Sensors and Instrumentation

The last 10 years have strongly demonstrated the degree of impact and value sensing technologies play in everyday lives with their exponential use in consumer devices and beyond. Internet of Things (IoT), a major current trend, fundamentally relies of wide spread proliferation of devices with one or many types of sensors. Through our continuous tracking and monitoring of both technology and product developments, the cluster is uniquely positioned to analyze and predict technology and market trends, identify challenges and opportunities for companies in different geographies and industries, and provide continuous cutting-edge insights.

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2015-2016 RESEARCH

Structural Health Monitoring - Impact of Technology Innovations & Emerging Opportunities
Energy Harvesting Innovations Disrupting Key Applications
Bioacoustic Sensing - Prospective Opportunities in Key Sectors
2015 Top Technologies in Sensors & Control
Impact of Sensory Tracking Technology in Consumer Electronics Sector
Technology Innovations Empowering Airport Security
Futuristic Outlook of Wearable Technology in Key Applications
Electro-Optical/ Infrared Systems -Technology Trends Impacting Military and Aerospace Sectors
Contact-Free Monitoring - Enabling Technologies & Emerging Opportunities
Technology Convergence Enabling Precision Agriculture
Technology Advances Shaping Future of Food Security


2016 Top Technologies in Sensors & Control
Capacitive Sensing - Disruptive Opportunities in Key Sectors
Large Area Sensors - Enabling Technologies & Emerging Opportunities
Drones - Commercial Opportunities
Next Generation Sensors for Wearables and Smart Phones
Innovations in Image Sensors
Advanced Sensor Technologies for Homeland Security
Sensors for Oil and Gas Pipeline Monitoring
Electronic Skin - Advancements and Emerging Opportunities
Advancements in Nano Sensors
Impact Assessment of Terahertz Technologies
Home Security -Technology Assessment and Concerns
Technology Advancements Transforming Environmental Monitoring
Sensors Innovations Transforming Mining

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