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Newest Industrial Automation & Process Control 360° Research

Impact of Data Storage Technologies in Key Sectors (Technical Insights)
June 29th
Technology Trends Impacting Low Carbon Manufacturing (Technical Insights)
June 28th
Technology Innovations Enabling Manufacturing of Fuel Efficient & Low Noise Aircrafts (Technical Insights)
June 28th
Advanced Manufacturing Technology Alert. Developments in Human Presence Detection; 2D Molybdenum Disulfide Chemical Sensors; Developments in MEMS Gyros and Combo Sensors
June 25th
Advanced Manufacturing Technology Alert. Altering Thermal Conductivity of Lead Zirconate Titanate; Enhancements in Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy; Ultra-Miniature Gas Chromatograph to Detect Volatile Organic Compounds
June 18th
Industrial Automation & Process
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IPC100.jpgMarket dynamics in the industrial space have created a hyper-competitive environment. It is no longer enough to manufacture the best quality product or engineer the fastest system. The vision going forward for suppliers is transformation—assisting customers in transforming to best-in-class manufacturing.

Our industrial automation and process control research program covers market dynamics in mature markets such as North America and Western Europe, as well as high-growth markets such as Brazil, China, India, Russia, Eastern Europe, Africa, and other emerging markets around the world.

  Industrial Automation & Process Control Key 360° Issues

  • Increasing competition and product homogeneity challenge companies to differentiate with customer service and supports
  • Urbanization and population growth create strain on infrastructures, providing significant opportunities for industrial automation
  • “Smart” and “green” are the future of manufacturing and process plants, highlighting such issues as energy efficiency and reduction of carbon footprints
North America
Latin America
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Changing demographics, increasing connectivity, and the need for real-time insights are transforming the process and discrete manufacturing industries. Frost & Sullivan’s experts in Industrial Automation & Process Control clo…

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