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Regional Chapters

Wherever you are, there’s an AGILE chapter near you. For more information, click on one of the locations and contact one of the local communities today.

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Partners & Supporters

Strategic Partners

Agile’s Strategic Partners bring specific skills and assets to our membership. Each Partner is chosen based on their achievement of best practices in their field and their passion to contribute to our AGILE association.

Affinity Program

Agile’s affinity program provide its members with gifts and discounts to show support for our aspirational goals and mission.

If your organization would like to become a member of GIL and provide a discounted service please contact us at:

Media Partners

Our Media partners offer a valuable service to get our mission and work communicated to the world. They support us by integrating us into events, webinars, articles and videos covering everything from our work on global issues to best practices in career development.

If you know of any media organizations who would benefit from support AGILE please contact us and or fill out this quick Media Form:

Frost & Sullivan Institute

The Frost & Sullivan Institute is a non profit organization which provides financial support and leadership to its member non profit organizations and partners. Its mission is to leverage the research, brand, capital and leadership from the Frost & Sullivan global organization to make a positive contribution to the well being of all sharing this planet.

Leadership Councils

GIL Global

Growth Alliance Partnership

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