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GTL (1)
Managing Director (1)
CT Equipment (1)
Public Sector Grou (1)
natural gas (3)
Content Owner (1)
Bud Vos (1)
Bariatric Equipment (1)
Data (1)
Evolving Business Models (1)
Kenya’s Electricity Generation (1)
CDN edge (1)
Podcast (1)
Market Dynamics (1)
global coiled tubing market (1)
GCC (2)
advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) (1)
Mergers (1)
videoconferencing (1)
carbon emission reduction (1)
Artificial Lifts (1)
bottled water (1)
Cybercrime (1)
Facilities Management (1)
VoLTE (4)
Vehicle Electrification (1)
Diesel Engine Filters (1)
NAIC (1)
Hospital Sterilisation (1)
Healthcare Bill (1)
Rakesh Agrawal (1)
upstream oil production (1)
Malaysian Aviation (1)
Industrial cloud market (1)
Control technology (1)
Indian economy (3)
United Kingdom (2)
Edgeware (1)
fibre investments (1)
Mining Hub (1)
SVC9B0C (1)
water crises (1)
Qualcomm (1)
water technologies (1)
Dimensional Metrology Market (1)
Instrumentation Drive Growth (1)
Global Iris Recognition Market (1)
Modulation Bandwidth (1)
Infotainment (1)
powertrain development (1)
Process Industries (1)
Convenience (1)
Trends Affecting (1)
Puerto Rico (1)
Gas Trends (1)
Condition Monitoring Market (1)
demand response, distribution grid management (DGM) (1)
Radiology Society of North America (1)
Virtual Event (1)
Cinemas (1)
Transformation (2)
Palm Oil PCL (1)
Health Care (1)
Disrupting Shift (1)
2016 (1)
Samsung (1)
Smart Homes (2)
bit stream based watermark (1)
American Society of Nuclear Cardiology (1)
Manufacturer’s Succes (1)
Delta Products Corp. (1)
Innovation (1)
Apollo tyres (1)
Wireless Networks (1)
Transformative Technologies (1)
Smart Utility Network (1)
department of energy (1)
women's health (1)
Health Service (1)
dual voltage power net (1)
Driver Behavior (1)
wind turbines (1)
South by Soutwest (1)
Analytical Instrumentation (1)
EVs (1)
internet of things (9)
Partnership (1)
On Making Our Cities Smart (1)
japan (1)
robotics (3)
Good and Services Tax (1)
Telcos (1)
Equipment Industry (1)
MENA (1)
Clinical Trials (1)
GDP (1)
brazil (1)
Blockchain (2)
ANZ (1)
Analyzers Market (1)
Digital Utility (1)
Escalators Industry (1)
UK (2)
Liquid Resins (1)
vpp (1)
DERs (1)
Fleetboard Store (1)
Associated Emerging Opportunities (1)
Global Clinical Trials (1)
Voice over LTE (1)
Outsourcing (1)
powertrain (2)
intelligence algorithms (2)
OEMs (1)
food safety (1)
Oil and Gas Industry (1)
EPS (1)
Digitising Freight (1)
Defense (1)
Global Corrosion (1)
Informatics (1)
Hype versus Substance (1)
Dubai Trading Industry (1)
Microscopes (1)
Digital Supply Chain (1)
Product Innovation (1)
enterprise (1)
Smart Technologies (1)
wound healing (1)
FTTH (2)
Financial Transactions (1)
Singapore (2)
Energy Management (1)
Health Systems (1)
Government accelerator (1)
Futuristic (1)
Water Treatment (1)
Telehealth Platform (1)
Transform (1)
Growing Water Footprint (1)
Diamonds (1)
therapy (1)
Renault-Nissan Alliance (1)
Autonomous (1)
power generation industry (1)
Election (1)
Laboratory Inspection (1)
Primary Care (1)
OEM (2)
Emission Regulation Violation (1)
Value Truck (1)
MDT (1)
インドにおける (1)
virtual power plants (1)
High Penetration Potential (1)
Point-of-Care Solutions (1)
Fuel Market Growth (1)
Patient Centric Approaches (1)
cost recovery (1)
Pulse Amplitude Modulation (1)
