
Spectrometer (1)
Test Data Management (1)
Puerto Rico (1)
infrastructure attract (1)
Infrastructure (1)
On Making Our Cities Smart (1)
Singapore (2)
Ford (1)
Autonomous Mobility (1)
consumer health (1)
Benjamin Mull (1)
Training (1)
Smart User (1)
dedicated short range communications (1)
Trump’s Impact (1)
Water Treatment (1)
Silk Road (1)
Nondestructive Testing Industry (1)
automotive market (2)
Sensor Applications (1)
Technology (1)
Customer Care (1)
Material Testing Market (1)
Diamonds (1)
Process Control (1)
low testosterone (1)
low oil price (1)
advanced transmission technologies (ATT) (1)
Logistics (2)
smart building technology (1)
Global Clinical Trials (1)
nondestructive testing (2)
Voice Over WIFI (1)
SVC9B0C (1)
インドにおける (1)
Automation (1)
Data Centers (1)
Water Market (1)
African Economic Growth (1)
Analytics Promise (1)
National Health Services (1)
United Kingdom (2)
dairy (1)
Tata Communications (1)
department of energy (1)
2016 (1)
Long-Range Electric Vehicles (1)
Manufacturer’s Succes (1)
Advanced Persistent Threat (1)
Nepal (1)
Radiology Society of North America (1)
Price Slump (1)
radiology (1)
Sara Kissing (1)
Future (2)
Natural and Synthetic (1)
ReRAM (1)
Thoughts, Feedback (1)
Evolving Business Models (1)
NGS (1)
eHealth (1)
Wireless Technology (1)
CDN (1)
river restoration (1)
Germany (1)
CO2 Emissions (1)
Drives (1)
enterprise (1)
Napier Healthcare (1)
American Society of Nuclear Cardiology (1)
Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (1)
Clean Water (1)
Life Science Instrumentation Market (1)
Emission Regulation Violation (1)
T&M Market (2)
Industrial Measurement Process (1)
macro cells (1)
biofuel feedstock (1)
digital watermark (1)
Radiological Society of North America (1)
Cyber Crime (1)
Healthcare (14)
Off the Grid Generation (1)
Lifeline (1)
Patient Engagement (2)
Patient Identifier (1)
Increasing Safety Concerns (1)
Scooter (1)
Driver Behavior (1)
facilities management services market (1)
water risk (1)
Fleet Management Systems (1)
water technologies (1)
Uber (1)
Consumer Electronics (1)
Dr. Frank J. Rybicki (1)
Disrupting Shift (1)
Sumantra (1)
fiber optic test equipment (1)
Autonomous (1)
2030 (1)
Malaysia Survey (1)
Content Owner (1)
Disposable Plastics (1)
North America (1)
Debit Cards (1)
Signal Analyzers Market (1)
Peru Government (1)
Applications (2)
cloud computing (1)
m2m (1)
Enviornmental Consulting Services (1)
Sustainable Manufacturing (1)
MDT (1)
CAD (1)
Connected Pumps and Pumping Solutions in Water (1)
integrated hospitals (1)
Wi-Fi (1)
Biometrics (2)
Asia Pacific (2)
Valuable Information (1)
Honda (1)
Wireless Test Equipment (1)
Equipment Industry (1)
Narendra Modi Govt (1)
Acquisitions (1)
Cashless Society (1)
Digitized World (1)
Carlos Ghosn (1)
Social Innovation (1)
Chilean Economy (1)
Tele-ICU (1)
OTT (1)
Transformative Technologies (1)
India’s Demonetization (1)
Oil (2)
Renault-Nissan Alliance (1)
48 v (1)
tap water (1)
unisyn (1)
Virtual Event (1)
health data protection (1)
DAQ (1)
Powering Smart Cities (1)
Pulse Amplitude Modulation (1)
AI (2)
Alexa (1)
Automotives (1)
The Key (1)
IT Purchasing (1)
electricity (1)
Digital Health (4)
Adoption of Biometrics (1)
Worth of Opportunities for Electronic (1)
Long Term Care (1)
Product Innovation (1)
Changing Global Dynamics (1)
Food Industry (1)
ambulatory EHR (1)
financial markets (1)
UK-EU Separation Process (1)
BEC (1)
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Frost & Sullivan Consultants Release 6 Predictions that Will Shape the Global Energy Storage Sector in 2018

The energy storage market is being swept by a wave of disruptive technologies and business models with companies looking to capitalize on this lucrative sector. Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, Global Energy Storage Market Outlook, 2018, finds that the…
Integration of innovative business models and multiple revenue streams such as revenue stacking must be adopted  SANTA CLARA, Calif. – April 30, 2018 – The energy storage market…

Landscape and Opportunities in the UAE/GCC Boat Market

The recent oil price collapse was seen as a wake-up call for Gulf States, urging them to look beyond oil and to diversify their economies. GCC economies are moving towards non-oil sector development, which will account for more than 80% of GDP in UAE and …
The recent oil price collapse was seen as a wake-up call for Gulf States, urging them to look beyond oil and to diversify their economies. GCC economies are moving towards non-oil…

