115965709_Four_Interlocking_Hands.jpgAt Frost & Sullivan we are a global family. Working and collaborating at all levels with people from all over the globe presents a unique opportunity for career growth and is the foundation of our rich culture.
Everyone at Frost & Sullivan must align themselves with our Corporate Values, within the organization and externally at all levels of client engagement.


Frost & Sullivan Values

Olympic Spirit


  • Are result oriented
  • Take extreme pride in what we do
  • Have a strong passion for winning in the market place
  • Reflect excellence in our work and social interactions
  • Take complete personal responsibility
  • Treat company’s reputation as our own
  • Exhibit personal drive to lead and motivate others
  • Work hard and also have fun

One Global Team



  • Treat each other with respect
  • Leverage the strengths of our colleagues and collaboratively participate in potential market opportunities
  • Strive to achieve group goals by continually learning from one another through teamwork and sharing
  • Respect and value each other’s time, opinions, perspectives, skills and experiences
  • Do not discriminate or show favoritism
  • Do not spread negativity or partake in spreading rumors

Sense of Urgency



  • Believe urgency is a way of life for us, everyday
  • Are focused on the present and yet we keep an eye on the long term
  • Ensure our response levels exceed expectations
  • Articulate our goals clearly and know our priorities
  • Are willing to stretch our comfort zone and embrace change

Everyone Serves Clients



  • Think and act with our clients in mind
  • Collaborate with our clients as our partners, and commit ourselves to provide the best advice to positively impact their business goals
  • Aim to exceed our clients’ expectations by delivering top quality deliverables
  • Handle any information provided by clients with utmost care and confidentiality
  • Respect our clients’ time – meetings, workshops, events, deliverables etc
  • Respond to client queries and concerns with timely, clear and concise information

Provocatively Challenging



  • Value disruptive leadership
  • Have a healthy disregard for status quo
  • Seek continuous self-improvement for ourselves and for our team members
  • Provide constant and honest feedback
  • Turn our challenges into opportunities

Being Significant



  • Leverage our research to innovate for a better world
  • Create rich and meaningful connections between our business and communities
  • Care about conducting our business in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner
  • Value diversity in work place
  • Encourage better behavior for a better world

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