OLED Market (1)
Additives Business (1)
Monetizing Stranded Gas (1)
Market (1)
Advanced Meter Infrastructure (1)
Strategic Imperative (1)
Network Quipment Manufacturers (1)
Life Sciences (1)
Emerging Markets (1)
Medical Tourism (1)
video telematics (1)
Micro-LED (1)
Plastic Bottles (1)
Test & Measurement (1)
southeast asia (2)
Commercial Vehicles Market (1)
Analytical Instrumentation Market (1)
Applications, (2)
Strategy (1)
Australian Power Sector (1)
TeleStroke (1)
Bond Depts (1)
IT in APAC (1)
Chilean Economy (1)
Precognize (1)
indonesia (3)
Cyber Security (4)
Globalization (1)
neutraceuticals (1)
mobile devices (1)
Radio Access Networks (1)
PAM-4 (1)
IT Purchasing (1)
mHealth Services (1)
Finance (1)
single use pumps (1)
Connected Vehicle Innovations (1)
Sarwant Singh (1)
Improved Security (1)
Gigabit Ethernet Technologies (1)
industry 4.0 (1)
US Manufacturing (1)
DPG (1)
Weathering Sluggish (2)
Digitized World (1)
DAQ (1)
advanced transmission technologies (ATT) (1)
Potential (1)
Narendra Modi Government (1)
Service-Sector (1)
Predictive Computing (1)
Testing as a Service (TaaS) (1)
Business-friendly environment (1)
biofuel feedstock (1)
Electrification (ACE) (1)
Broadpeak (1)
integration (1)
Metrology Equipment Market (1)
Dr. Frank J. Rybicki (1)
Order Right (1)
Way Out (1)
Asia Pacific (2)
Intelligence (1)
Advanced Persistent Threat (1)
guaranteed tax holidays (1)
Mobile Technologies (1)
Autonomous, Connectivit (1)
ViZn (1)
passwords (1)
Water Market (1)
Bus's (1)
fluid power (1)
Graham Smith (1)
infrastructure attract (1)
City Administrators (1)
Climate Change (1)
Donald J Trump’s (1)
sweeteners (1)
DSRC (1)
European economic (1)
Fraudulent Transactions (1)
Smart Grid (1)
Off the Grid Generation (1)
Peru Government (1)
Zero Emission Mobility (1)
sustainable transportation summit (1)
Raghuram Rajan (1)
Sensor Applications (1)
aerial inspection (1)
Independent Aftermarket (IAM) (1)
Digital Manufacturing (1)
Diesel Gate (1)
H-ORs (1)
RFID Market (1)
US Presidential (1)
chips (1)
digital channels (1)
Malaysia (2)
National Health Service (NHS) (1)
Africa (9)
Gas (1)
industrial manufacturing in future (1)
AMI (1)
Trends and Innovations (1)
eBay (1)
OTT (1)
5G (2)
Legacy, (1)
Automotive Aftermarket (1)
EU (1)
infrastructure market (1)
Car Modules (1)
Indian telecom (1)
diagnostic innovations (1)
Industrial Measurement Industry (2)
Watermarking Solutions (1)
macro cells (1)
Water (1)
IIot (13)
Shaping Digitalization (1)
ABM (1)
Boosts Market (1)
personally configured workspace (1)
2017 North American International Auto Show (1)
South America (1)
Honda (1)
Generator (1)
Digital Oilfields (1)
Clean Water (1)
Security Identification (1)
Non-Core Processes (1)
NEM (1)
CDN (1)
Sleepless Nation (1)
electric mobility (1)
sentient tools (1)
Centrifugal Pumps (1)
Industrial IoT (3)
Industrial CT Systems (1)
Enbala (1)
Economic Growth (1)
Capital Expenditures (1)
Live Streaming (1)
APT (1)
Chronological (1)
Workplace (1)
Tenergy Corp. (1)
Tele-ICU (1)
BEC (1)
Automotive OEM (1)
Oil (2)
Telogis (1)
HetNets (1)
Motorcycle (1)
pins (1)
Roadmap (1)
automatic transmissions (1)
US Healthcare (2)
mHealth (1)
Algae (1)
Smart Home (1)
smart phone (1)
India Biotech Industry (1)
Industry Transformation (1)
Smart Urban Infrastructure (1)
Repair Services (2)
Volkswagen (2)
Hybrid TV (1)
tax (1)
