The Institutes Objectives

Here are the 10 objectives of our mission:

  1. Leverage innovation to address global challenges.
  2. Provide in-depth research and visionary scenarios on global challenges and Mega Trends.
  3. Facilitate think tanks to create visionary scenarios and gaps.
  4. Support related non-profit organizations.
  5. Help accelerate the implementation of innovative technology that moves us in the right direction.
  6. Create a global community on growth, innovation and leadership, which focuses our time and investments on things that move us in the right direction.
  7. Bring recognition to those individuals and organizations who are showing leadership, best practices and progress to our global sustainability goals.
  8. Innovation as a resource:
    • Sharing of ideas, innovation
    • Supporting investors, executives and philanthropists to focus on the right innovation
    • Leveraging Frost & Sullivan's global resources to inspire and influence our community
  9. Support Frost & Sullivan partners and staff in their efforts and ideas in planet health.
  10. Research, recognize and rank global companies in their efforts in innovation, which move the world in the right direction:
    • Education programs for all ages, bringing them into the community, video, blended learning, retreats, etc.
    • Planet Health Partnership: 10k/year membership to the research, think tanks and events program
    • Educational outreach program

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