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Cylinder Deactivation (1)
Malaysia (2)
Zero Emission Mobility (1)
Kenya’s Electricity Generation (1)
test and measurement industry (1)
Grid Hardening (1)
Raghuram Rajan (1)
energy-efficiant (1)
Cloud-based Encoding (1)
Puerto Rico (1)
Modularity (2)
Innovating Healthcare (1)
Radiological Society of North America (1)
Cashless Society (1)
Controls Division (1)
integrated hospitals (1)
LTE-U (1)
Oil Market (1)
Convenience (1)
Metrology Market (1)
PAM-4 (1)
river management (1)
Pulse Amplitude Modulation (1)
Biometric (1)
Digital Pathology Services (1)
Virgil Beaston (1)
Gas Market (1)
Commercial Vehicles Market (1)
Preventive Health (1)
Account Based Marketing (1)
Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) (1)
New Zealand (1)
ICT (1)
Philippines (1)
Saudi Arabia (1)
Key Medical Imaging (1)
Way Forward (1)
Top Technologies (1)
India’s Demonetization (1)
Indian telecom (1)
DAQ (1)
One Belt Road (1)
Strengthening Healthcare (1)
Benjamin Mull (1)
Volkswagen (2)
Yamaha (1)
Africa (9)
Fiber Characterization (1)
Government accelerator (1)
After-Market Costs (1)
GDPR (1)
Measurement & Instrumentation (1)
Towers Market (1)
Public Sector Grou (1)
Infrared Based Solar (1)
Issue Based (1)
fluid power (1)
dairy (1)
Recycling (1)
Movers & Shakers Interview with Vinod Kumar (1)
European Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Devices (1)
New Applications (1)
Testing as a Service (TaaS) (1)
5G (2)
SPS IPC Drives 2016 (1)
Autonomous Machines (1)
digital watermark (1)
Display Technology (1)
Market (1)
Aviation Policy (1)
2D Optical (1)
Wireless Networks (1)
Healthcare Experience (2)
Mass Spectrometers (1)
Towercos (1)
Mobile Technologies (1)
ViZn (1)
Content Owner (1)
Manufacturing (5)
Analytics Services (1)
Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS (1)
AMI Infrastructure (1)
Emission Regulation Violation (1)
Industrial Measurement Process (1)
Equipment Industry (1)
AT&T (1)
Automotive Industry (5)
Regulations (1)
integration (1)
single-cell genomics (1)
Braydon (1)
TeleStroke (1)
Inline Inspection (1)
Cyber Security (4)
Centrifugal Pumps (1)
British Petroleum (1)
Qualcomm (1)
Anne-Fleur Andrle (1)
Southeast (1)
video telematics (1)
Autonomous Mobility (1)
OLED Market (1)
MIMO (1)
Business-friendly environment (1)
Smart Home (1)
global economic dynamics (1)
Additives Business (1)
Pollutants (1)
US Presidential (1)
Mexico (1)
Philips (1)
Newell Rubbermaid (1)
Tata Communications (1)
specialty chemicals industry (1)
Order Right (1)
test equipment market (1)
Signal Analyzers Market (1)
Disposable Plastics (1)
Weathering Sluggish (2)
Measurement Instrumentation (1)
Rental and Leasing Services (1)
eHealth (1)
Sensor (1)
Legacy, (1)
Multi-Vendor Services (1)
Financial Transactions (1)
Race (1)
boston scientific approach (1)
care delivery (1)
Aftermarket (1)
XXL Equipment (1)
Gulf Corporation Council (2)
Demand Response Ready (1)
Process Control (1)
consumer health (1)
KSB (1)
Repair Services (2)
Pre-Election (1)
colombian economy (1)
bit stream based watermark (1)
Algal Wastewater Treatment (1)
GTL (1)
turkey (1)
Mozambique (1)
india (10)
Key Global Developments (1)
Fraudulent Transactions (1)
Virtual Crash Testing (1)
indonesia (3)
Video Telemedicine (1)
Stifling Innovation (1)
t&m (1)
Moore's Law (1)
Mike Grunow (1)
