The Growth Environment

Frost & Sullivan Institute was founded in order to make a unique and powerful impact within the growth environment in which we live. Here is a quick overview of how we see the growth environment for Frost & Sullivan Institute.

The growth environment is made up of two elements:

  1. Internal challenges
  2. External challenges

The Internal Challenges:

  • Global challenges are gaining momentum and moving us toward the tipping point.
  • Politicians and the government systems are responding slowly, unclear whether command and control government style will be able to solve this. Could it be too little too late?
  • The 2 million global non-profits and NGOs are not coordinating and are competing for funds, resources and time. This is a serious waste of assets, and we must work together to accelerate our progress and impact these huge challenges.
  • Global citizens are unaware, or in some cases skeptical, of global challenges and the real threat they pose.
  • Research on global challenges is manipulated, exaggerated and twisted to support one side of the political story or the other. Research is spotty, inaccurate or wrong, or lacks credibility.

The External Challenges:

  • Global challenges are gaining momentum and the tipping point is moving closer.
  • Mega Trends, emerging technology, global democratization, and acceleration of globalization is making the world a chaotic and disorganized mess.
  • Human challenges of poverty, education, healthcare, security, and freedom
  • Biodiversity challenges
  • Environmental challenges: global warming, pollution, extinction, over fishing, etc.

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