Power Supplies & Batteries

Newest Power Supplies & Batteries 360° Research

Global Battery Management Systems
November 25th
Analysis of the Eagle Ford Shale Wastewater
November 22nd
Global Direct Current (DC) Power Systems Market
November 16th
Inside R&D Alert. Cheaper and More Precise Soil Mapping for Better Harvests; Non-Corrosive Ferrocyanide-Based Flow Batteries; Novel Data Sorting Method with Predictive Analytics to Deliver Comprehensive Knowledge
November 5th
Inside R&D Alert. Nanocomposite-Based Polymer Dielectric Enables High-Temperature Operation of Capacitors; Efficient Flow Batteries with Magnetic Dual Phase Catholyte; Rheoreversible Gel-Based Environment-Friendly Fracturing
October 29th
Power Supplies & Batteries Research
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power supplies batteries100.jpgEnergy concerns are a dominant challenge to businesses and governments around the world. Managing existing electricity usage, ensuring power up-time, and planning for growth are all vital when it comes to electricity and resources. Complicating the picture are environmental concerns such as emissions, water contamination and the use of dangerous materials.

Frost & Sullivan’s Power Supplies & Batteries content gets to the heart of one of these key challenges: power quality. From a small uninterruptable power supply (UPS) at a PC, to a bank of batteries backing up a data center, this service shows the intricacies and importance of managing the flow of electricity.

  Power Supplies & Batteries Key 360° Issues

  • The industry is seeing continued consolidation, with the top tier of the industry acquiring small and medium competitors at a rapid rate
  • Growing populations, urbanization, and the global middle class will require more energy, and better quality power, to run higher-tech businesses and homes
  • Growing markets such as renewable and smart grid pose new opportunities and challenges to power management equipment and services

Technology Analysis

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Advanced Manufacturing Automation
Information & Communication
Clean & Green Environment
Sensors & Control
Health & Wellness
Medical Devices & Imaging
Sustainable Energy

Sector Coverage

Power Supplies

Power Supplies
AC/DC Converters
Transfer Switches

Energy Storage

SLI Batteries
EV and HEV Batteries

Major Issues and Trends

Energy Storage for Renewables
The Grid and Energy Storage
Data Center Storage and Issues
Other Major End Users, Including:
Industrial, Healthcare and
Military Markets

Industry Convergence

Aerospace & Defense
Automotive & Transportation
Consumer Technologies
Electronics & Security
Environment & Building Technologies
Industrial Automation & Process Control
Information & Communication Technologies
Measurement & Instrumentation
Public Sector