Fab (1)
small cell deployment (1)
raw materials (1)
Open Energy (1)
MGMA (1)
Instrumentation Drive Growth (1)
heavy oil (1)
japan (1)
Virtual Event (1)
T & M Industry (1)
Powering Smart Cities (1)
Whole Foods Market (1)
Patient Identifier (1)
nondestructive testing (2)
smart phone (1)
Training (1)
Digital (1)
Infotainment (1)
FTTH (2)
thyssenkrupp Steel (1)
data exchange alliance (1)
Radio frequency identification (3)
Commercial Vehicles (CV) (1)
Shared Services (1)
Smart Technologies (1)
Driver Monitoring Systems (1)
Gas Detectors Market (1)
Drives (1)
UK (2)
mobile devices (1)
Business Email compromise (1)
passenger vehicle market (1)
Natural and Synthetic (1)
CT Scan (1)
Biopharmaceuticals (1)
Jay Hansen (1)
Graham Smith (1)
Anti-piracy (1)
cloud computing (1)
Primary Care (1)
NEM (1)
Cybersecurity (1)
USA (1)
biopharmaceauticals (1)
National Health Services (1)
Non-Core Processes (1)
European Water Utility Services (1)
healthcare delivery (1)
Packaged Water (1)
E-Retailing (1)
Sustainable Manufacturing (1)
Modulation Bandwidth (1)
Automation (1)
Dubai Tourism Industry (1)
Patient Centric Approaches (1)
American Healthcare Act (1)
economy (2)
bandwidth frequency (1)
Test & Measurement (1)
Pentair’s Valves (1)
Cyber Crime (1)
Intelligence (1)
DPG (1)
Big Data (3)
Analytics Promise (1)
technology market (2)
Trellis (1)
UWB (2)
strategic partnerships (1)
Oil Price Decline (1)
Memory Market (1)
Micro-LED (1)
Value Truck (1)
American Society of Nuclear Cardiology (1)
European economic (1)
Application Security Testing (1)
Goals & Expectations (1)
IT vendors (1)
automotive market (2)
Digital Pathology (1)
Analytical Instrumentation (1)
Trucking (1)
Monitoring (1)
filter industry (1)
Peru Government (1)
videoconferencing (1)
vehicle manufacturers (1)
digital marketing strategy (1)
Measurement Equipment (1)
water crises (1)
Analytics (1)
QoS (1)
intelligence algorithms (2)
aerial inspection (1)
biometric modality (1)
Industrie 4.0 (1)
IIot (13)
Delta Products Corp. (1)
2017 North American International Auto Show (1)
tap water (1)
China (1)
Smart Homes (2)
Customer Base Expansion (1)
Logistics (2)
Telemedicine (1)
Remittance Growth (1)
Dubai Trading Industry (1)
Generator (1)
Futuristic (1)
Process Equipment Manufacturers (1)
water supply sector (1)
Electrification (ACE) (1)
Nepal (1)
Debit Cards (1)
Polymerase chain reaction (1)
Johann Jungwirth (1)
vehicle sales (1)
renewable energy (1)
National Health Service (NHS) (1)
Healthcare Bill (1)
personally configured workspace (1)
Network Security (1)
Medical Imaging (1)
Hybrid ORs (1)
Digitising Freight (1)
Weetabix (1)
Manufacturer’s Succes (1)
sweeteners (1)
GDP (1)
Radio Frequency (1)
法人向け自動車リース市場 (1)
enterprise (1)
Food Industry (1)
Globalization (1)
Strategic Imperative (1)
Alexa (1)
Industrial IoT (3)
System Maintenance (1)
AT&T Analyst Summit (1)
Independent Aftermarket (IAM) (1)
Motorcycle (1)
remote patient monitoring (1)
river restoration (1)
Sensor technology (2)
Appliances (1)
Smart User (1)
Environment (1)
Edible Water (1)
Amazon (1)
Real-time Locating Solution (1)
Clean Water (1)
Applications, (2)
powertrain (2)
virtual power plants (1)
H-ORs (1)
Brexit (3)
guaranteed tax holidays (1)
Asset-Tracking (1)
television (1)
Industrial Internet of Things (3)
Technology (1)
Vinod Kumar (1)
Global Industrial Robotics Market (1)
