Our Strategic Approach

Frost & Sullivan has 50 years of experience in analyzing emerging technology, innovation, human health and environmental issues. The institute will leverage this research expertise and client relationships around the globe to focus on specific challenges.

The Frost & Sullivan Institute: Strategic Methodology (Six-Step Approach):

The institute leverages a six-step research methodology to ensure that the time, energy and capital invested have the maximum positive impact on planet health. Here is a brief synopsis of our methodology:

  1. Identification of Issues
  2. Prioritization of Issues
  3. Research on Issues
  4. Synthesize Issues
  5. Developing Future Scenarios
  6. Creating Strategy & Action Plans for Change

Research Methodologies

  • Technology Research
  • Economics & Demographics
  • Best Practices Research
  • Consumer Research
  • Market Research

Research Programs

  • Human Health
  • Environmental Health
  • Technology

Our Tools

  • Research Methodology
  • Frost & Sullivan Global Assets
  • Think Tanks
  • Thought Leaders
  • Newsletters
  • Webcasts
  • GIL Events


Leverage all Frost & Sullivan assets to rapidly build the Frost & Sullivan Institute. This includes all marketing tools, intellectual property, research databases, brand power, customer relationships and events.

The Planet’s Partner Program

An annual subscription of 10K provides access to all research, events, newsletters, and webcasts. This makes each partner an invaluable contributor toward planet health.

  • Newsletters: monthly
  • Webcasts: monthly
  • Web site: communities of practice
  • Volunteer program

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