Durch die zunehmende Konvergenz von Frauen- und digitaler Gesundheit hat Femtech das Potenzial zur Revolutionierung des Marktes, lautet eine Prognose von Frost & Sullivan

Die aktuelle Frost & Sullivan Analyse mit dem Titel „Femtech: Digital Revolution in Women’s Health”, ergab, dass sich frauenspezifische Technologien, auch unter dem Schlagwort Femtech bekannt, an der Schwelle zu enormem Wachstum befinden. Angetrieben von …
Digitale Frauengesundheit und Anwendungen fürs Wohlbefinden lösen durch zugängliche, erschwingliche und leistungsorientierte Lösungen für Frauen eine Störung über das gesamte…

Movers and Shakers Interview with Larsh Johnson (LJ), Chief Technology Officer with Stem

As Chief Technology Officer, Larsh is leading hardware and software engineering to meet the needs of Stem's C&I, utility, and energy market customers. Prior to joining Stem, Larsh was Chief Technology Officer at Siemens Digital Grid, where he led technolo…
As Chief Technology Officer, Larsh is leading hardware and software engineering to meet the needs of Stem's C&I, utility, and energy market customers. Prior to joining Stem, Larsh…

Growth Opportunities for Connected Truck Telematics—Changing Dynamics in 2018

Breakthroughs in Digitization and the Impact of an Increasingly Crowded Ecosystem Global Intelligent Mobility TeamGlobally, OEMs must capitalize on the inclination toward complete digitization as this will have a significant impact on the evolution of the…
Breakthroughs in Digitization and the Impact of an Increasingly Crowded Ecosystem  Globally, OEMs must capitalize on the inclination toward complete digitization as this will…

Global User Demand for Cloud Web and Video Conferencing Services Leads Industry Growth

The global conferencing services market is expected to grow gradually and reach $11 billion by 2023, due to technology convergence and accelerated usage of conferencing via cloud web and video, mobility and rich analytics. While Latin America is expected…
Artificial intelligence will play a key role in creating growth opportunities and user-friendly interfaces with virtual assistants, finds Frost & Sullivan Santa Clara, Calif. –…

프로스트 앤 설리번, 산업 디지털화 이니셔티브가 2018 에너지 & 환경 시장 성장에 핵심이 될 것

지난 2017년 한 해는 장기적 변화의 바람이 부는 글로벌 에너지 & 환경 시장에 전환점이 되었다. 기술이 산업 전반을 계속 분열시키고 있고 전 세계적으로 불확실성이 확산되면서, 오늘날 기업들은 높은 운영 효율성과 리스크 완화, 생산 최적화, 비용 절감에 주로 초점을 맞추고 있다. 이러한 목표들을 달성하기 위해서는 디지털화 이니셔티브가 매우 중요하다. 에너지 & 환경 시장 참여 기업들은 청정 에너지 분야에 꾸준히 많은 투자를 하는 동시에 산업 밸류체인간…
탈보조금 시대에 산업 디지털화와 대체 에너지가 급부상할 것으로 전망  2018년 4월 27일, 대한민국 – 지난 2017년 한 해는 장기적 변화의 바람이 부는 글로벌 에너지 & 환경 시장에 전환점이 되었다. 기술이 산업 전반을 계속 분열시키고 있고 전 세계적으로 불확실성이 확산되면서, 오늘날 기업들은 높은 운영…

프로스트 앤 설리번, 데이터 수익창출과 인공지능, 음성인식이 자동차 산업 성장을 북돋을 것으로 전망

앞으로 인공지능(AI)과 음성인식, 데이터 수익창출, 온라인 자동차 판매, 사이버 보안이 자동차 산업을 빠르게 성장시킬 것이다. 프로스트 앤 설리번은 2018년 올 한해 전 세계 자동차 판매량이 9,860만 대에 이를 것으로 전망했다. 더불어 GPS 차량 추적과 운전자 안전, 맞춤형 또는 실시간 위치 기반 서비스와 같은 핵심 데이터 서비스 시장 성장에 힘입어 2025년 데이터 수익창출 부문 가치는 320억 달러에 달할 것으로 예측했다.
데이터 수익창출이 새로운 성장 기회의 문을 열면서, 자동차 판매량이 약 1억대에 달할 것으로 전망 2018년 4월 27일, 대한민국 – 앞으로 인공지능(AI)과 음성인식, 데이터 수익창출, 온라인 자동차 판매, 사이버 보안이 자동차 산업을 빠르게 성장시킬 것이다. 프로스트 앤 설리번은 2018년 올 한해 전 세계…

Amazon Knows it’s Not Just About the Last Mile, it’s Also About the “Last Metre”

In October 2017, Amazon introduced its new service “Amazon Key” which proposed the use of smart locks, biometrics and cloud-enabled access control to let couriers deliver packages to customers’ homes. Not just to their porches, but unlocking doors and lit…
Amazon’s “deliver anywhere” masterplan finds a new destination in cars London, 26th April 2018 -- In October 2017, Amazon introduced its new service “Amazon Key” which proposed…

Industrial Internet of Things Adoption and Digitization Ignite Centrifugal Pumps Industry