Digital Platform (1)
Britain (1)
Liquid Resins (1)
Bariatric Equipment (1)
fiber optic test equipment (1)
Explosion Leads (1)
Product Innovation (1)
UHF (1)
Boosts Market (1)
brazil (1)
Long-Range Electric Vehicles (1)
Transformational Shifts (1)
Industrial software (1)
EPS (1)
Increasing Safety Concerns (1)
additives (1)
Condition Monitoring Market (1)
Healthcare (14)
Daimler (1)
Palm Oil PCL (1)
Off the Grid Generation (1)
Sensor Applications (1)
Connected Health (1)
Test & Measurement Services (1)
radiology (1)
DERs (1)
Centric Smart (1)
Enbala (1)
Health Systems (1)
SXSW (1)
Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) (1)
Broadcast Industry (1)
Chris Mangum (1)
Imaging (1)
Transforming Healthcare (1)
Peruvian Automotive Market (1)
Diesel Gate (1)
Carbon Footprint (1)
OEM (2)
Escalators Industry (1)
Economic Development (1)
Real-Time Location Solution (1)
Mechanical infrastructure (1)
Wireless Technology (1)
Radio Access Networks (1)
Asia-Pacific (4)
Digital Health (4)
virtual Keys (1)
Gas Trends (1)
Global Clinical Trials (1)
Membrane Filtration Technology (1)
renewable microgrid (1)
cost recovery (1)
Connected Vehicle Innovations (1)
MCM (1)
Autonomous (1)
Partnership (1)
global coiled tubing market (1)
dedicated short range communications (1)
Post Holdings Inc. (1)
Donald Trump (4)
Industry Transformation (1)
Acquisitions (1)
Virtualization (1)
Industrial Application (1)
electric mobility (1)
Concept by US Corporation (1)
Sleepless Nation (1)
Oil (2)
wind energy market (1)
Emerging Markets (1)
sentient tools (1)
Growth Opportunities (2)
Navistar International Corporation (1)
infrastructure attract (1)
Automotive OEM (1)
Ultra Wide Band (2)
Germany (1)
Social Innovation (1)
Car Modules (1)
Malaysian Aviation (1)
Conventional Energy Sources (1)
T&M Industry (1)
3D Printing (2)
Real Time Location Solution (1)
Hot Spot (1)
telecommunications (1)
mHealth (1)
US Healthcare (2)
infrastructure market (1)
Chronological (1)
Strategy (1)
Tenergy Corp. (1)
Mining Hub (1)
Live Streaming (1)
Quality of Service (1)
Industrial Robotics (1)
DSRC (1)
tax (1)
Preferred Destination (1)
advanced transmission technologies (ATT) (1)
advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) (1)
Silk Road (1)
Digital Utility (1)
carbon emission reduction (1)
Europe Elections (1)
United Kingdom (2)
Future Growth (1)
industry 4.0 (1)
Wireless Test Equipment (1)
Podcast (1)
Wireless (1)
platform-centric business model (1)
Environmental Concerns (1)
Middle East (2)
4G LTE Mobile (1)
Algae (1)
Enviornmental Consulting Services (1)
Autonomous, Connectivit (1)
Operating Rooms (1)
Smart Urban Infrastructure (1)
Wi-Fi (1)
Roadmap (1)
department of energy (1)
Patient Engagement (2)
Service-Sector (1)
Attune Technologies (1)
Dr. Frank J. Rybicki (1)
pro-rural agenda (1)
MG (1)
sustainable transportation summit (1)
Connected Pumps and Pumping Solutions in Water (1)
Analyzers Market (1)
power generation industry (1)
Automotive Dealer (1)
Shaping Digitalization (1)
Predictive Computing (1)
Minimal (1)
Affordable Care Act (1)
advanced wound care market (1)
Transformative Technologies (1)
Industrial Measurement Industry (2)
2030 (1)
Digital Oilfields (1)
Transform (1)
Suzuki (1)
Narendra Modi Govt (1)
Digital Supply Chain (1)
Emirate (1)
Workplace (1)
OEMs (1)
Improved Security (1)
Telehealth Platform (1)