nondestructive testing (2)
North America (1)
Movers & Shakers (12)
Test & Measurement Equipment Industry (1)
fiber optic test equipment (1)
growth (2)
Process Near-Infrared (1)
Shield (1)
Industrial Measurement Process (1)
AEC (1)
Virtualization (1)
Environmental Concerns (1)
transformational healthcare (1)
Wast Management (1)
ppp (1)
incentives coupled (1)
Yamaha (1)
automotive (2)
SPS IPC Drives 2016 (1)
PLC (1)
Network Security (1)
Elevators (1)
Wireless Test Equipment (1)
pro-rural agenda (1)
Biometric (1)
cloud computing (1)
Greener China (1)
AMI Infrastructure (1)
Cylinder Deactivation (1)
Scooter (1)
Braydon (1)
electricity (1)
Multi-Vendor Services (1)
LTC (1)
Vulnerability Management (1)
Southeast (1)
Industrial Application (1)
Renewables (1)
Industrial Robotics (1)
Trumpcare (1)
Car Salesmen (1)
Malaysia Survey (1)
raw materials (1)
European Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Devices (1)
single-cell genomics (1)
UHF (1)
Digitalization (3)
chemical compounds (1)
Autonomous Machines (1)
Post Holdings Inc. (1)
Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS (1)
PCR (1)
Uber (1)
Thoughts, Feedback (1)
india (10)
Data Centers (1)
emission (1)
LED PMA Policy (1)
NHS (1)
Monetary Policy (1)
tap water (1)
European Water Utility Services (1)
steel industry (1)
RSNA (2)
disruptive technologies (2)
2D Optical (1)
Inline Inspection (1)
Pre-Election (1)
Transforming Healthcare (1)
Driving Emissions (1)
Automotive Industry (5)
Autonomous Device Networks (1)
Napier Healthcare (1)
Voice Over WIFI (1)
Fiber Characterization (1)
Social Innovation (1)
Healthcare Expenditure (1)
Digital Pathology (1)
Europe Elections (1)
HTTP Streaming (1)
Asia (1)
Hitachi's Approach (1)
IT vendors (1)
Debit Cards (1)
Industrial software (1)
smart cities (1)
Training (1)
Global Economic Instability (1)
CAGR (2)
banking (2)
Piracy (1)
consumer health (1)
south korea (1)
Enviornmental Consulting Services (1)
MIMO (1)
Metrology Market (1)
Display Technology (1)
RAN (1)
Spectrometer (1)
infant nutrition (1)
Life Science Instrumentation Market (1)
Polymerase chain reaction (1)
Infrared Based Solar (1)
Digital Health (4)
Semiconductor Manufacturer (2)
Water Pollution (1)
Future (2)
Cashless Society (1)
MEMS Sensors (1)
Digital (1)
Signal Generators Market (1)
The Sleeping Tiger (1)
industry convergence (1)
Healthcare (14)
Pay TV (1)
Asia-Pacific (4)
Calibration (2)
Complex Numerical Control Systems (1)
Smart Grid Market (1)
Retail (1)
Connected Pumps and Pumping Solutions in Water (1)
femtech (1)
Movers & Shakers Interview with Vinod Kumar (1)
lytx (1)
Tires (1)
Portable Analytical Instruments (1)
Japanese OEM (1)
Toyota (1)
Jay Hansen (1)
Conventional Energy Sources (1)
emerging economies (2)
Suzuki (1)
Britain (1)
Power Industry (1)
Changing Business Models (1)
Marc Guren (1)
care delivery (1)
System Maintenance (1)
Holistic Traffic Management (1)
Regulations (1)
ReRAM (1)
Bitumen (1)
Medical Devices (1)
Appliances (1)
Nigeria (1)
2017 (1)
Edible Water (1)
Adoption of Biometrics (1)
content protection (1)
Medical Imaging Informatics (1)
Patient Identifier (1)
Natural and Synthetic (1)
Measurement Equipment (1)
Sensors (4)
automotive market (2)
Public Transportation (1)
Mozambique (1)
Trellis (1)
Economic Development (1)
Carlos Ghosn (1)
Sustainable Manufacturing (1)
Real Winner (2)
48 v (1)
