Emerging and Disruptive Technology Research (Technical Insights)

Energy & Power Systems Technology Alert. Fuel Cells & Big Wind Power
May 1st
Network Security Technology Alert. Dimensions of Big Data Security; Reducing Costs Associated with Exploit Mitigation; Artificial Intelligence-Based BYOD Security
May 1st
Microelectronics Technology Alert. Stretchable Electronics--Development of Stretchable Electronic Circuits that can Deform, Roll, and Flex
May 1st
Nanotech Alert. Zyvex Technologies Finds Nanomaterial Markets in Automotive Racing; Printing Flexible Circuits with Nanoparticle Liquid Metal Inks; Nanoscale Graphene Used to Build Ultrafast Photodetectors
May 1st
Genetic Technology Alert. Novel Antibody Dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity Enhancement Technology; Efficient Mammalian Cell Culture Technology Platform for Protein Production; Algae-Based Purification Platform for Mammalian Cell Harvesting
May 1st

Our Technical Insights group of industry analysts provide ongoing research articles to identify key partners for growth, technology research, collaboration, and licensing opportunities. These snap-shots of emerging technology developments from around the world bring clients timely, difficult-to-find technology intelligence that is likely to directly impact their company's progress. Comprehensive coverage of 26 unique topic areas make Technical Insights Alerts your radar screen to identify and navigate global technology trends. Click the links below to view the most recent alert titles by topic.

Advanced Coatings & Surface Technology
Advanced Manufacturing Technology
Aerospace and Defense Technology
Automotive and Transportation Technology
Drug Discovery Technology
Energy and Power Systems Technology
Environment and Building Technology Alert
High-Tech Materials
Genetic Technology News
Homeland Security
Industrial Bioprocessing
Inside R&D
IT, Computing and Communications Technology
Medical & Diagnostic Imaging Technology
Medical Device Technology
Microelectronics Technology
Nutrition Research
Network Security Technology
Oil & Gas
Performance Materials
Plastics Advisor
Process Control Technology
Science and Government News
Sensor Technology

The TechVision program continues to be the flagship research of Technical Insights, the Technology and Innovation Consulting and Research practice of Frost & Sullivan. TechVision embodies a collection of the most exciting technologies that are actively shaping our world. This body of work is a culmination of thousands of hours of relentless effort put in by over 60 global technology analysts based in six continents.

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Business growth opportunities and threats are bubbling up all around the world because of the convergence of emerging and disruptive technologies, products, and markets. Our TechVision research and consulting program identifies and evaluates converging growth opportunities and threats, giving clients timely insights and keeping them ahead of competitors. Attached are convergence opportunities identified through our TechVision program.

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Telecommunications Strategic Forecasting (Stratecast)
Customer Research
Technology Strategy Consulting

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