Monetizing Stranded Gas (1)
Hitachi's Approach (1)
NGS (1)
ROBO 3D (1)
Laboratory Inspection (1)
Changing Business Models (1)
BEC (1)
digital channels (1)
5 (1)
CNC Sytems (1)
disruptive technologies (2)
Trends Affecting (1)
medtronic (1)
Electronic Health Records (1)
incentives coupled (1)
fiber optic (1)
Narendra Modi Government (1)
robotics (3)
CDN edge (1)
health data protection (1)
Vehicle Sharing (1)
automatic transmissions (1)
biometric authentication (1)
Spectrometer (1)
Innovations (1)
Elevators (1)
voice over Wi-Fi (1)
Testing Market (1)
Manifest level watermark (1)
bottled water (1)
Nondestructive Testing Industry (1)
Industrial CT Systems (1)
HTTP Streaming (1)
IT Purchasing (1)
Capital Expenditures (1)
efficiency (1)
On Making Our Cities Smart (1)
Trumponomics (1)
Nigeria (1)
NHS (1)
fibre investments (1)
2D Barcodes (1)
Market Dynamics (1)
Fintech (1)
Health Service (1)
Precognize (1)
mHealth Services (1)
Edge Computing (1)
GST (1)
Piracy (1)
RTLS (2)
SVC9B0C (1)
electricity (1)
Edgeware (1)
Watermarking Solutions (1)
Debate (1)
AI (2)
Ambitious (1)
Ford (1)
Defense (1)
Mobility Services (1)
EU (1)
Water Pollution (1)
The Key (1)
Women Customers (1)
Japanese OEM (1)
Sumantra (1)
infant nutrition (1)
Advanced Persistent Threat (1)
Surgeons and Patients (1)
steel industry (1)
CT Equipment (1)
Smart Grid Market (1)
Digitized World (1)
Process Near-Infrared (1)
Obesity (1)
Indian Foreign Trade Regulator (1)
Oil Prices (2)
Holistic Traffic Management (1)
Trucking Solutions (1)
LeCroy's Need (1)
Potential (1)
apac (3)
Test & Measurement Equipment Industry (1)
MENA (1)
HetNets (1)
Trump’s Impact (1)
Evolving Business Models (1)
Frugal Innovations (1)
energy (5)
Greener China (1)
Thoughts, Feedback (1)
India Biotech Industry (1)
pumps market (3)
low testosterone (1)
Cybercrime (1)
IT-enabled care (1)
Simple Matters (1)
Ottawa (1)
UHF Passive RFID (1)
Infrastructure Development (1)
Across Industries (1)
Trends and Innovations (1)
Control technology (1)
dual voltage power net (1)
wind turbines (1)
vpp (1)
Jim Burns (1)
Emerging Technologies (2)
neutraceuticals (1)
Sensors (4)
Prosthetics (1)
Services 2.0 (1)
Bond Depts (1)
australia (2)
low oil price (1)
Asia (1)
fingerprint biometrics (1)
Voice Over WIFI (1)
United States (1)
Tata Steel Europe (1)
luxury goods tax (1)
Transformation (2)
ppp (1)
Advanced Meter Infrastructure (1)
crude oil (1)
Shale Gas (1)
intelligent mobility 2015 (1)
Paris Agreement (2)
chemical compounds (1)
Water Market (1)
Indian economy (3)
biofuel feedstock (1)
natural gas (3)
Energy Management (1)
Sumit Nagpal (1)
Emerging Technology (1)
industry convergence (1)
Adoption of Biometrics (1)
African Economic Growth (1)
Security (2)
Informatics (1)
Sara Kissing (1)
Tires (1)
intelligent tools (1)
Original Equipment Manufacturers (1)
Semiconductor Manufacturer (2)
Innovation (1)
Intel (1)
Biological Drugs (1)
Growing Water Footprint (1)
content protection (1)
NDT (1)
Portable Analytical Instruments (1)
Rajesh Maurya (1)
Emerson (1)
Future (2)
Gulf Cooperation Council (1)
Applications (2)
Powin Energy (1)
VoLTE (4)
EHR (1)
powertrain development (1)
fingerprint sensors (1)
Scooter (1)
European Union (1)
Water Meter Market (2)
trucking industry (2)
North America (1)
globe (1)
fuel cells (1)
EVs (1)
Stem Cell Therapy (1)
South by Soutwest (1)
Clinical Trials (1)