Sumantra (1)
Memory Market (1)
Powering Smart Cities (1)
Automotives (1)
Minimal (1)
AT&T Analyst Summit (1)
Oncology Drug Delivery Market (1)
Sensor technology (2)
european healthcare (1)
The Key (1)
Active Aerodynamics Systems (1)
Surface Mount Technology (1)
SUV Sales (1)
Food Industry (1)
Connected TV viewing (1)
Lifeline (1)
fingerprint sensors (1)
Farid Dibachi (1)
South Africa (3)
Account Based Marketing (1)
Global Microscopes Market (1)
Waste Management (1)
Healthcare Digitization (1)
Trucking Solutions (1)
MG (1)
digital transformation (3)
Environment (1)
Trump’s Impact (1)
Driver Monitoring Systems (1)
Rajesh Maurya (1)
Siemens 2016 (1)
Mobility Services (1)
Virtual Crash Testing (1)
Initiatives (1)
India’s Demonetization (1)
Real-Time Analysis (1)
Guide (1)
Teledyne (1)
Demand Response Ready (1)
T&M Industry (1)
3D Printing (2)
t&m (1)
Sumit Nagpal (1)
African Economic Growth (1)
Silk Road (1)
Customer Care (1)
Radio frequency identification (3)
Oil Market (1)
Connected Health (1)
Changing Global Dynamics (1)
Open Energy (1)
T&M Market (2)
Consumer Engagement (1)
Growing ecosystem (1)
Evolution (1)
specialty chemicals industry (1)
Biomedical Adhesives (1)
Resistive RAM (1)
Packaged Water (1)
Gas Market (1)
Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (1)
Biopharmaceuticals (1)
water supply sector (1)
Gulf Cooperation Council (1)
SXSW (1)
fiber optic (1)
SIs (1)
Monitoring (1)
Benjamin Mull (1)
vehicle manufacturers (1)
Indian Foreign Trade (1)
towards transformational growth (1)
television (1)
biometric modality (1)
Ultra Wide Band (2)
Penetration, Mobile Robots (1)
Key Global Developments (1)
Simple Matters (1)
Dubai Tourism Industry (1)
Highlighting Electric (1)
Industrial Internet of Things (3)
fingerprint biometrics (1)
Analytics Promise (1)
Shared Services (1)
Next Generation Squencing (1)
mobility drive (1)
test and measurement industry (1)
West versus East (1)
Global Semiconductor (1)
Radiological Society of North America (1)
Broadcast Industry (1)
NDT (1)
Strengthening Healthcare (1)
Smart Water (1)
thyssenkrupp Steel (1)
bandwidth frequency (1)
Top Technologies (1)
Ambitious (1)
Outsourcing Business (1)
Emirate (1)
Big Data (3)
CAD (1)
Goals & Expectations (1)
Trade Promotion (1)
Building Industries (1)
Worth of Opportunities for Electronic (1)
Navistar International Corporation (1)
Digital Pathology Services (1)
After-Market Costs (1)
renewable microgrid (1)
Manufacturing (5)
Tata Communications (1)
Global Environment (1)
Test and Measurement (1)
Prosthetics (1)
Transit Market (1)
VoWi-Fi (2)
Indian Foreign Trade Regulator (1)
IoT (12)
5 (1)
eHealth (1)
Imaging (1)
Anti-piracy (1)
Emerging Technology (1)
telematics (1)
Cybersecurity Complexities (1)
Germany (1)
Oil Prices (2)
co2 emission (1)
Donald Trump (4)
globe (1)
Smart User (1)
river restoration (1)
Philippines (1)
Telehealth (1)
Medical Device Industry (2)
electronic test & measurment ecosystem (1)
Ottawa (1)
UWB (2)
Fortinet Inc. (1)
Logistics (2)
medtronic (1)
Facility Managers (2)
Stem Cell Therapy (1)
small cell deployment (1)
GbE (1)
Human-machine-interface devices (1)
Pollutants (1)
CO2 Emissions (1)
Patient Engagement (2)
smart building technology (1)
trucking industry (2)
Ansell (1)
Moore's Law (1)
DMS (1)
biometric authentication (1)
Servato (1)
Automated Driving Technologies (1)
