Advanced Medical Technologies

Newest Advanced Medical Technologies 360° Research

Medical Device Technology TechVision Opportunity Engine. 3D-Printed Pharmaceutical Drug; Innovative Medical Device for Aesthetic Surgeries; Paper-Based DNA Test for Disease Diagnoses
November 19th
Analysis of the US Breast Imaging Systems Market
November 4th
Asia-Pacific Regulations Driving Innovation in Healthcare
October 26th
Analysis of Service Opportunities for the Medical Devices Manufacturers
October 18th
Medical Device TechVision Opportunity Engine. Oncology Information Management for Improved Cancer Care; Healthcare Data Analytics Using Big Data and Cloud Technology; Improving Healthcare Outcomes with Efficient Genomic Data Management
October 16th
Advanced Medical Technologies
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advanced med tech100.jpgThe dynamic Healthcare Industry requires market participants to keep a close watch on market movements. From new technological innovations, competitive shifts, and evolving end-user requirements, to regulatory changes and reimbursement issues, Frost & Sullivan’s research offers a convenient way to monitor your market and complementary markets, from both a regional and global perspective.

The Advanced Medical Technologies program area provides an in-depth coverage of the multitude of products and solutions used by the provider fraternity across a typical clinical pathway, ranging from making a diagnosis, using the appropriate interventional or therapeutic approach and finally monitoring the subject through rehabilitation and convalescence.

  Advanced Medical Technologies Key 360° Issues

  • Increasing importance of the use of appropriate diagnostic and interventional solutions in order to enable higher patient throughput in expensive provider institutions
  • Rapid acceleration in market activity due to multiple legislative initiatives
  • Rapid technological advancements threaten established markets and client relationships

Technology Analysis

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Advanced Manufacturing Automation
Information & Communication
Sensors & Control
Health & Wellness
Medical Devices & Imaging

Sector Coverage

Medical Imaging

Imaging Modalities

Radiography & Mammography
Computed & Digital Radiography
Computed Tomography
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Molecular Imaging (PET, SPECT)

Interventional Imaging
Contrast & Radiopharmaceuticals
Refurbished Systems
Maintenance & Services
Mobile Imaging Service Provisions
Emerging Applications
Imaging Informatics

Advanced Visualization
Computer Aided Detection & Diagnostics
Enterprise Image Archiving

Pre-clinical Animal Imaging Equipment

Medical Devices

Surgical Technologies

Minimal Invasive Technologies
Image Guided Surgery & Robotics
Cardiology Solutions - Rhythm, Structural, Equipment & Accessories
Vascular Solutions - Equipment & Accessories
Other Surgical Solutions - Obesity, Aesthetic, Urology, Gynecology

Ophthalmic & Optical Solutions - Diagnostics & Therapeutics
Orthopedic Solutions - Implants,k Instrumentation & Support Devices
Neurology Solutions - Pain Management
Infection Control Solutions - Disinfection & Sterilization
Wound Management Solutions
Medical Consumables & Disposables
Assistive Technologies - Mobility & Patient Handling
Advanced Materials - Orthobiologics & Biomaterials
Chronic Disease Management Solutions
Radiation Oncology Solutions

Patient Monitoring Technologies

Multi-parameter Monitoring
Vital Signs Monitoring

Pulse Oximetry
Blood Pressure
Cardiac ECG Monitoring Products & Services

Diabetes Monitoring
Telemetry/Central Station/Wireless Monitoring
Ventilation & Airway Management
Anesthesia & Peripherals
Respiratory - Sleep Diagnostics & Therapeutics

Industry Convergence

Chemicals, Materials & Food
Consumer Technologies
Electronics & Security
Industrial Automation & Process Control
Information & Communication Technologies
Measurement & Instrumentation