Test and Measurement (1)
macro cells (1)
Global Corrosion (1)
Detroit (1)
Radiology Society of North America (1)
Highlighting Electric (1)
Worth of Opportunities for Electronic (1)
Climate Change (1)
Blockchain (2)
Connected TV viewing (1)
Potential Implementation (1)
Independent Aftermarket (IAM) Relationship (2)
Complex Numerical Control Systems (1)
Vehicle Electrification (1)
passwords (1)
Penetration, Mobile Robots (1)
Consumer Electronics (1)
VoWIFI (3)
Driving Emissions (1)
Opportunities (3)
IT in APAC (1)
Telemental Health (1)
client side watermark (1)
smart cities (1)
GCC (2)
Fuel Market Growth (1)
Global Economic Instability (1)
Health Wellness Monitoring (1)
Infrastructure (1)
Telecommunications Industry (1)
Asia Pacific (2)
Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (1)
America (1)
Carlos Ghosn (1)
Bankruptcy Protection (1)
Bitumen (1)
Way Out (1)
Sarwant Singh (1)
Digitalization (3)
RSNA (2)
Price Slump (1)
The Trans-Pacific (1)
ABM (1)
Security Identification (1)
femtech (1)
SaaS (1)
Initiatives (1)
Volkswagon (1)
Healthcare IT Market (1)
hypogonadism (1)
Better Fuel Economy (1)
Long Term Care (1)
Napier Healthcare (1)
investment (1)
Samsung (1)
Industrial cloud market (1)
Outsourcing (1)
lytx (1)
Waste Management (1)
Cybersecurity Complexities (1)
Net metering (1)
Truck (1)
Autonomous Device Networks (1)
Pay TV (1)
Trade Promotion (1)
Automotive Aftermarket (1)
financial markets (1)
Renault-Nissan Alliance (1)
City Administrators (1)
Consumer Engagement (1)
Oncology Drug Delivery Market (1)
ambulatory EHR (1)
unisyn (1)
Service-based Business Models (1)
Medical Devices (1)
Coal Power (1)
european healthcare (1)
Factories (1)
Renewables (1)
Global (2)
Economic Growth (1)
Shield (1)
Life Sciences (1)
Network Quipment Manufacturers (1)
Siemens 2016 (1)
Evolution (1)
RFID (5)
Rakesh Agrawal (1)
co2 emission (1)
Valuable Information (1)
Analysis (1)
Power Industry (1)
Real-Time Analysis (1)
Medical Imaging Informatics (1)
LTC (1)
Movers & Shakers (12)
MDT (1)
Growing ecosystem (1)
Microscopes (1)
emission (1)
Education (1)
Analytical Instrumentation Market (1)
Monetary Policy (1)
demand response, distribution grid management (DGM) (1)
Military (1)
CAGR (2)
Retail (1)
Bud Vos (1)
Oil and Gas Industry (1)
Automated Driving Technologies (1)
wound healing (1)
Fortinet Inc. (1)
Global Implications (1)
multi channel marketing (1)
Trumpcare (1)
SU (1)
PCR (1)
Virtual Workplace (1)
Donald J Trump’s (1)
internet of things (9)
Data Centers (1)
towards transformational growth (1)
Public Transportation (1)
2017 (1)
Hybrid TV (1)
Healthcare Expenditure (1)
eBay (1)
Test Data Management (1)
Facility Managers (2)
Phillipines (1)
pins (1)
Outsourcing Business (1)
automation control solutions (1)
Diamonds (1)
Diesel Engine Filters (1)
Marc Guren (1)
Transforming Manufacturing (1)
single use pumps (1)
transformational healthcare (1)
global microgrids (1)
Medical Device Industry (2)
SIs (1)
Water Treatment (1)
Apollo tyres (1)
Bus's (1)
African Automotive Industry (1)
Medical Tourism (1)
Managing Director (1)
growth (2)
Ansell (1)
Hype versus Substance (1)
fiber inspection probes (1)
Sydney (1)
Life Science Instrumentation Market (1)
DMS (1)
Fleetboard Store (1)
public-private-partnership (1)
Traditional Business Models (1)
women's health (1)
PLC (1)
smart building technology (1)
