GIL Community

GIL Community

Is a global community of executives, government leaders, and investors who are passionate about Growth, Innovation and Leadership.    This community serves its members with a global network of events, newsletters, digital media, webinars and think tanks.   The community work together to identify the next big things, strategic partnership opportunities, innovative investment opportunities and unmet stakeholder needs.

Frost & Sullivan Institute

FSI is a registered non profit organization with mission to provide a global platform and community for all non profits and NGO’s who are aligned with leveraging Growth, Innovation and Leadership to address global issues.

AGILE:  The Association of Growth, Innovation and Leadership Executives

AGILE is the membership program which serves as the driving platform for the GIL Community and operates under the Frost & Sullivan Institute’s non profit status and organization.   It’s mission is to leverage the resources, energy, best practices skills of investors, leaders and innovators all over the world to address the 7 global challenges.