Mass Spectrometers (1)
Amazon (1)
Cloud-based Encoding (1)
Autonomous Vehicle Penetration (1)
Business Email compromise (1)
Vinod Kumar (1)
Traditional Business Models (1)
2030 (1)
Aviation Policy (1)
SU (1)
Near-Infrared Spectrometer (1)
legacy technologies (1)
wind energy market (1)
intelligent tools (1)
Gas Detectors Market (1)
efficiency (1)
FMs (1)
Baggage Handling (1)
Goat Milk Powder (1)
GST (1)
financial markets (1)
Independent Aftermarket (IAM) Relationship (2)
Shale Gas (1)
Opportunities (3)
Analysis (1)
Increasing Safety Concerns (1)
water risk (1)
health data protection (1)
CT Scan (1)
platform-centric business model (1)
Fleet Management Systems (1)
Philips (1)
Sensor Innovation (1)
instrumentation market (1)
Infrastructure (1)
Biotech Pharmaceuticals (1)
RFID (5)
Phillipines (1)
One Belt Road (1)
digital marketing strategy (1)
Industrial Robots (1)
Transformational Shifts (1)
ICT (1)
Modularity (2)
vehicle sales (1)
Citizen (1)
Services 2.0 (1)
Race (1)
automotive world (1)
VoWIFI (3)
integrated hospitals (1)
RTLS (2)
Middle East (2)
LeCroy's Need (1)
Original Equipment Manufacturers (1)
法人向け自動車リース市場 (1)
Hybrid ORs (1)
AI (2)
Digital Health Portals (1)
Oil Price Decline (1)
Acquisitions (1)
economy (2)
Measurement and control show 2015 (1)
energy (5)
HVAC (1)
USA (1)
Coal Power (1)
Global Industrial Robotics Market (1)
XXL Equipment (1)
client side watermark (1)
investment (1)
Powin Energy (1)
CNC Sytems (1)
Preventive Health (1)
Application Security Testing (1)
Stifling Innovation (1)
NGS (1)
fiber inspection probes (1)
Commercial Vehicles (CV) (1)
filter industry (1)
Nondestructive Testing Industry (1)
Franck Leveque (1)
KSB (1)
dedicated short range communications (1)
Future Growth (1)
Attune Technologies (1)
4G LTE Mobile (1)
Jim Burns (1)
multi channel marketing (1)
Long Term Care (1)
facilities management services market (1)
Emerson (1)
Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) (1)
Carbon Footprint (1)
Wireless Technology (1)
Water Meter Market (2)
Fab (1)
automation control solutions (1)
Asset-Tracking (1)
Trucking (1)
apac (3)
Automation (1)
Algal Wastewater Treatment (1)
Global Implications (1)
Towercos (1)
fuel cells (1)
Commoditization (1)
Women Customers (1)
passenger vehicle market (1)
dairy (1)
digital watermark (1)
Preferred Destination (1)
AT&T (1)
ROBO 3D (1)
The Trans-Pacific (1)
Rental and Leasing Services (1)
Recycling (1)
ADAS/L2 Automated Driving Features (1)
Chris Mangum (1)
Operating Rooms (1)
Factories (1)
Health Wellness Monitoring (1)
Industrie 4.0 (1)
Sydney (1)
low testosterone (1)
boston scientific approach (1)
Healthcare Experience (2)
GDPR (1)
Virgil Beaston (1)
Daimler (1)
Signal Analyzers Market (1)
Fintech (1)
Natural Resources (1)
QoS (1)
Innovating Healthcare (1)
test equipment market (1)
Real Time Location Solution (1)
Real-time Locating Solution (1)
Autonomous Vehicles (1)
Military (1)
Paris Agreement (2)
Vehicle Sharing (1)
Brexit (3)
Telecommunications Industry (1)
public-private-partnership (1)
Video Telemedicine (1)
2D Barcodes (1)
Controls Division (1)
LTE-U (1)
Weetabix (1)
MCM (1)
Way Forward (1)
Digital Platform (1)
Gulf Corporation Council (2)
australia (2)
renewable energy (1)
Mike Grunow (1)
Healthcare IT Market (1)
low oil price (1)
Mechanical infrastructure (1)
Wi-Fi (1)
Grid Hardening (1)
China (1)
