Global Excellence Awards

The Frost & Sullivan Institute's global research program into global issues brings to light organizations and individuals who are making a “best-in-class” positive contribution to solving global challenges. These people our recognized for their contributions and leadership through the FSI award program.

The award recognition program inspires our partners, investors and volunteers to share these breakthroughs with the global community. The inspiration the awards generate increases influence and impact on our global health.

Award Categories

  • Green Innovation Design
  • Government Policy
  • Technology Innovation
  • Political Leadership
  • Education
  • Integration of Technology
  • Energy
  • Consumer Technology
  • Media and Journalism Design (Architecture)
  • Leadership
  • Medicine
  • Commitment
  • Medical Care
  • Food
  • Technology Innovation that Addresses Global Challenges
  • Investor Awards and Leadership
  • Innovation Awards
    • Design
    • Education
    • Leadership
    • Technology
    • Commitment
  • Leadership Awards
    • Education
    • Policy
    • Politics
    • Green Business
    • Sustainability

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