Process Industries (1)
Plastic Bottles (1)
Measurement and control show 2015 (1)
Healthcare Digitization (1)
mobility drive (1)
VoWi-Fi (2)
Mergers (1)
AEC (1)
southeast asia (2)
Autonomous Vehicle Penetration (1)
Digital Health Portals (1)
water risk (1)
Calibration (2)
Farid Dibachi (1)
Biosensors Transforms (1)
Global Iris Recognition Market (1)
High Penetration Potential (1)
Gigabit Ethernet Technologies (1)
CDN (1)
Global Environment (1)
Voice over Long Term Evolution (1)
Uber (1)
48 v (1)
Changing Global Dynamics (1)
Next Generation Squencing (1)
water technologies (1)
Automotives (1)
Demonetization (1)
Citizen (1)
industrial sector (1)
Remote Functionalities (1)
Digital technology (1)
US Manufacturing (1)
Disrupting Shift (1)
smart solutions (1)
Metrology Equipment Market (1)
JLM Energy (1)
Associated Emerging Opportunities (1)
ADAS/L2 Automated Driving Features (1)
Telehealth (1)
Driver Behavior (1)
Electronics OEMs (1)
Dimensional Metrology Market (1)
Near-Infrared Spectrometer (1)
Customer Care (1)
Singapore (2)
SUV Sales (1)
emerging economies (2)
Malaysia Survey (1)
South America (1)
Fleet Management Systems (1)
Chilean Economy (1)
CAD (1)
telematics (1)
MEMS Sensors (1)
Human-machine-interface devices (1)
legacy technologies (1)
The Sleeping Tiger (1)
ACA Repeal (1)
Real Winner (2)
インドにおける (1)
Good and Services Tax (1)
Biomedical Adhesives (1)
Wast Management (1)
OTT (1)
2016 (1)
food safety (1)
UK-EU Separation Process (1)
Smart Utility Network (1)
Telogis (1)
Surface Mount Technology (1)
West versus East (1)
Smart Water (1)
Franck Leveque (1)
industrial manufacturing in future (1)
Facilities Management (1)
banking (2)
Teledyne (1)
Point-of-Care Solutions (1)
Cinemas (1)
upstream oil production (1)
Natural Resources (1)
Resistive RAM (1)
Gas (1)
Export Growth (1)
Broadpeak (1)
Goat Milk Powder (1)
Microwave Test (1)
Car Salesmen (1)
ANZ (1)
Auto Insurance (1)
Health Care (1)
Tele-ICU (1)
Telcos (1)
IoT (12)
On-grid distributed development (1)
Finance (1)
Biometrics (2)
Lifeline (1)
CES 2017 (2)
Toyota (1)
GbE (1)
T&M Market (2)
Industrial Robots (1)
RFID Market (1)
LED PMA Policy (1)
Coronary Artery Disease (1)
NAIC (1)
Digital Manufacturing (1)
Global Microscopes Market (1)
Guide (1)
IoT system integrator (1)
AMI (1)
FMs (1)
Autonomous Vehicles (1)
APT (1)
South Africa (3)
facilities management services market (1)
Vulnerability Management (1)
Analytical Instruments (1)
Sensor Innovation (1)
Data (1)
Commoditization (1)
Artificial Intelligence (1)
Building Industries (1)
Indian Foreign Trade (1)
Active Aerodynamics Systems (1)
ReRAM (1)
m2m (1)
Smart Grid (1)
digital transformation (3)
RAN (1)
Election (1)
diagnostic innovations (1)
Water (1)
Manufacturing Excellence (1)
automotive (2)
Biotech Pharmaceuticals (1)
Signal Generators Market (1)
OTDR (1)
south korea (1)
therapy (1)
electronic test & measurment ecosystem (1)
chips (1)
Artificial Lifts (1)
HVAC (1)
Servato (1)
Hospital Sterilisation (1)
Baggage Handling (1)
Honda (1)
Australian Power Sector (1)
instrumentation market (1)
CO2 Emissions (1)
automotive world (1)
Transit Market (1)
Global Semiconductor (1)
Material Testing Market (1)
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Analytics and Population Health-based Solutions Driving Transformation of US Medical Imaging Industry, Finds Frost & Sullivan