smart solutions (1)
Detroit (1)
ACA Repeal (1)
Biological Drugs (1)
voice over Wi-Fi (1)
Service-based Business Models (1)
Hot Spot (1)
Newell Rubbermaid (1)
European Union (1)
hypogonadism (1)
Volkswagon (1)
remote patient monitoring (1)
IT-enabled care (1)
Global (2)
Measurement Instrumentation (1)
Quality of Service (1)
National Health Services (1)
America (1)
Cyber Crime (1)
Centric Smart (1)
Ford (1)
Security (2)
global microgrids (1)
Biosensors Transforms (1)
Test Data Management (1)
Across Industries (1)
colombian economy (1)
Export Growth (1)
radiology (1)
unisyn (1)
Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) (1)
strategic partnerships (1)
virtual Keys (1)
Cybersecurity (1)
heavy oil (1)
Valuable Information (1)
pumps market (3)
Truck (1)
Surgeons and Patients (1)
Voice over Long Term Evolution (1)
Analytical Instruments (1)
Anne-Fleur Andrle (1)
advanced wound care market (1)
Alexa (1)
OTDR (1)
Telemedicine (1)
Issue Based (1)
Tata Steel Europe (1)
Measurement & Instrumentation (1)
Customer Base Expansion (1)
ambulatory EHR (1)
Virtual Workplace (1)
Pentair’s Valves (1)
Debate (1)
Membrane Filtration Technology (1)
Wireless (1)
Emerging Technologies (2)
Sara Kissing (1)
luxury goods tax (1)
UK-EU Separation Process (1)
UHF Passive RFID (1)
m2m (1)
Radio Frequency (1)
Manufacturing Excellence (1)
Test & Measurement Services (1)
Electronic Health Records (1)
Long-Range Electric Vehicles (1)
global economic dynamics (1)
Narendra Modi Govt (1)
Medical Imaging (1)
Price Slump (1)
Drives (1)
Mexico (1)
Better Fuel Economy (1)
Electronics OEMs (1)
biopharmaceauticals (1)
IoT system integrator (1)
Explosion Leads (1)
Digital technology (1)
Saudi Arabia (1)
SaaS (1)
United States (1)
Bankruptcy Protection (1)
Obesity (1)
Automotive Dealer (1)
Process Control (1)
industrial sector (1)
New Applications (1)
Education (1)
Whole Foods Market (1)
Edge Computing (1)
Innovations (1)
New Zealand (1)
Sensor (1)
American Healthcare Act (1)
On-grid distributed development (1)
Nepal (1)
river management (1)
Biometrics (2)
turkey (1)
E-Retailing (1)
Artificial Intelligence (1)
Testing Market (1)
additives (1)
CES 2017 (2)
EHR (1)
MGMA (1)
Towers Market (1)
Telemental Health (1)
Disposable Plastics (1)
Material Testing Market (1)
telecommunications (1)
Technology (1)
Analytics (1)
intelligent mobility 2015 (1)
Potential Implementation (1)
Aftermarket (1)
Applications (2)
Affordable Care Act (1)
Peruvian Automotive Market (1)
Autonomous Mobility (1)
Key Medical Imaging (1)
JLM Energy (1)
Growth Opportunities (2)
T & M Industry (1)
Process Equipment Manufacturers (1)
crude oil (1)
technology market (2)
Johann Jungwirth (1)
Infrastructure Development (1)
African Automotive Industry (1)
Manifest level watermark (1)
British Petroleum (1)
energy-efficiant (1)
Net metering (1)
Real-Time Location Solution (1)
Concept by US Corporation (1)
Remittance Growth (1)
Transforming Manufacturing (1)
Microwave Test (1)
Demonetization (1)
data exchange alliance (1)
healthcare delivery (1)
Coronary Artery Disease (1)
Auto Insurance (1)
Consumer Electronics (1)
Trumponomics (1)
Frugal Innovations (1)
Intel (1)
Remote Functionalities (1)
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GIL 2016 Brazil Summit Unravels Pioneering Business Models and New Revenue Streams for the Brazilian Healthcare Market