The North American centrifugal pumps market is witnessing a renaissance with the adoption of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), digitization, and next-gen prognosis offering significant growth opportunities and paving the way for smart pumps. The Indus…
Frost & Sullivan finds the rise of smart pumps and new IIoT business models are among trends creating growth opportunities SANTA CLARA, Calif. – April 26, 2018 –The North…

3D Printing in the Hydraulics Industry—More Than Just Shaving Weight

3D printing refers to the process of joining layers of material using computer control, to create a three-dimensional (3D) object. 3D printing is considered to be a subset of both rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing.
By Varun Raman, Research Analyst, Industrial Automation & Process Control 3D printing refers to the process of joining layers of material using computer control, to create a…

Lösungen für Patientensicherheit sollen bis zu 70 Prozent unerwünschte Ereignisse verhindern

Die aktuelle Frost & Sullivan Studie Patient Safety in Healthcare, Forecast to 2022 untersucht die 30 wichtigsten unerwünschten Ereignisse in Bezug auf die Sicherheit von Patienten, Pflegekräften und Gesundheitsorganisationen auf der Welt. Geballt ergaben…
Medikationssicherheit, Antibiotikaresistenz, Diagnosefehler, Dekubitus, Blutvergiftung etc. werden die vermeidbare Kostenbelastung in der Gesundheit auf 383,7 Milliarden US-Dollar…

Made in China 2025: Should the Global Hydraulics Industry Be Concerned?

While China has been the factory of the world for the last few decades, its competitive advantage in manufacturing has begun to decline over the last few years. Chinese labor costs, on average, were more than 60% higher in 2016 compared to 2011. The high …
While China has been the factory of the world for the last few decades, its competitive advantage in manufacturing has begun to decline over the last few years. Chinese labor…

Powder Coatings' Demand in Emerging Economies to Propel the Global Market toward $10 Billion by 2023

Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, Global Powder Coatings Market, Forecast to 2023, finds developing markets such as Asia-Pacific (APAC) and Rest-of-the-World (ROW), following the footsteps of developed markets, such as North America and Europe, are incr…
Advanced chemistries with attractive finishes expand application scope of powder coatings, finds Frost & Sullivan LONDON, UK – April 26, 2018 – Frost & Sullivan’s recent…

Sensors in Industry 4.0 Market Applications

Recently, Mercedes-Benz constructed a truck assembly line for Daimler Trucks, its successful commercial vehicles manufacturer, using the Industry 4.0 concepts of hyperconnectivity and digital technologies. The production lines consisted of a number of sen…
By Riti Newa, Research Associate-MIPC Recently, Mercedes-Benz constructed a truck assembly line for Daimler Trucks, its successful commercial vehicles manufacturer, using the…

Calibration and Repair Services Industry Sees Growth Due to Technology Advancements and New Regulations

According to Frost & Sullivan, revenues for the calibration and repair services market are expected to reach $3.98 billion by 2022, driven by adoption of metrology in the manufacturing process, proliferation of high-tech products, tightening of regulation…
Demand for reduced equipment downtime, damage, and consistency in results fuels rise in on-site and automated calibration and repair services, finds Frost & Sullivan  SANTA…

Frost & Sullivan: Colombian Telcos Capitalize on Pay-TV and Mobile Connectivity to Boost Revenues

The Colombian telecommunication services industry is undergoing rapid change due to increasing consumer dependence on wireless-enabled services. Frost & Sullivan’s latest analysis, Colombian Telecommunication Services Market, Forecast to 2022, expects the…
Non-traditional services such as big data and IoT will drive growth opportunities in the market BOGOTA, Colombia – April 25, 2018 – The Colombian telecommunication services…

LTE-Unlicensed Technologies and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to Drive Market Growth

The global Long Term Evolution (LTE), LTE-Unlicensed (LTE-U), and LTE Machine-to-Machine (LTE-M) test equipment market includes test equipment used throughout the lifecycle of LTE technologies’ research & development (R&D), manufacturing, installation and…
By Janani Balasundar, Research Analyst, MIPC The global Long Term Evolution (LTE), LTE-Unlicensed (LTE-U), and LTE Machine-to-Machine (LTE-M) test equipment market includes…

ECR 2018: Microwave Imaging, a New Modality Crossing into the Commercial Field

When it comes to non-invasively imaging the human body’s internal organs and tissues, we use all kinds of waves and radiations at our disposal. We use X-rays in radiographic or computed tomography (CT) imaging, acoustic waves in ultrasound imaging, magnet…
Electromagnetic Microwaves Bring Much-Needed new Weaponry to the Arsenal of Breast and Stroke Imaging by Nadim Michel Daher, Industry Principal Medical Imaging and Informatics,…

Don't Settle for Two-Tiered IT: Introduce Cloud-Like Benefits into your Company Data Center with Data Center Services

As businesses transform to meet the challenges and opportunities of the digital era, IT leaders are charged with implementing a flexible infrastructure environment that can support a new and ever-changing generation of technology solutions.
Bonus: As our appreciation to you joining us, all registrants will be eligible to receive a $250 credit voucher* toward any one of our upcoming Executive MindXchange events. *…

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