Independent analysis from the Transformational Health Team at Frost & Sullivan reveals that the United States (US) medical imaging market is transforming from a “get bigger” approach that emphasizes quantity to a “get better” approach that emphasizes qual…
Consolidations, Process Automation and Emphasis on Interoperability Drive Greater Standardization and Integration of Imaging in Clinical Care Pathways SANTA CLARA, Calif. —…

Femtech—Time for a Digital Revolution in the Women’s Health Market

With 50% of the global population as target customers and a market potential of $50 billion by 2025, Femtech is hailed as the next big phenomenon in the women’s health market and the time has come for clinical diagnostics
With 50% of the global population as target customers and a market potential of $50 billion by 2025, Femtech is hailed as the next big phenomenon in the women’s health market and…

Top Global Banks Innovating to Keep Pace with Fintech Companies

Growth-driven Fintech Start-up Companies Disrupting the Financial Services MarketGlobal Digital Transformation TeamNew disruptive technologies are set to impact the global banking sector, forcing banks to redefine and transform themselves to survive in to…
Growth-driven Fintech Start-up Companies Disrupting the Financial Services Market New disruptive technologies are set to impact the global banking sector, forcing banks to…

3D Printing Transforming Healthcare Manufacturing: A Prescription for the Future

Personalized Healthcare has Led Firms to Embrace 3D Printing, Revealing Several Growth Areas Global Tech Vision TeamDespite the constant buzz that 3D printing (3DP) has generated over the past few years in construction and the manufacture of consumer dura…
Personalized Healthcare has Led Firms to Embrace 3D Printing, Revealing Several Growth Areas Despite the constant buzz that 3D printing (3DP) has generated over the past few…

프로스트 앤 설리번, 글로벌 디지털 병리학 시장이 두 자릿 수 성장을 이끌어 낼 것으로 전망

프로스트 앤 설리번 디지털 병리학 시장 분석 보고서는 새로운 사업모델들이 나타나고 1차 진단용의 전체 슬라이드 이미지(WSI: whole slide imaging) 스캐너에 관한 FDA의 더 많아진 승인을 해당 시장의 주요 성장 요인으로 꼽았다. 또한 글로벌 디지털 병리학 시장이 2021 년까지 연평균 13.2 %의 성장률 (CAGR)로 7 억 890 만 달러에 달할 것으로 예측했다.
머신러닝과 AI 기반 플랫폼, 그리고 혁신적인 사업모델들에 힘입어 성장 기회 포착  2018년 1월 31일, 대한민국 - 프로스트 앤 설리번 디지털 병리학 시장 분석 보고서는 새로운 사업모델들이 나타나고 1차 진단용의 전체 슬라이드 이미지(WSI: whole slide imaging) 스캐너에 관한 FDA의 더 많아진…

프로스트 앤 설리번, 교육 분야를 변화시킬 Top 10 기술 발표

증강 교실 학습을 비롯해 온라인 대학 개설까지 교육 분야의 지식 전달 방식이 크게 변화하였다. AI와 웨어러블, 로봇공학과 같은 첨단 기술들이 현재뿐만 아니라 앞으로도 교육 분야에 영향을 미칠 것이다. 교육 트렌드들은 커리큘럽의 유연성과 학습 속도, 지식이전(knowledge transfer)의 위치에 대해 점차 강조할 것이다.
AI, 혼합현실, 웨어러블이 미래 교실을 형성할 핵심 기술들로 꼽혀  2018년 1월 31일, 대한민국 – 증강 교실 학습을 비롯해 온라인 대학 개설까지 교육 분야의 지식 전달 방식이 크게 변화하였다. AI와 웨어러블, 로봇공학과 같은 첨단 기술들이 현재뿐만 아니라 앞으로도 교육 분야에 영향을 미칠 것이다. 교육…

Frost & Sullivan sieht CRISPR-Technologie als am schnellsten wachsendes Segment im Markt für Genome Editing-Verfahren

Frost & Sullivan prognostiziert, dass viele Anwendungen der CRISPR-Technologie (engl. Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) für Genome Editing-Verfahren bis 2030 einen Umsatz von fast 25 Milliarden US-Dollar generieren werden. Verschi…
Investitionen und finanzielle Förderung treiben Entwicklung für neue Produkte und Anwendungenvoran Frankfurt am Main, 30. Januar 2018 — Frost & Sullivan prognostiziert, dass…

Mega Trends in Connectivity and Surveillance Enable Global Migration to Next-generation Space Technologies by 2030

Frost & Sullivan’s latest analysis on the Mega Trends enabling space technologies finds that by 2030, over 13,000 satellites will be launched, more than 60 new players will enter the upstream market, and over 130 players will be active in the downstream m…
Connectivity and advanced high-frequency services create growth opportunities in the future of space  Santa Clara, Calif., January 30, 2018 -  Frost & Sullivan’s latest analysis…

Frost & Sullivan Recognizes Wasabi for Its Hot Cloud Storage Solution with 2017 North American Technology Innovation Award

Based on its recent analysis of the Hot Cloud Storage industry, Frost & Sullivan recognizesWasabi Technologies Inc. (Wasabi) with the 2017 North American Technology Innovation Award. Wasabi is a Boston-based cloud storage startup that offers hot cloud sto…
Frost & Sullivan Recognizes Wasabi for Its Hot Cloud Storage Solution with 2017 North American Technology Innovation Award Wasabi’s solution offers high-speed data access with…

Technology Advances and Smart Machines Boost Machine Tools Market in APAC, finds Frost & Sullivan

The machine tools market in Asia-Pacific (APAC) has evolved from producing traditional metal cutting and forming tools to developing highly specialized and smart machining systems that incorporate several processes in a single machine. The advancement in …
Smart factors and 3D printing to drive new growth opportunities, finds Frost & Sullivan’s Industrial Automation & Process Control team Singapore, 26 January 2018 – The…

Will Technology in Healthcare Make the Rich Healthier and the Poor Sicker?