As the Brazilian Healthcare industry is going through a disruptive phase, local and global business requirements will accelerate market trends and create unexpected challenges. In this unsettling scenario, companies must respond with speed and agility to …
  Frost & Sullivan’s Transformational Health Think Tank will introduce Innovative Practices, Digital Advances and the Convergence of Healthcare and Technology  SAO PAULO, Brazil…

Will the Role of the Automotive Dealer Continue to Exist?

Some reports say dealers will cease to exist by 2020. Some people believe the role is indispensable. I believe the answer to the question "Will the role of the dealer continue to exist?" is "yes”, but..." Yes, the role of the dealer will continue to exist…
Some reports say dealers will cease to exist by 2020. Some people believe the role is indispensable. I believe the answer to the question "Will the role of the dealer continue…

Strategic Analysis of the Vehicle Sharing Technologies Market

Virtual Keys, Automated Driving Technologies, V2V Communication Technologies, and vCommerce Will Be the Driving Trends in the Vehicle Sharing Technologies Market
Virtual Keys, Automated Driving Technologies, V2V Communication Technologies, and vCommerce Will Be the Driving Trends in the Vehicle Sharing Technologies Market Vehicle…

Biopharmaceuticals Analytical Instrumentation Market

Biologic-based drugs provide better results to previously untreatable conditions. Manufacturing these effective biological drugs demand for instrument and manufacturing facilities with high sophistication. This forces pharmaceutical companies to substanti…

RFID Laggards Need to Adopt the Technology Before they Lose out Completely

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology has gained immense popularity in recent years and is sought-after for business process automation across industries worldwide. The advanced technology provides complete visibility, brings in efficiency, an…
Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology has gained immense popularity in recent years and is sought-after for business process automation across industries worldwide.…

Smart Technologies for Continuous Patient Monitoring to Assist Hospital Staff in At-Risk Situations and Grow Hospital Revenues

Contact-free continuous patient monitoring (CFCM) technology allows a facility to effectively monitor every patient bed, and constantly monitor a patient’s status without having to connect cables, leads and sensors to the individual. CFCM utilizes a senso…
Frost & Sullivan’s whitepaper identifies how hospitals can improve economic outcomes and patient safety, reduce length of stay as well as secure additional reimbursement…

Changing Mobility Trends towards a Greener China

China, the world’s second largest economy, aboding a population of 1.37 billion is one of the top destinations eyed by investors for the huge consumer base it offers.
Is mass incorporation of EVs in Chinese vehicle fleet really going to cut down pollution levels? Probably this is the ripe time to promote car sharing services as a strategy to…

Malaysian Aviation Industry Transformation – A Case Study

The aviation industry is the most transformative industry in the history of air transportation overall. Airlines are facing smaller profit margins because of cost reductions required in the face of increasing fuel prices, all while facing stiff competitio…
The aviation industry is the most transformative industry in the history of air transportation overall. Airlines are facing smaller profit margins because of cost reductions…

Digital Education in India

Digital technology in India has been evolving over the last few years, changing the way students learn concepts in school. The traditional chalk and talk method has paved the way for more interactive teaching methods as.
Digital tools gain acceptance in primary and secondary schools, but yet to pick up in colleges and universities. Improvements in infrastructure, electricity and bandwidth access…

A New Era of Customer Engagement Captures Focus of Customer Experience Executives

Inspired by the recent demand from Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange participants looking to receive increased opportunities to discuss the critical issues in customer service and customer engagement, Frost & Sullivan has formed a new Customer Engage…
Frost & Sullivan’s Customer Engagement Leadership Council will help drive growth for member organizations Inspired by the recent demand from Frost & Sullivan Executive…

