Today’s cybersecurity threats are no longer limited to employee data or financial data; rather, the most lucrative cyber-attacks target major critical national infrastructure (CNI) and industrial systems, such as utilities, communications towers, and power centers. Despite the growing threat to CNI and industrial systems, organizations are struggling to safeguard their operations, leaving them vulnerable to malicious attacks with devastating consequences.

To stay competitive, these organizations have increasingly leveraged the benefits of closer integration between Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) infrastructures. However, this IT/OT convergence continues to generate new complexity levels for IT and OT managers. Because of this, industrial control systems are encountering significant gaps in their overall protections. Organizations need a reliable solution that supports internal and regulatory compliance standards while detecting and mitigating malicious activity before it affects the security, financial, and reputational posture of the organization.

Typical cybersecurity solutions cannot adequately monitor most ICS, thus leaving systems vulnerable to threats that specifically target their network infrastructure. Solutions that offer increased cyber-resilience through enhanced visibility, detection, and control will enable organizations to meet their security goals and protect their assets.

Within the rapidly expanding ICS security market, SecurityMatters offers its proprietary SilentDefense as an automatic, passive monitoring solution that analyzes the behaviors of network users and connected devices to identify process anomalies, machinery status, insecure access and protocols, and potentially malicious activity. By leveraging machine-learning capabilities to monitor ICS ecosystems from three angles—network, protocols, and semantics—SilentDefense provides more comprehensive data than competing technologies. In addition, it combines this machine learning with a vast Industrial Threat Library, complete with over 1,300 ICS-specific checks, and an extensive customer protection program, to deliver timely, actionable updates regarding new threats. The solution provides seamless integration across an organization’s entire enterprise ecosystem, including security information and event management (SIEM) solutions such as Splunk and QRadar, IT asset management systems such as Skybox Security, ForeScout Technologies, Leidos, and Cisco, and most firewall applications.

SecurityMatters propagates a customer value-oriented approach to its ICS solutions. While competing solutions focus mainly on external cybersecurity threats, SecurityMatters provides a holistic view of internal and external threats, including network connectivity problems, device malfunction and misconfiguration, dangerous process operations, use of insecure protocols and default credentials, advanced cyberattacks, and exploit attempts, to deliver the most value in terms of protection and overall productivity. The company devotes continuous attention to reducing customer workload through smart integration capabilities, allowing customers to utilize their existing technology ecosystem, while still ensuring proper cybersecurity hygiene. SecurityMatters exemplifies its customer-centric culture through long-term partnerships with users and value-chain partners, while meeting and exceeding clients’ changing security demands through continued solution updates and developments. This customer-centric focus on innovation and superior technology expertise truly sets SecurityMatters and its SilentDefense solution apart in the ICS security solutions market.

In today’s ever-connected world, no industry will be unaffected by the ongoing technological evolution, nor will they be impervious to the multitude of digital threats that can devastate an organization’s processes, people, data, and reputations. For industrial organizations, increasing convergence with their IT and OT systems offers unprecedented connectivity and operational efficiency; however, it places their networks, processes, and data at risk as well. Innovative industrial cybersecurity solutions, such as SecurityMatters’ SilentDefense, allows organizations to protect all their digital and physical assets from threats while providing unparalleled efficiency and transparency.

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Danielle VanZandtDanielle VanZandt heads the global Security Research program for Frost & Sullivan, exploring areas such as physical security and surveillance, cybersecurity practices, and identity security. She also focuses on public sector security practices, industry data protection and security regulations, Safe City implementations, and advanced data security practices.

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