Does this scenario sound familiar? That could be because this is the plot of the 2011 movie ‘In Time’, starring Justin Timberlake. It portrays a dystopian world where the rich can become immortal by purchasing time, but the poor struggle to live—literally…
The Have-nots, the Haves, and the Have-mores in Healthcare Imagine…It is the future. People have been genetically engineered to stop aging after turning 25. But time is the…

An Insight into the Micro-LED and OLED Market

Display technologies have evolved significantly over the past decade. Flat panels, bigger and thinner screens, increased pixel density, and the more recent, curved displays have enabled growth in several markets such as smartphones, televisions, and lapto…
Display technologies have evolved significantly over the past decade. Flat panels, bigger and thinner screens, increased pixel density, and the more recent, curved displays have…

Frost & Sullivan Webinar Shines Light on the Global Economic Outlook

How do seismic events such as Brexit, oil production cuts and North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) renegotiations shape the outlook for the world economy in 2018? What impact will fiscal reforms and monetary policies have?
Upswing in Trade and Anticipated Increase in Investment Flows to Support Higher Global Economic Growth London, 29th January 2018 – How do seismic events such as Brexit, oil…

Global Fuel Cell Passenger Market Propelled by Technology Optimisation and Government Incentives

Frost & Sullivan’s latest analysis of the global fuel cell passenger car market finds that fuel cell technology will be heavily driven by technology optimisation and government incentives. Growth in the global fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) market will…
Co-developing fuel cell stacks and optimising fuel cell systems will boost commercialisation and adoption rates, finds Frost & Sullivan London, 29th January 2018 -- Frost &…

Frost & Sullivan Publishes Initiation Coverage Report on Enlight Renewable Energy Ltd.: The company will double its revenues by the next two years; Price target is NIS 2.30

The TASE analysis project was launched in 2016 in order to raise investors' level of knowledge of TASE-listed technology and life science companies, and the markets in which they operate. This enables the creation of appropriate pricing and increases the…
Equity Research is published in the framework of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) Analysis Program Tel Aviv, 28th January 2018 – The TASE analysis project was launched in 2016…

Enlight Renewable Energy Ltd.

Complementary equity research reports on Enlight Renewable Energy Ltd. Report Type Publish Date Link 2018 Annual Report 16 April 2019 2018…


Reenita Das (Partner and Senior Vice President of Transformational Health) points out the key highlights one can expect in the future of healthcare. The effect of a digital revolution on the healthcare industry, key technologies enabling healthcare, top 5…
Reenita Das (Partner and Senior Vice President of Transformational Health) points out the key highlights one can expect in the future of healthcare. The effect of a digital…

Digital Substation: Recent Hurricanes Highlight the Need for Grid Hardening

Utility substations form an integral part of the entire grid network. They will play a vital role in the smart grids of tomorrow. Motivated by long-term cost savings, the ability to self-diagnose, and the need to accommodate distributed energy resources (…
Utility substations form an integral part of the entire grid network. They will play a vital role in the smart grids of tomorrow. Motivated by long-term cost savings, the ability…

Botmania Part 2 – Putting AI in its Place with Real-world Use Cases

There is no lack of interest in Bot technology, as we pointed out in the first of this series – Botmania Part 1 – AI in Customer Care is a Matter of Infusing, not Confusing. Talk about bots is everywhere it seems. But as the old technology adage goes, “Yo…
There is no lack of interest in Bot technology, as we pointed out in the first of this series – Botmania Part 1 – AI in Customer Care is a Matter of Infusing, not Confusing. Talk…

Minimal Fab Technology

Minimal fab technology is a different method of semiconductor production. Integrated chip (IC) manufacturing facilities usually require billions of dollars in investment, which can be provided by only a few companies with the potential for high capital in…
Minimal fab technology is a different method of semiconductor production. Integrated chip (IC) manufacturing facilities usually require billions of dollars in investment, which…

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