Outlook for the Healthcare and Medical Devices Connectivity Test: Industry Growth Opportunities

Strong wireless connections are becoming more widely used for patient monitoring with portable, wearable, and active implantable medical devices that constantly track patient status. New competencies in diagnostics and therapeutics analysis with more radi…
Strong wireless connections are becoming more widely used for patient monitoring with portable, wearable, and active implantable medical devices that constantly track patient…

Finding Top-Line Opportunities in a Bottom-Line Healthcare Market

Revenue Generation Opportunities Created by an Innovative Contact-Free Continuous Monitoring Solution - a Frost and Sullivan White Paper
Sponsored by EarlySense. Contact-free continuous patient monitoring (CFCM) smart solutions can create significant new revenue for hospitals in three ways: reducing length of…

Calibration and Repair Services Market in Europe: Stringent Regulations and Increasing Complexity of Instrumentation Drive Growth

Over the past few years, the calibration and repair services market in Europe has witnessed a steady and stable growth leading to revenue of $1.52 billion in 2015.
Over the past few years, the calibration and repair services market in Europe has witnessed a steady and stable growth leading to revenue of $1.52 billion in 2015. The majority of…

Opportunity Analysis for Sensors in Power Generation and Smart Grids

Demand for electricity is rising in most countries and this trend is likely to continue unabated. Conventional forms of power generation, such as coal, oil, gas, and other fossil fuel-based generation sources are becoming less favored.
Overview Demand for electricity is rising in most countries and this trend is likely to continue unabated. Conventional forms of power generation, such as coal, oil, gas, and…

Test and Measurement Industry: IoT Provides Significant Opportunity to Anritsu for Customer Base Expansion

Anritsu is a significant participant in the global test and measurement market. Heavily focused on the wireless communications industry
Anritsu is a significant participant in the global test and measurement market. Heavily focused on the wireless communications industry, the company witnessed stupendous growth in…

RFID—Enabling Smart Transportation

By 2025, the global rise in urbanization levels will result in challenges such as congestion and a dearth of parking spaces. Radio frequency identification (RFID) is one of a few technologies that will.
By 2025, the global rise in urbanization levels will result in challenges such as congestion and a dearth of parking spaces. Radio frequency identification (RFID) is one of a few…

European Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Inspection Services Market

On October 18, 2009, roughly six and a half years ago, the Greek PASOK government shocked the financial markets and shook the European economic landscape by admitting that the country's fiscal.
On October 18, 2009, roughly six and a half years ago, the Greek PASOK government shocked the financial markets and shook the European economic landscape by admitting that the…

Frost & Sullivan Lauds ZTE for High Value Offerings to the Telecommunications Industry in Sub-Saharan Africa

Based on its recent analysis of the green energy solutions market for telecommunications, Frost & Sullivan recognises ZTE Corporation (ZTE) with the 2015 Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) Frost & Sullivan Award for Customer Value Leadership. ZTE has integrated mul…
Frost & Sullivan Lauds ZTE for High Value Offerings to the Telecommunications Industry in Sub-Saharan Africa Through end-to-end green energy solutions, ZTE enables significant…

Heavy Investments in Data Centers Extend Growth Opportunities to New Technologies in Critical Power

The global critical power market will benefit significantly from the substantial proposed investments in the data center end-user market in 2016. Particularly, the growth in modular data centers will give a strong push to the modular power solutions segme…
LED drivers, smart inverters and modular power supplies drives growth of the critical power market, says Frost & Sullivan's Energy& Environment practice The global critical…

Demand for Efficient Informatics Solutions for Visible Light and Intra-Operative Images Creates Growth Opportunities in the Enterprise Imaging IT Market

The adoption of integrated visible light (VL) and operating room (OR) image management solutions has traditionally been low, fragmented and largely distinct from radiology and cardiology IT deployments. However, healthcare providers’ appetite for best pra…
Image-enabled operating rooms and imaging-intensive clinical specialties drive demand for new generation of IT solutions, reveals Frost & Sullivan  LONDON, U.K. – 27 April, 2016…

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